The Hidden Truth About Traffic Sources

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As you already know, not all traffic sources are created equal. Some are free, some are paid, some are shitty, and some are good. In today’s episode,  Igor dives deeper than that and talks about some less obvious differences between these traffic sources that not everyone pays attention to. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and uncover the hidden truth about all traffic sources!

[00:00] Joe Rogan Introduces The Show!

[00:26] In this episode, Igor uncovers the hidden truth about all traffic sources, and how to make the most out of them.

[01:51] Every Click Is NOT The Same:

  • I really thought that every click was the same. And the price would differ from the effort it would take to generate a click as you could do for better.
  • But the problem is that once somebody opts into your list, another thing can get in the way. And that’s their email habits.

[03:00] The TikTok Leads:

  • TikTok is a place where you could get lots of lots and lots and lots of views and clicks.
  • Now, the deal though, is that if you try to generate people off of TikTok on your email list, you might discover that they’re less likely to check their email.
  • Most people on TikTok do not want to engage in email.
  • But you can’t really do much on Tiktok and Instagram when it comes to promoting offers, because the moment you put a link in your post on TikTok, that’s violating some rules because tick tock doesn’t want people leaving the platform.
  • Not to mention that these people don’t check their email like other audiences might.

[04:57] The Best Type Of Leads:

  • What I’ve discovered is that the best person you can hope to get on your list is somebody who’s already on other people’s lists.
  • So they’re already in the habit of checking their email, they’re already in the habit of logging on to their inbox first thing in the morning, and they’re already in the habit of responding to offers in their inbox.

[05:10] The Facebook Traffic:

  • The average open rate from Facebook traffic, or people who engage me through Facebook ads was about four times lower than the average open rate I got from people who had generated through solo ads or people who were generated through Microsoft ads.

[06:03] Why Solo Ads Are Better? 

  • I prefer solo ads because I’m basically stacking up the odds in my own favor.

[06:12] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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