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Are you living your true potential in life? Have you noticed a difference among the work ethic, drives, and motivation across generations of people? What makes someone super successful? And what is the mindset necessary to achieve success? Are you a creator or a consumption monster? Igor breaks down the differences in mindset to bridge the gap of what’s required for you to become super successful.


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Welcome back to another edition of The List Building Lifestyle. With your host, Igor Kheifets. I've recently hit 30 years old. Actually, I'm almost 31. The gap between my thinking and the thinking of the 20 year olds in this world is incredibly large. One of the primary differences in the way we think, which I considered to be one of the biggest issues right now with this generation is the entitlement thinking. Specifically, what I'm talking about, I see that people ... when I say people, I mean 20 year olds, not necessarily 40 year olds. 40 year olds have a slightly different mindset, but they're guilty of this too. We all are in a way, but more so, people who are just hitting puberty, they're all about convenience. Meaning, that these people are not driven by contribution to society. They're not driven by proving themselves. They're not driven by reaching their true potential.

Many of them are driven by one thing and that is self-centric convenience and lifestyle. I find it to be, for the lack of a better word, annoying because I grew up in a country where you had to survive. It wasn't really about proving yourself as it was more about survival. If you could survive, that meant you would have a legacy. If you were able to not only survive but thrive in that environment, it meant you're bad ass or the commitment you have made and truly, truly did. Right now, I'm looking around. I've been here in North America for a little while now. I don't see the drive in other people. I don't see people really wanting to prove themselves or to go beyond their most basic convenience as I see people sacrifice achievement for the sake of watching Netflix. I see people not being able to withstand something simple as the pain of achievement.

If you're not familiar with the concept, "The pain of achievement," is something that Dennis and I were discussing the other day. Basically, anything you want to learn or anything you want to master will come at a price of pain. You have to go through a stage where every action is painful where you're like consciously incompetent and your moving through that stage to become consciously competent which is still painful to only then and to becoming unconsciously competent, right? Again, this is the four stages of learning anything. It's unconscious and competence, conscious and competence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence. These first three stages are really painful.

Actually, the middle two stages are painful because if you're unconsciously incompetent, you don't even care. The moment you want to learn something or the moment you want to master in your skillset, again, like internet marketing, playing the piano, playing soccer. It doesn't matter what that is. Whatever the skillset is, you will have to go through a substantial amount of pain, both physical and psychological and depending on your genetics, depending on your psychological framework, psychological pain may even be physical. For me, it is. I don't know about other people, but I can honestly say that, for me, psychological pain associated with lack of achievement or with inability to mastering your skill is typically followed very, very quickly by physical pain either in my lower back, in my neck, or in my chest. It's just a very typical thing that I've noticed about myself, which I don't really know if most people are like that, but I'm definitely like that.

My point being is that, this uncomfortable, unpleasant period of going through pain is just not something that 99.9% of people are willing to go through. That's a shame because that's what you need to go through in order to achieve anything significant in your life. In order to do anything in your life with talking about. You see people like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins, all these guys, they persevere to that pain. I'll honestly tell you that if you go, and of course I don't have any scientific proof to that. This is only my own assumption based on my own experience and based on meeting other top achievers. If you follow around or if you bunk beds with Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk, you'll notice that most of their life is not about the Rolls-Royces they drive or the amounts of money they make. It's actually not something that drives them. Most of their life is about pain. It's all about the pain they endure.

I'll even go as far as saying, again, I may be wrong and this is purely my opinion, but I'll go as far as saying that the moment they're not experiencing pain in their life, they don't feel well. They genuinely should believe, at this point in their life, having achieved so much. Probably thousands of times over what I was able to achieve in my lifetime so far. Unless they're going through some sort of very difficult psychological and physical pain, I don't think these guys actually get pleasure from life because they know they're not growing. For so many like Grant Cardone, for so many like Tony Robbins, growth is the number one priority in life. Every action they take typically shows that. That's what I'm trying to say about this generation, about the 20 year olds of this world, pretty much, in every country.

Pretty much, in every country, they're all driven by convenience rather than achievement, self-worth or establishing themselves in this world or contributing to society. It drives me nuts. It is just absolutely the most annoying thing to me. Because as far as I'm concerned, anyone who is not striving to achieve, anyone who is not driven to make this world a better place, anyone who is not driven by achieving their true potential, anyone who doesn't want to be pro at least in one thing in their life, it doesn't matter if it's a personal thing or professional, but if they're not investing themselves fully into this one thing, I don't consider them to be spending their time in this planet productively. I just feel that it's a waste of their existence.

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It doesn't matter what this thing is. For example, my wife, she doesn't have any particular professional ambition, right? My wife, even though she helps me out in the business, she doesn't strive to become the best in the world at internet marketing. She's not, but when it comes to motherhood, when it comes to that part of her life, she's pro. She's been pro since the age of nine when she had to, pretty much, raise her baby sister on her own because her mom worked two jobs and was never home. She was the one taking care of the family, of her little sister. I think there's five or seven-year difference there and her older brother too, who actually isn't capable.

At that age of taking care of himself just like any boy of that age, but then, of course, besides motherhood, she's also extremely aggressive in the gym. I've never seen her. She use to hate the gym. She use to avoid it, but these days, if she is not in the gym at least four times a week, she's upset. If she's not coming back with her muscles sore, she's upset. She really goes above and beyond in the gym. More so than any other area of her life, including when she was pregnant, she was in the gym all the way up until about three weeks before pregnancy, which is the deadline, I think, for pregnant women and working out. The moment she could go back in about a month or two months after she gave birth, she was back in the gym. She's the role model in the gym for other mommies by her personal trainer. Her personal trainer actually brags about my wife to other women in the gym, both older and younger than her.

Again, what I'm saying is this, very few people in this world around the age of 20 or this new generation, the generation I consider to be not a part of anymore, although up until maybe a couple years back, I was still thinking that I'm a part of that generation. Now, I'm seeing the difference and thinking, "Now, I'm seeing the difference in world view." All they want to do is just consume, consume, consume and take care of their personal convenience. That's all they want. They don't create and they are incapable of going through pain. You can see that not only in their professional aspirations, but also in the way they treat their life. For example, one of the most basic things that I've always wanted was a family, right? Creating an element of society, creating my little nest, creating this unit. That's what I, really, always wanted.

I was never big on picking on women. I never really wanted one-night stands. I knew that I'm looking for that one woman with whom I'll settle down and very quickly start a family. Incidentally, my wife had the same idea because we come from similar backgrounds, but creating the unit and again, the key word is creating a unit was one of the primary goals in my life. Even though I was afraid of having a baby, my first baby, the first time, but both me and my wife really wanted it. Again, the keyword is creation. I always wanted to create. I always wanted to be somebody who makes contributions rather than somebody who's just consuming. Now, that is when it comes to my professional life, right? When it comes to my personal life, I don't think I'm the same way. In my personal life, I really don't strive to create much.

For example, I've got a friend, a buddy of mine, who is really skilled with his hands. When he bought a new home, he had done all the work in it himself, everything. From the tiniest little nails he put on the wall all the way to installing custom kitchens and stuff like that, he did it all by himself and that's his contribution. That's how he creates. I feel that every person in this world has the ability to create, has the ability to contribute in some way, shape, or form. I sincerely feel that this generation that's growing up right now, that's going to be the generation that drives this world tomorrow, I think they lack that. I really hope that they'll use the access to all the information they can access these days, right? Both in forms of books and YouTube videos and everything to actually make a decision to change their mindset and to become contributors rather than just consumers that are driven by their personal convenience. I really hope so.

I really hope it's just a thing that passes after 25 or something, but I may be wrong here. Maybe I'm misjudging or I may be onto something. I don't know, but that's how I feel about the world today. That's how I feel about the generation that's coming up. You know what, I really wanted to say that. Really. I've been holding it in for about a year now. I was thinking, "Man, should I do this episode or not, will I catch flak, will people complain." You know what, I'm open to hearing what you're thinking. All you need to do, do let me know what you think is go to my website, and comment in the chat and comment in the comment box. Just let me know what you think because this is a problem. This is a problem that we're going to see results or we're going to feel the impact of it probably in about 10 years when that generation ain't doing anything and continues to watch Netflix and go clubbing everyday.

With that said and with that stuff off my chest, thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of The List Building Lifestyle and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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