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When you choose to become an entrepreneur, you invite change as it’s prevalent in every area of entrepreneur’s life. This is true, but hard to accept, especially if you grew up fearing and rejecting change at all costs like Igor. Join Igor as he dives deep into his childhood, growing up in post-soviet Ukraine where his type wasn’t welcome.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host, Igor Kheifets. For the very first time in history, well-educated people are facing the exact same financial challenges as less educated. One of the most common things they see in the application forms they get from my coaching, where I teach people how to build a list and how to become super affiliates, is people who spend at least 20, maybe 30 years, in a job of some kind, or went to college to learn one thing, but then end up having to switch careers and having to reinvent themselves on the internet. Some because they're too old to get hired at this age. Right? Because their age means they're kind of done when it comes to the corporate workplace, and nobody wants to hire them, because they know it's a short-lived hire. They probably need to pay them a little bit more money than somebody who is an intern who can work for free. Just the typical set of challenges any senior is facing every day of their life. Which is very unfortunate, because the society isn't built in a way to support that.

Now, it could also be that you're just fresh out of college, and you've got this $100,000 or a couple of hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt that you've acquired just to get a degree in some sort of science or whatever. But now you end up spending the next three years kind of floundering from one odd job to the next, or still staying with your parents, or driving Uber before you can find a decent job, if at all. And most of the time you, too, have to reinvent yourself, and you, too, have to go into a completely different avenue from the one you originally planned. Now, here's why.

You see, your banker, your checking account, doesn't except diplomas, degrees, and report cards. They don't really care about your marks. They don't really care about your success in school, and they don't really care about your previous work experience. All they care about is cash flow. Right? Of course, this is an idea that was originally introduced by Robert Kiyosaki in his amazing book, which I recommend every parent to read, called Rich Dad, Smart Kid.

Now, when it comes to realizing that if you're educated or not, it doesn't really help you as far as the economy is concerned, then you also have to realize that right now we live in a skill economy. An economy where I would actually say it's not even a skill economy, it's more like a gig economy. Where you kind of go from one gig to the next based on the skill set you've got, and that skill set has to fit the environment you're in today.

So if you're in the digital marketing age, if you're in the information age, then a skill such as welding, right, may not be the most in demand skill there is. And besides, there's probably a ton of people who go to school for that stuff anyway, so by the time you get out of college with a data science degree, you are now joining a line, right, that's miles and miles long. Because there's other people like you who are hoping to secure a great job, a great stable job in data science for some big bank or something like that. Well, again, one bank can't hire everyone, and there's going to be massive competition.

However, if you acquire a skill set that's in demand and a skill set most people don't have, the skill set that is not a common sense skill set ... In fact, if it's also the kind of skill set doesn't really get you a job, but rather it gets you clients who pay you the fees you command, the fees you want to command, or the skill set doesn't even require clients in the first place, but rather a skill set that can pay you differently such as affiliate marketing skill set, then we're talking about a whole different lifestyle. We're talking about a whole different form of compensation. We're talking about a whole different level of satisfaction from your life, and a whole different existence.

But that's something that most people don't think about. They still, they wake up in the morning and they somehow are still hostage to the idea that the government will take care of them when they want to retire. Right? And then their living expenses will go down when they retire, which is not the case. I actually work with quite a few retired people who are flocking to enter in marketing, because they see no other way out. They see no other way to sustain themselves in their cost of living, that actually goes up when you retire, because your medical bills go up. Your desire to help your kids goes up. Your ability to move around goes down. Yet your desire to experience life goes up once again. And it's not like you just retire, you sit in the chair, and you read the paper until the rest of your life.

No, when you're retired, you still have a good 30 years on the clock that you can do something with your life. A lot of people choose to travel. But guess what? They can't afford it. You can't afford to travel if you're living off of government handouts or the pension. I mean, there's very few people who've actually worked hard enough their entire life to have a pension in the first place, so they are barely covering their expenses, and most of the time they go to Walmart or someplace that hire seniors just to make ends meet.

And again, for those of you who are fresh out of college and you're like, "Well, I'm not a senior yet. Right? So I'm not really looking to deal with that problem at this point." Well, what you're facing is, first off, you probably have no idea what you'd like to do, and the degree you're getting is not what you'd really like to do. For example, I was participating in a marketing contest in a university here, where I get invited to judge students and their presentations. One of the students was arranging the contest. He was very nice kid, very bright. I asked him, "What's your specialty? What's your major?" He says, "A business MBA." I was like, "Okay, cool. So what are you going to do after school? Are you going to start a business?" He says, "No, I'm probably going to do accounting." I was like, "Accounting sounds really boring. Is that something you'd really like to do?" He says, "No, it is boring, but it's going to pay the bills, and maybe I'll do that until I can figure out what I'd like to do."

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Even though he's going to school, even though he's probably already accumulating debt or having his parents, maybe, pay for the school, I think there's very little chance of him actually using the degree or diploma, whatever. It's probably going to be a nice thing that he's going to kind of hang on the wall, but I don't think it's going to make much difference in his bank account, and it's probably going to, well, chain him to his desk for a really crappy lifestyle. I mean, that kind of life sounds like, I mean just blows as far as I'm concerned. Right?

The rules for the game have changed dramatically and totally. The game today, people who win at the game, people who win at the game of life, they don't really go out looking for degrees. They probably have people with degrees working for them. I can see that. But they don't go out looking for degrees. They find gaps in the marketplace. They go out there, and they find a group of people with a problem that they can solve, that they know they can solve, or they find a way to solve, and they charge those people to solve the problem.

Because, another thing that changed in the economy, or I would say didn't really change, it's just something I started noticing the more I grew up, is we're in an economy where people expect to pay their way out of problems. There's even a great saying by Gary Halbert. "If you have enough money to solve a problem, you don't have a problem." Now, what this means is that people today are willing to pay for pretty much anything.

Could be something as simple as a carton of milk. Right? Somebody gets that milk delivered to the store and everything, and produced and et cetera. But it could also be things like home renovations. It costs a lot of money. It could be sex. Right? There's ton of people out there who pay for that. It could be just ordering some stuff from Amazon. People just, they're used to buying their way out of problems at this point. They don't go solving their problems.

They're just buying their way out of even marriage problems. I mean, think about that. Marriage problems can only be worked out if you and your spouse sit down one in front of another, and get rid of all the judgment, and just talk. Right? Just just talk things out. Figure out what's going on, and find a way to solve the problem between yourself. Because it's probably an emotional problem that's causing the stress in your household. Yet people do exactly the same thing only after paying their therapist $900 an hour, just to sit in front of a therapist and talk to each other. Why the hell would they do that? At first it did not make any sense to me. But then it occurred to me that if you pay for it, it occurred to me that if you actually pay for it, you are probably going to follow through. Or at least there's a likelihood of you being able to follow through, show up at the appointment, sit down and have the conversation, because it's costing you money. So no matter how you look at it, people buy their ways out of problems.

And so you need to ask yourself, "Who am I in this new economy? Am I still living my life the same old-fashioned way, where I expect for the government to take care of me? Am I still looking for jobs and expect my employer to take care of me? Or am I solving a problem? Am I solving a problem for which people will pay me money, and at least for the next five to 10 years? Am I being useful in society? Am I providing value of some kind to at least a small group of people who are willing to pay for that value?" Because when you think about it, you really don't need more than a couple of hundred customers who you will provide value for an ongoing basis to make six figure income, which is enough to comfortably retire, which is enough to comfortably travel the world, and be able to go places and do whatever you want.

If you're not, if at this point in time you are still trying to figure out what the hell to do with your life or how to start making money even though the odds are against you, then this is the question you need to be asking yourself. "How am I solving a problem for a segment of the market that's willing to pay for a solution?" And if the answer is, "I'm not doing it," if the answer is, "I have no idea," then that's where I recommend channeling your energy to figure out, "What can I do." If you can't do anything, go learn how to do something, and then go offer it to other people.

Which is, of course, the best way to do it. Because most people, they go out there and they're like, "Okay, what am I going to learn?" They don't ask themselves if there's a demand for it, there's a good chance of them actually using it to make money. Like, "What am I going to learn?" Because, just the mere act of learning, as if, guarantees they're going to make money. They're not. It never guarantees you're going to make money.

I have a degree in engineering that I got in a military academy in Israel. I went to school, then did two more years. I got my degree. My mom was very happy with the degree. She has it up on the wall in her bedroom. She's very proud of me. You know what I used it for since getting it? For nothing. I didn't use it. I never worked a day in my life in a job related to engineering. Never even attempted. Because, I mean, it just seemed like such a daunting future for me. And so, I just went out there, and I created my own job. It's always, always better to create your own job rather than go looking for one. It's such an incredible position to be in, where you get to create value, therefore, create your own job, and where you become irreplaceable, indispensable. [inaudible 00:14:19] people come to you, because of who you are and what you do, rather then you go, and now they're begging other people to give you a chance to do something with your life. Something for you to chew on.

This concludes another episode of the List Building Lifestyle. I'm your host, Igor Kheifets, and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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