The Story Behind My Book

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Why pen a book, you ask? Oh, let me count the ways! 🤔🖋️Your book isn’t just a manuscript; it’s the key to unlocking doors to untold realms and boundless horizons! Tune in to know how!

[00:00] Adam West Introduces The Show:

[00:50] In this episode, Igor discusses how being an author sets individuals apart, reflecting on its transformative impact on perceptions, networking advantages, and the enduring value of books, while humorously noting the prevalence of best-selling authors at exclusive events.

[06:27] Why should you write a book?

  • Having a book is a game-changer. It sets you apart, especially when compared to those discussing email marketing and list building without being authors themselves. 
  • Take my daughter, for instance. When she was younger, she used to say I sent emails when asked about my job. Now, as an author, her perspective has shifted significantly.
  • Introducing myself as a published author at events or gatherings is impactful. It instantly distinguishes me from the crowd. 
  • However, at author-exclusive events, everyone seems to be a best-selling author, prompting me to switch gears and talk about my podcast instead.
  • The enduring value of a book, much like yours, remains unchanged even after several years. 
  • Books I authored years ago still hold their relevance and importance in the present day.

[08:00] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

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