The Land of Roses and Yoghurt


Ever wondered what happens when an internet guru decides to trade the digital realm for the land of roses and yogurt – Bulgaria? Buckle up, because this episode is as unique as a payphone in a teenager’s bedroom. Bulgaria, the enigmatic country that’s like the dark web’s legal and tastier cousin, holds the secrets to happiness – or perhaps not. This episode is a rollercoaster of surprises that will leave you saying, ‘I didn’t see that coming.’ And for those wondering where Bulgaria is on the map, put on your explorer’s hat, and let’s dive in! 

[00:00] How Did You Like The Introduction?

[00:20] In this episode, Igor discusses his recent trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, the appeal of Bulgaria as a potential place to relocate, and his contemplation of the next chapter in his life, driven by the flexibility of his remote income.

[02:01] Reflecting on a Life Change:

  • After acquiring my Canadian passport, I began questioning why I should endure the harsh winters and high taxes Canada imposes on its citizens. The country seemed to be continually encroaching on various freedoms.
  • Expressing a shared sentiment with many fellow Americans, I didn’t like the direction in which the country was heading.

  • Eventually, I organized a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, which raised questions from others as to why I chose Bulgaria. Expats often overlook it in favor of countries like Portugal, Panama, or Puerto Rico.

  • Many in Europe tend to disregard it due to its association with the communist bloc. However, my initial culture shock soon turned into pleasant surprise.

[03:43] Discovering the Benefits of Bulgaria:

  • As I explored Sofia and its various neighborhoods, the difference in infrastructure compared to Canada became apparent. What stood out the most was the affordability of living in Bulgaria. For 1600 euros a month, I could secure accommodations that would cost ten times as much in Canada.
  • I also explored schools, neighborhoods, and amenities in Sofia’s more developed areas. While there’s no definitive decision to relocate yet, I found the experience to be positive.

  • Two things kept coming up in my conversations about Bulgaria: the remarkable quality of the food and the purchasing power of my earnings. Everything, from bottled water to dining at high-end restaurants, was significantly cheaper than in Canada.
  • Despite initial doubts, I found Bulgaria to have its unique charm, different from beautiful places like Vancouver. It has benefits that particularly appeal to me, such as a wide range of possibilities and the nostalgia reminiscent of my upbringing in Ukraine.

[07:33] Planning the Next Chapter:

  • After being in Bulgaria for about a week, I’ve transitioned to the Eastern European timezone. I’ve dedicated this time to exploring potential life changes, such as real estate and schools, and less to work. 
  • This is an ideal time to plan my future, considering the substantial effort I’ve invested in building a remote income that allows me the freedom to choose where I want to live.

[08:27] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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