What do Charles Black, Donald Trump, and Andrew Tate Have In Common?

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From getting banned on global platforms to being denied life insurance – learn from real-life setbacks and turn them into opportunities with expert advice from Igor Kheifets. Tune in to this podcast episode and discover how to build a robust email list, maintain a healthy email delivery rate, and pitch your products effectively to convert freebie seekers into paying customers. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode to unlock the secrets of successful email marketing!

[00:00] Andrew Tate Introduces The Show:

[00:20] In this episode, Igor shares his insights on the ridiculous ways people are getting banned from social media and why building your list is extremely important. 

[02:00] Getting Banned On Global Platforms:

  • It will happen. It will absolutely happen. I guarantee it to each and every one of us. And this is why you always must be building your list.
  • So when that YouTube channel went down, you know, his sales may have dipped a bit. But he started mailing more aggressively on Sunday’s mailing every day.

[04:48] Getting Banned While Applying For Insurance:

  • I was actually applying for life insurance with Sun Life here in Canada. And they banned me because they started googling my name. And solo ads are coming up a lot.
  • They didn’t like them for some reason, they thought the word “solo ads” is my company. So they denied it because it seems like a risky business because the life insurance policy was on my business.
  • So the business basically takes life insurance and if something happens to me, the business will suffer there for the company is supposed to get paid. 

[05:55] Life Lessons From Setbacks:

  • Every adversity carries an equal seed of opportunity or an equal seed of benefit. It’s up to us to find it.
  • If you get banned from something you need to move on. Either finding an equivalent piece of technology or service that does get the job done or getting back on the same platform under a different account. 

[07:19] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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