How To Keep Your Email List Healthy

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Do you want to turn your email list into a powerhouse that generates sales on autopilot? Learn the secrets to weeding out freebie seekers, boosting your email open rates, and how to turn freebie seekers into paying customers by offering value-driven content. Join email marketing expert Igor as he shares his top strategies for pitching effectively and maintaining a healthy subscriber base. Don’t let your emails go to waste – tune in now!

[00:00] Snoop Dogg Introduces The Show:

[00:14] In this episode, Igor shares his best tips for maintaining a healthy email list and how to cut them loose once they’re pronounced to be “dead”.

[01:36] Who Are Dead Subscribers?

  • That subscriber could be somebody who just got on your list but doesn’t open your emails.

  • A dead subscriber can also be somebody who’s opening your emails but, as a freebie seeker essentially and never wants to buy anything from you. 

[01:49] How To Discourage Freebie Seekers?

  • Whenever I’m inviting people to opt into my list, I always try to focus on the big idea or the benefit of opting into the big discovery that’s going to take place when they opt into my list rather than the fact that it’s free.

  • You give away something for free to get people to opt in, then you’re upfront about it being free. But you can do it in a way that actually encourages purchasing too.

  • Stream the episode to dive deeper into Igor’s strategies to encourage freebie seekers to purchase. 

[04:10] Pitch More Often:

  • People are really afraid to pitch and I think the problem with that is they think they’re making people uncomfortable by pitching.

  • But what really happens is they’re themselves uncomfortable pitching because they think people hate buying.

  • Now people hate being sold to when you kind of shove it down their throat almost right when you don’t want to get pitched when it’s not the right time for you but you really consistently try to pitch something, but they love to buy stuff and they’re actually looking to buy stuff all the time. 

[07:16] Maintaining A Healthy Email Delivery Rate:

  • With email delivery, there’s really no explaining this, there’s no one variable that defines it.

  • But no matter who you are, your email open rate will probably never exceed 40% on average.

  • So on a really healthy list, that will be maybe 15 to 20%. On a less healthy list could be even half the list. But there will be a portion that will just open.

[08:00] Let Go Of The Dead Weight:

  • The bad news about this segment is you just have to remove it. Just delete these people from your list.

  • As an E-farmer, you’re playing a different game, you’re not looking to have every single email subscriber you’ll ever generate, engage with you, this is not going to happen in the same way that not every social media subscriber will engage with you in the same way that not every webinar attendee will engage with you.

  • But with email, the beautiful part is the ones who engage. The ones who engage with you, stick around, they stay with you.

[09:45] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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