When to Strike: Marketing’s Golden Hour

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In this insightful episode, Igor Kheifets explores the critical role of timing in marketing, likening it to a perfectly seasoned dish. He delves into the art of introducing bonuses in webinars, transforming them from an afterthought to a highlight. 

Join Igor as he shares his expertise in making offers irresistible, drawing parallels between marketing tactics and the nuances of dating.

[00:00] George Carlin introduces The Show:

[01:50] Timing in Offers:

  • Igor discusses a Russian proverb about the appropriateness of timing, relating it to the strategic timing of bonuses in marketing.

[02:41] Marketing Funnels and Timing:

  • Insights from Dan Kennedy and Igor’s personal experiences emphasize the importance of timing in marketing funnels and offers.

[05:00] Strategic Introduction of Bonuses:

  • Igor talks about his approach to introducing bonuses in webinars, focusing on their timing right after an offer is made.

[05:59] Conclusion and Resources:

  • Wrapping up the episode, Igor directs listeners to additional resources, including his book and the podcast’s website.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the crucial role of timing in enhancing marketing offers.
  • The art of strategically introducing bonuses in webinars.
  • Practical examples and personal anecdotes from Igor’s experiences in marketing.


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Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

He’s also the host of List Building Lifestyle, the podcast for anyone who wants to make more money and have more freedom by leveraging the power of an email list

He’s widely referred to as the go-to authority on building large responsive email lists in record time.

Igor’s passionate about showing people how to live the List Building Lifestyle.