Why Affiliate Marketing Courses Suck (Even My Own)

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Are you tired of buying courses that never live up to the hype? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a frustrating feeling to invest your hard-earned money and time into a product that doesn’t deliver. But why does this keep happening? Igor dives into the psychology behind this phenomenon and offers an eye-opening solution to help you get the most out of the paid material you already have and the mentorship you’ll receive in the future. Listen to this episode and discover how to finally break the cycle of disappointment and start seeing real results.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor explores why all affiliate marketing courses suck, how to find the right courses, and why most people don’t succeed and get discouraged easily.

[01:24] Why Do All Affiliate Marketing Courses Suck?

  • First of all, because of your expectations. This is partly because of how we are as human beings and what we seek, and part of how the courses are being sold to sort of accommodate these built-in desires.

  • The brain wants instant gratification. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care even if you’ve been conditioning yourself to not expect it, you still expect it because you can’t rewire human nature after millions and millions of years.

[05:20] The Truth Of The Matter:

  • There’s no course out there that can actually deliver on such outrageously, unreasonable requests because there’s no way in hell anyone can put together a course and answer all the questions without actually sitting there next to you.

  • You’ve got your unique experience. You’ve got your unique set of skills, your unique perspective, you’ve got your own unique handicap, and your own unique superpowers. So it’s really, really hard to predict what questions you may have.

[06:00] The Bad Teachers:

  • Most affiliate marketers who create courses are bad teachers.

  • I don’t care if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 50 years, if you never taught yourself how to teach other people, how to present your ideas, how to get them to follow through, if you haven’t really done any research on that or you don’t have much experience doing that, then guess what, you’re going to suck as a teacher.

[06:56] The User Experience:

  • There’s also another aspect of it, and that is being able to craft a user experience when it comes to having your people, having your customers, go through what you teach.

  • The experience that you build out for the customer, the experience that you as a customer go through a course, is also very important because that determines how receptive the student is to the material and how likely the student is to actually go through the material and how likely your student is actually to implement the material as well.

[12:30] How To Find Success Through Affiliate Courses?

  • First off, look at it as a loose map of where they should be going.

  • Second, they may pick up nuggets from the course, but they don’t think and they don’t believe they’ll have all of their questions answered in one single course.

  • The people who get results tend to trust themselves to gain that initial direction, implement, and then ask questions as they implement in the real world, which is a lot of what people don’t do.

  • The implementation rate or the action rate on a course, like if you were to sell a $500 course to 500 people, you’d be surprised, but you would only have probably around 12 people or 10 people do anything at all.

[13:15] Why Do Most People Get Discouraged?

  • Most would get discouraged really quickly regardless of how clear and how much of a checklist you’re providing them with.

  • People get discouraged not seeing the full clear path. They get discouraged by not understanding the path. So they may see it, but they may not understand it.

  • Learn to take a little bit of responsibility for your success and invest in yourself. How can you expect other people to buy from you if you will not buy from other people, if you won’t take risks, financial risks, and invest in yourself?

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