Warren Buffet Vs Coca Cola

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Relatability is important. Even if you’re not a filthy rich business magnate, you want your audience to feel like they can connect with you on a personal level. Tune in to this episode, to learn Igor’s best tips to communicate with your list and stay relatable forever!

[00:00] George Carlin Introduces The Show:

[00:24] In this episode, Igor emphasizes the importance of being relatable to your list in order to increase your open rates and sales. 

[02:22] Communicating With Your List:

  • I always encourage people to communicate with their list as a person. So even if you represent a business, you still want to come up with a persona or a spokesperson, or a human being within that business.
  • It makes it more personable because of the way people check their emails.

[03:36] How Do People Check Their Inbox?

  • They don’t really read the emails, they scan the inbox first and look into the inbox. And they scan for what’s urgent, what’s important, what’s relevant, and everything else almost escapes them. 

[05:33] Regular People vs. Hardcore Buyers:

  • It’s a little bit different with hardcore buyers.
  • My wife really likes Zara. So if there’s an email from Zara, most of the time it gets opened because she might be looking for a deal.
  • But if I look into my inbox, and I get an email from Zara, I don’t really care. 

[06:04] How To Get People To Open Your Email?

  • You want to eventually get to a point where whoever gets on your list will be opening your emails because they scan the inbox and they see your name.
  • But if you absolutely have to write as if you’re a company, you still want to write like you’re a person.

[08:20] Everyone Can Relate To Warren Buffet:

  • He built his image of this cool Grandpa-looking guy who seems to have the magical touch when it comes to stock, who lives in the same house he’s been living in for the last 60 years.
  • He doesn’t talk about flying a private jet and having a different home that’s more luxurious. And that’s a relatable image. 

[09:42] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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