Univeral Law Of Internet Money-Making

Whether you’ve struggled to make money online for a very long time, or if you are just getting started now, two Universal laws will dictate your success or failure. These two fundamental truths to making money online are the holy grail to internet marketing. And if you want to know what it takes to turn your laptop into a money making machine, then you’ll want to listen to this fresh cracked egg of an episode served sunny side up.


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Welcome back to another addition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host, Igor Kheifets. So if you're wondering how to make money online right now, if you've been trying for a long time, and you can't figure it out, or if you're just getting started, and you want to have the fastest understanding of what marketing is, you need to understand that internet marketing or making money online always comes down to just two elements.

Two things that are universal, no matter the nature, and no matter the types of products you're selling, no matter how much money you want to be making, these are the only two fundamental blocks to making your business produce cash flow. These blocks are very simply the only two things that need to take place, or you need to have in order to make money, and you can often make money with just having one of these things, and I'll explain exactly why.

The two things you need are an offer, and traffic. First and foremost, the only two things you will ever need in order to make money online, or to turn your laptop into a money printing mechanism, or into a money printing press. The only two things you'll ever need is offer, and traffic.

What I mean when I say offer, an offer could either be a free offer or a paid offer, for that allows you to either make money, or to get something else in return. For example, maybe it's a free offer that you've got that gives a different sort of value to whoever sends traffic to it.

I don't know what that might be for you, but for me for example, you could offer maybe a really valuable piece of content for free. That will end up generating traffic, just because it's super valuable, but most of the time it doesn't happen. Most of the time your content does not go viral, unless you know the right people, unless you know some influencers that will really put it out there.

Most of the time it doesn't work like that. You need an offer. Whether your own, or someone else's offer that pays you, but you need an offer. The other thing you need is traffic, right? Meaning that you can channel that traffic to an offer of some sort, and by combining the right traffic with the right offer, you end up making money.

So fundamentally, if I can close my eyes and revisit everything I've ever done online, and every person I've ever met online, and anyone who is actually making money online, or ever made money online, you can always track their success back to either having both of these, or at least one of these, and have the other part supplied by someone else.

For example, if you are taking an interest in the product launch game, so you've probably seen people that launch a new product every 90 days or so, and in between those launches they mail for other people who launch products, so all in all, what happens is they produce an offer every 90 days, and have other people send them traffic in exchange for a commission when those people make sales.

You see this practice happen a lot on JVZoo.com, where there's a lot of people who participate in that, where they create an offer, they put it up in the marketplace, and have other people mail their traffic from their email list, from their social media profiles, from anything they can, to a sales page, and if they refer a sale, they get like 50% or 70% or 100% commission on the products sold in that funnel.

If you want to deepen into the model, you need to visit listbuildinglifestyleshow.com, and in the top right hand search box, type in 'Brendan Mace', and find the episode I've done with Brendan Mace, who makes about $80000 a month right now doing product launches. That's his primary business model; he's not buying traffic, he's not a traffic expert, he's not a traffic guru.

That traffic is the thing that he probably thinks least about on a daily basis, and what he does, though, really well, is he creates products, and he puts together offers that other people mail to him. The other part of it, the other model if you will, is being able to generate traffic, but being bad at creating offers.

That's when you have a ton of traffic to send, you have visitors, you have targeted leads that you can send to an offer, but you don't have an offer. So in this case, you start promoting other people's offers as an affiliate, and generate a commission.

Yo, it's Igor. If you're loving the content, hop on over to listbuildinglifestyleshow.com for more free training and a free transcript of this episode. Oh, and I'd really appreciate if you logged into iTunes and rated the show. It really helps. Thanks.

So that model works, again, exactly the opposite way. You're now looking for people who are good at creating offers, and you simply channel your traffic their way, and when they make money, when they close a sale, you get paid a commission, and this is a very lucrative model.

This model alone can make you into a million dollar earner very, very quickly, have you earning over $250000 a year, easy, if you've mastered traffic, and of course if you can combine both. If you can combine both offer generation and traffic generation on your own, that's when you really win. That's how you build a truly huge profitable 10, or $20 million business, is when you can combine the ability, the skillset of creating offers, and the skillset of driving the traffic, or at least have both of your traffic come in through your own marketing channels, rather than relying on other people.

That's what you truly need. These are the only two things that you really need to make money online, and if you're not making money online right now, you're probably missing one or both of these things, and if you have these things and they are not clicking, then you just kind of start rearranging what you've got.

Meaning that if you've got traffic coming in, but the offer you're promoting right now isn't converting, throw that offer out and put another offer in front of that traffic. See if that offer converts, and keep on swapping and swapping until you find the one that converts.

Or if you don't have traffic, but you have an offer, then your job is, "Okay, now I have to figure out a way to get traffic," and then if the traffic source you're getting for that offer isn't working, swap the traffic with a different strategy. As simple as that.

I really hate it when people try to make it seem as if internet marketing is this mystical alchemy process, where we apparently make the impossible happen. No, it's very fundamental. When you break it down, these are the only two elements that need to be in place for money to start flowing into your PayPal account or your Merchant account.

These are the only two things, and if you're not making money right now, you're probably getting some of these things wrong. Of course there is other, I would say, gray areas in marketing, that are subjectively contributing to the conversion process, such as perhaps marketplace authority, or marketplace presence.

We can't ignore that. I wouldn't insult your intelligence saying that doesn't matter; that does matter. If Tony Robbins comes out endorsing a product, that product, and then the traffic that Tony Robbins is going to send to it is going to convert better than if a nameless entity is going to be endorsing the product, because people love and trust Tony Robbins.

The same way that Lee lacoca saved Chrysler a long, long time ago by becoming a trustworthy face of the company. In the same way that Steve Jobs kind of won over the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world, and turned Apple into a global brand.

Yeah, sure, there's the whole product to it as well, so the product was with a great interface, but you see how a lot of people abandoned Apple when Steve Jobs unfortunately passed away, and Tim Cook took over, right? So not everybody agreed with that philosophy, so you see a lot of people switching.

I had a buddy who got me hooked on Apple, that had all the iPhones, had all the MacBooks and everything, and he switched to Android the moment Steve Jobs passed away. It kind of shows you brand loyalty to an authority, or an authority loyalty if you will, but again, Apple didn't go under, did it?

It continued to expand the market share, and continues to grow, so the point being is that you need offer and you need traffic, that's all you need. So if right now you're not making money online, be it with your own offers or affiliate offers, or if you're still trying to figure it out, I'm telling you, chances are one or both of these things are missing for you, and you need to start paying attention.

If you don't know what to promote, if right now you are actually confused, you don't really know which products convert better, where to get traffic, et cetera, then I highly recommend you check out a free workshop I'm conducting this week, by going to igor.ac. That's igor.ac, where I'm going to show you exactly which products you want to promote, and how to make big money with small traffic.

With that said, this is Igor Kheifets. Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of the List Building Lifestyle, and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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