Timeless Lessons from Three Decades of Online Business with Terry Dean

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Way too many business owners accept long hours and stressful work as the only way to make it. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a great income and have a full life as well. Tune in to find out how Terry Dean went from delivering pizzas to designing an Internet Lifestyle business which gave him both the freedom and the money to enjoy life. 

Guest: Terry Dean, the founder of MyMarketingCoach.com, is a highly respected entrepreneur who has transformed the lives of countless individuals through his practical online marketing strategies. With over two decades of experience, Terry’s expertise in email marketing, copywriting, and conversion optimization has made him a trusted authority in the industry. Through his coaching and training programs, he empowers entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable results and grow their businesses online. Terry Dean’s authentic approach and invaluable insights have earned him a loyal following and continue to inspire others to reach new levels of success in the digital world.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Terry Dean to discuss the importance of list-building, selecting profitable niches, best strategies for selling, using A.I. effectively, and more!

[03:05] The Landscape Of Online Marketing In 1996:

  • I started with CompuServe and using slow dial-up modems where you would have never even thought about having video online.

  • Now everything today is video. There’s no chance you can even play the video back then when I first started online.

[03:34] How Terry Got A Headstart In 1996?

  • One of the smartest things I did in the beginning, which really led to my success long term was I got a hold of some materials by Gary Halbert. I got a hold of some materials from Jay Abraham, Bill Meyers, and some of the other direct mail legends.

  • I found quite happily that the majority applied to the Internet, what was working in direct mail courses, little adjustments as little changes that we make, but what they were teaching worked online, so I took it online.

[04:55] Importance Of Building A List:

  • Having an email list back then was just as important as it is today, I think today, it’s even more important because it’s one of the few remaining ways to have control over your audience.

[11:33] Choosing A Profitable Market:

  • So no matter what market you’re in, it’s going to be more competitive. So we work really hard. I will tell clients that we choose a big market.

  • Choose a market that has a lot of customers, and it has a lot of demand, and it has a lot of competitors in it. Because I don’t want to go to a market today that doesn’t have any competitors, because that means everybody failed.

  • What we’ll do instead, is we’ll take this big market, and then we’ll start niching it down. So how can we be unique? How can we make a unique promise in this market? How can we stand out against the competition?

  • What are they buying? The top 5%, the top 20% in its market? What are they wanting, what’s in most demand for them? And that’s the type of audience you want to go after.

  • You have to really narrow down to the niche that you’re going after inside the big market, make money, but you go in some of these other markets. 

[16:26] How To Use A.I. Effectively?

  • Technology makes everything easier but, this is an advantage we have if you’re smart about it.

  • I got my foundation with those core direct marketing principles, the Gary Halbert principles, and all of those. And you’re going to find that a lot of people get so enamored with the technology today, that they don’t learn the basics. They don’t learn the basic foundational direct marketing principles of how you sell.

  • The actual core message and what convinces people to buy haven’t changed. And one of the best things you can learn is how to persuade people.

  • Learn the basic persuasion skills, for email, sales pages, videos, for all these principles, and it’s all the same message.

[26:12] Making Offers With Deadlines:

  • A reason to act now means that now it’s possible to do an offer that does not have a hard deadline. But I promise you, every one of your offers that does have a hard deadline is going to out-produce all the ones that don’t.

  • If you didn’t act within the deadline, you simply can’t act on the offer, unless you like actually going through the trouble of clearing your cookies or getting a new device, or going reconnecting from a library or something. 

[57:45] Mistakes To Avoid:

  • I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and a lot of internet marketers make it today by living in the moment creating offers for the moment, and not creating really long-term offers.

  • What you can do is you can come up with what is my mission. Who is my audience? What can I help them do? What systems can I put in place? What phrases could I trademark?

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