How I Became 2nd Highest Earning Affiliate On

How did Igor become the 2nd Highest Earning Affiliate on with only 1400 clicks while generating close to $80,000 promoting only 1 product? Could it be the exact secret strategies Igor used to becoming the 3rd top earning affiliate on JVZoo? Discover the simple method that supercharged Igor to becoming a top promoter for big names like Matt Bacak, Dean Holland, Mike Cheney, and more.


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Welcome back to another edition of The List Building Lifestyle, with your host, Igor Kheifets. So, today, I want to talk about how I became the second top earning affiliate on, in the last 12 months.

The secret behind that is very simple, and it doesn't involve a lot of traffic, to be honest with you. Because a lot of people kind of looking or listening to my podcasts, or people who follow me around, you guys probably think that the way to become the top affiliate is to send lots and lots and lots of traffic. However, I didn't become the second highest earning affiliate in that network without having to give up all of my traffic for it.

In fact, I'm looking at my stats right now, and I've only sent 1,436 visitors to my affiliate link for one product on that network. So, on the entire weareplus network, I've only promoted one product, okay, this is the greatest part, by the way ... only promoted one product, and I only set 1,436 hubs, right?

So if you know, if you're in the affiliate market, you know what a hub is. A hub is basically a click, and for each and every single click, I've earned over $50, for a grand total of making close to 80 grand in commissions. So that was enough to rank me as the second highest affiliate on the network for that year, even though all I've done is, I ran two promotions for one product over the course of the year.

Now, this is incredible if you think about it, because most affiliates on that network send tens of thousands of clicks, each and every single year, and they never, ever, ever get anywhere nearly close to these numbers. In fact, when I was at about $40,000 mark, I was already ahead of 95% of affiliates on that network.

Now, of course, we have to remember that most people don't do anything with anything, and the average person probably doesn't do really much. But even then, this is a really, really old network. So weareplus was established back in 2006, which means, in the last 13 years, there's probably been some decent traffic going through the network, right?

That is why it's really important for you to, kind of listen to this episode, to better understand how you become a top affiliate. In fact, this exact same strategy is what I used to become the third highest earning affiliate on the entire GVZoo Network, and how I became the top affiliate for people like Matt Bacak, Jill Peterson, John Christahi, Dean Holland, Michael Cheney and others.

So, my strategy is very, very simple, and if you actually want to find out, get details and very specific instructions and applications of this strategy, you should check out my new workshop that I'm conducting this week at That's, so just go there and sign up for the free workshop.

In a nutshell, the strategy here rolls around a couple of ground rules. The first rule being is that I don't promote directly, meaning that I don't link to direct products anymore. I don't actually grab my affiliate link, and just send all of my traffic to that link.

That's just not going to happen anymore, because what I've learned is that there's power in preselling. There's power in creating a filter or a sandwich between the affiliate link, and all the traffic you're sending, because you can actually control the frame, and framing is a very powerful concept for any affiliate marketer who understands it.

If you ever been interested in pickup or cold approaches, then you know what a frame is. You can actually control the communication in a conversation by enforcing a different frame that better serves you, right? So what I was able to do throughout promoting this one product, what I was able to do is, I was able to establish a really powerful frame.

Not, nothing manipulative, or anything like that. It's not like it's hypnosis or anything. It's actually just presenting the idea in a way that's attractive to the user or the visitor that lands on your pages, right? So that's what framing's all about. It's not just stating it cold. It's more about, "Here's why this is relevant to you. Here's why you need to be paying attention to this."

The second thing that I don't do is, I don't promote low-ticket products. Because I used to, right? But the days of when I would promote $10 or $47 products is over. I learned that I need to invest just as much power, energy and resources into getting the traffic, into building that campaign. And if I do, I might as well make sure that I get the most ROI on my time.

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So, just like for a painter, it takes the exact same amount of effort and energy to paint a leaf, as it does to paint a tree. In the same way for you, as a marketer and as a promoter of product, it takes the exact same amount of effort to promote a $1,000 offer as it does a $100 offer or a $50 offer.

Incidentally, the conversions you'll experience are also going to be roughly the same. So a lot of people believe, that if you promote a high ticket product, if you just mail your list and you ask them to buy, or suggest for them to buy a program that costs two grand, that your conversions are going to be lower than the conversions you would get mailing for a $10 product.

Now, in a way, that's true, because fewer people can afford a $2,000 product, but here's what's going to happen. When you're going to be looking at the conversion per click, or earning per click, when it comes to the average amount of money you'll make for every clique that you've sent to that product? You'll notice, that when you promote high ticket products, you end up making multiples for every click that you send, only when you promote high ticket stuff.

So you can send 100 visitors to a $10 product, and achieve, maybe a 10% conversion rate, best case scenario, if you've got a super quality list. So, basically, a $10 product, say, you get 100% commission. So you send 100 clicks to that product, and you make 10 sales, and you get $10 per sale, that means you made $100 for 100 clicks. Again, this is best case scenario for you, by the way, because no product converts at 10%.

But let's just say, in an ideal world, it does. So that means you made $1 a click. But then, consider this scenario. You send 100 clicks to an offer that costs $1,000 and you get 50% commission, that means $497, or $500, for easy math.

That means, out of 100 clicks, you made 500 bucks. And that means your earning per click is five times over. It's 500% higher than what you've done with the $10 product. Again, only that $10 product converted at 10%, which is unlikely. Most likely, you have made three or four sales, and that's where it's ended for you.

So my rules, right? Don't direct link. Don't promote low ticket products. Now, the other thing that I don't do anymore, although I used to ... I also don't like straight up selling, where I have to be the one doing most of that selLing. So I used to, what I would do, and it goes back to direct linking, of course, but there's another dimension to it.

What I used to do is, I would try to hype up the product, and hope that people watched the Video Sales Letter, and actually purchase it. Because what I kind of realized is that a lot of times, people just don't watch to view a sale. A lot of times, people just don't read the sales page. And if you video track or heat map track your sales pages, you notice that people just land on the page, read the headline, scroll down, see the price tag, and that's it.

So they really don't want to sit through pitches. They really don't like reading through them, unless they're really really hot for the product, and they're looking for that particular solution.

Now, what I learned, it's easier to sell free, meaning that it's easier to get people to consume a free thing, or attend a free training, than it is to sell them on a paid product, or make them sit through a long-winded video presentation. So that is the strategy. I don't direct link, but I also don't direct sell. I don't any of the selling myself. I let the vendor do the selling, but only after I've had the build up incredible, incredible trust and reciprocity with the audience, by giving them a lot of stuff for free.

Which, at first, I didn't even think that's going to work. Because when you condition people to expect free stuff, you'd be like, "Yeah, so they're not gonna buy if they're getting free stuff." But there's actually a way to do it, and I'm admitting for the first time on air that I was wrong. And I'm happy that I was, because that strategy completely revolutionized my business, and will carry me through for the next five years for sure, maybe until the marketplace has kind of caught up with it, and will have to change things.

But until then, this strategy works really well. So if you'd like to find out exactly how to do it, and exactly how I do it, as well as the tools I use, as well as get some cheat sheets and templates for me about implementing this strategy, then you need to go to, and attend the free workshop I'm conducting this week, where I'm going to show you how I make over $20,000 in 24 hours as an affiliate, with less than 500 clicks to my affiliate links. It's truly truly amazing.

And just for attending this workshop, I'm also going to ethically bribe you with a free $500 value training, where I walk you through the process I use to cherry pick high converting products on, and So again, the free workshop is available to you for free, at right now.

So just open up a new Tab in your browser, tap in, and it's all yours for free.

This concludes another episode of The List Building Lifestyle. Thank you very much, and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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