The Power of a Buyers List

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Are you ready to master the art of supercharging your affiliate marketing strategy? It’s all about distinguishing between prospects and buyers, personalizing your approach, and negotiating like a pro. In this episode, we’ll reveal the secrets that can take your game to the next level. Are you up for the challenge?

[00:00] Adam West Introduces The Show:

[00:15] In this episode, Igor discusses the differences in marketing strategies between prospects and buyers in affiliate marketing, highlighting the need for personalized and considerate approaches for buyers and the potential for negotiating higher payouts based on a successful track record.

[01:37] Distinguishing Buyers and Prospects:

  • Buyers hold a special place in your marketing strategy; they are precious to you. This means your marketing approach with them should be less aggressive compared to how you engage with prospects.

  • Prospects are individuals who have shown interest but haven’t generated revenue for you yet. With prospects, you have the flexibility to be more aggressive, experiment with different offers, and conduct marketing tests.

  • If an approach proves promising with prospects, you can confidently apply it to your buyers because you know it’s a tested and proven strategy.

[03:07] Leveraging Buyer Advantages:

  • Buyers offer another significant advantage – you can often negotiate higher payouts as an affiliate. For instance, I recently spoke to an affiliate program owner who typically paid $10 per lead.

  • I had a strong track record with similar products and a list of active buyers. I confidently approached him and said, “I’m confident this will work, given my previous success with similar products, which generated over $90,000 in revenue. I’d like to propose an $18 per lead payout.”

  • This conversation was possible because I had a list of active buyers, and my confidence spoke volumes. The program owner didn’t need to verify my claim; it was about my confidence and track record.

[05:00] Building Strong Buyer Relationships:

  • It’s essential to remember that buyers should be treated with care. Sending them aggressive promotions too frequently can lead to a negative response. Therefore, I place my buyers on a separate list, reduce email frequency, and ensure that I only present them with top-quality offers.

  • When approaching buyers, I tailor my messages to their previous purchases and connect new offers to what they’ve bought before. This personalized approach can result in higher conversion rates because it feels like an ongoing conversation rather than random promotions.

  • Building a relationship with your buyers through continued, connected conversations is a powerful way to engage your audience.

[06:58] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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