How To Speak To Your Prospects In Different Awareness Levels

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Are you struggling to capture the attention of your prospects? Unlock the key to effective communication and skyrocket your marketing results! Discover the game-changing strategies that will enable you to connect deeply with your audience, whether they’re clueless about their needs or on the verge of becoming your most eager customers. Tune in now and master the art of speaking to prospects in different awareness levels like a true marketing maestro.

[00:00] Joe Rogan Introduces The Show!

[00:26] In this episode, Igor explores the topic of speaking to your prospects depending on their awareness levels, the concept of the customer’s journey, and shares his best tips to lock down a prospect.

[01:56] Don’t Mention The Product In Your Emails:

  • My emails tend not to sell the product, if you will. And therefore if I’m not selling the product, I don’t even mention the product’s name because it’s irrelevant.
  • I tend not to mention the product name because I don’t believe the prospect is ready to even entertain the idea of buying that product yet.
  • Unless they already know they have a problem. And they already know how to fix that problem. And conceptually, they already know that it is my product that’s going to deliver that solution for them. 

[02:53] Customer’s Level Of Awareness:

  • I would highly recommend it. Everyone reads it’s called Great leads by Michael Masterson.
  • The book actually introduces the idea of how aware a customer is when it comes to buying your product. And it explains how you get the conversation started through your ad copy, be it emails or anything else with prospects based on where they are in their awareness of what you offer.
  • That awareness could be absolutely minimal, where you don’t even mention that they have a problem. But instead you start with a story.
  • Or it could be a very high awareness where they know you’re selling something they know what it’s called. They even know what it’s what it costs, but they still haven’t pulled the trigger on that particular thing which we would call a hot prospect.

[04:57] Focus On The Problem:

  • Many of my emails focus on the problem When we’re solving, or the big benefit we’re getting, or maybe a news, you know, item even or a big idea, rather than the product itself.
  • I believe that until someone’s excited about the big idea, or until somebody understands they have a problem or understands that there’s like a solution to the problem that they did not pursue before telling them about me having a product is not helpful.

[08:46] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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