The Worst Mistake You Can Make

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In today’s world, likes and comments on social media are seen as keys to success, but can they pay your bills or support you financially? In this episode, Igor dives into this topic. He shares lessons from his digital marketing mistakes, especially in building and using email lists. He also explains how early challenges gave him important insights and shows that social media likes don’t always lead to business success. Tune in to learn what really works in digital marketing.

[00:00] Morgan Freeman introduces The Show:

[01:50] Overcoming Self-Doubt:

  • Learning from significant mistakes and failures often leads to major breakthroughs and valuable insights.

  • Devoting an entire year to crafting a personal landing page, a decision perceived as a significant error driven by self-doubt and a sense of inadequacy.

  • The first step in overcoming self-doubt is acknowledging one’s own potential and worth. This involves understanding that skills and abilities can be developed over time, and not being an expert from the start is perfectly normal.

  • Action breeds confidence. By taking the first step, like creating a landing page, individuals start a process of learning and growth, breaking the cycle of doubt.

  • Shifting your focus from external validation to internal satisfaction is crucial. This means valuing personal progress and accomplishments over others’ approval or the ‘perfect timing.’ 

[03:19] Importance of Practical Learning:

  • Engaging in real-world activities offers practical skills and insights that theoretical learning can’t match. This hands-on experience is often more memorable and impactful.
  • Practical learning cultivates adaptability and creativity, as it involves tackling real-world challenges and thinking outside the box to find unique solutions.

[04:13] Building and Utilizing Email Lists:

  • Starting with building an email list from the onset of a digital marketing journey sets the foundation for future marketing efforts and audience engagement.

  • Focus on acquiring responsive leads who are genuinely interested in the services or products offered. It leads to a more engaged and valuable list.

  • The free traffic leads proved to be unresponsive, a trend that has become increasingly evident over the years. Even individuals with substantial social media-based email lists experienced significantly lower conversions compared to email lists built through paid advertising.

  • While free traffic may seem cost-effective, it often leads to lower quality leads. Investing in targeted traffic can yield better results and a more responsive email list.

[05:51] Benefits of Paid vs. Social Media:

  • Paid media allows for precise targeting, reaching people who have a demonstrated interest in similar products or services.

  • By reaching a more relevant audience, paid media typically results in higher conversion rates compared to organic social media traffic.

  • Paid media campaigns offer measurable results, allowing marketers to analyze and adjust strategies for better return on investment.

[07:35] Misconception of Social Media Engagement:

  • Individuals who typically interact with you on social media prefer not to engage through email, even though they have email addresses. This misalignment in engagement channels results in wasted time, effort, and money for those attempting to build their email lists primarily through social media.

  • Emphasizing on the superiority of paid media over social media and SEO for building an effective email list.

  • Paid media targets audiences with immediate buying intent, leading to better conversion and engagement.

[09:30] Social Media Realities:

  • Social media engagement, such as likes and comments, doesn’t necessarily indicate willingness to purchase or invest in a product or service.

  • Building a strategy that fosters meaningful interactions with followers can lead to better conversion than merely getting likes.

  • Understanding that social media primarily serves brand awareness and community engagement, rather than direct sales, helps to align strategies with achievable results.

[11:10] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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