The Ultimate List-Hunting Playbook

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Are you tired of sending emails into the abyss, with minimal results to show for your efforts? Well, we’ve got the secret sauce to transform your email marketing game! In our upcoming episode, we’re taking you on an exciting journey into the world of email list-building. From niche insights to unique collaborations, get ready to elevate your email marketing strategy. Let’s roll and boost those results! 

[00:00] How Did You Like The Introduction?

[00:50] In this episode, Igor discusses the methods and strategies for acquiring email lists for marketing purposes, including the role of list brokers, researching potential list sources, and negotiation techniques for obtaining these lists.

[02:32] Researching List Builders:

  • Research is the key. Look for prominent list builders in your market, those who have a substantial online presence and a significant audience. You can find them through their websites, often with a contact form or advertising information.
  • Sometimes they might not openly advertise email drops, but you can propose the idea to them. For instance, you could ask, “Could we send a single email, and I’ll compensate you with a reasonable amount?” They might agree. Others might offer package deals, combining email drops with banner placements or sponsored podcast episodes.

[04:20] Finding Lists Based on Your Market:

  • Your approach to finding lists depends on your industry. If you’re already established in a niche, you might have a directory and contacts.

  • However, in a brand-new market, your initial step should be to subscribe to other people’s email lists as much as possible. After that, search for major blogs and content websites in your niche.
  • To locate them, use relevant keywords when searching. For instance, if you’re in the relationship niche, search phrases like “how to get my ex back,” “how to save my marriage from divorce,” or “what to do if my spouse is cheating on me.” Check the top-ranking websites in the search results and get on their lists. These sites often promote other players in the same niche.
  • Within a few weeks, you’ll compile a list of potential database owners. Contact them through their websites and initiate negotiations.

  • If you’re well-acquainted with your market, you can directly approach the major players and propose collaboration. Ask if they’re open to sending an email to their list in exchange for compensation.
  • This method is unique, but it’s resourceful and can yield high-quality, cost-effective traffic compared to other sources.

[06:37] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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