Why That Dreaded Gmail Promotions Tab Isn’t So Dreadful

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Are you tired of your emails landing in the dreaded Promotions Tab? Listen in as Igor debunks the myth of this email limbo and shares why it’s actually a great place to be for email marketers. Discover the benefits of landing in the Promotions Tab, how to deal with unsubscribers, and even learn how one marketer mails his list every four hours without getting unsubscribes. Don’t miss out on this game-changing insight into email marketing. Tune in now! 

[00:00] George Carlin Introduces The Show:

[00:18] The episode explores the concept of the Promotions Tab and why email marketers should not dread landing in it. 

[02:05] Primary Tab vs. Promotions Tab:

  • Split between the primary inbox for 30 days versus landing in the promotion tab.

  • What you’ll see is that experiencing sales like as far as your sales numbers, they won’t increase. They will either be the same, or maybe slightly higher, but not to the extent of you saying wow, this is a game changer

  • They know it’s a promotion. So they look at your email and click on it knowing it’s a promotion and review it like a promotion. And they click on the link to go and check out the offer they’re actually finding to buy.

  • Nothing wrong with that as long as you go into that tab and not into the spam. 

[04:46] The Best Part About Landing In The Promotions Tab:

  • They know it’s a promotion, they’re still going to click into it.

  • People opt into your list knowing they’re gonna get promotions. And not only they’re cool with that, but they also look forward to it.

  • That topic is interesting to them, therefore their opt-in. So they know they’re gonna get emails from you with offers, and they and they are okay with that.

[06:00] Dealing With Unsubscribers:

  • We’re adding a lot of people to the list. Our unsubscribe numbers are pretty big.

  • We get unsubscribe requests, both from people who didn’t buy anything from us, as well as people who did.

  • Once you accept that as fact, in your soul, in your mind, and your heart, you’re gonna just have a lot just you won’t have that baggage with you, every time you want to send out an email you weren’t going to be every time you hit certain buttons. 

[06:51] Mailing Your List Everyday:

  • A second-generation internet marketer who emails his list every four hours.

  • Every time he does that, he takes a segment of his list. And he sends them like six emails in 24 hours.

  • He amassed a giant list of aggressive openers. So he can email them three, four, or five times a day. And nobody’s unsubscribing. And there’s a good open rate and there are good clicks. 

[08:58] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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