Using A Docuseries To Build A Massive Email List In Record Time with Michael Hearne

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Uncover the hidden truths of the entrepreneurial path as Igor and Michael share their insights on continuous growth, pushing boundaries, and propelling your organization toward sustained success. Delve into the captivating world of documentary filmmaking as Michael Hearne shares his journey from a freelance copywriter to produce his own series. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and embark on an intellectual journey with the one and only Michael Hearne!

Guest: Michael Hearne is an expert at building ginormous lists within the span of just a couple of weeks. With a deep understanding of business dynamics and market trends, he provides invaluable insights to help organizations maximize their potential. His strategic approach and keen business acumen have delivered exceptional results for numerous companies across industries. As a trusted advisor, Michael empowers businesses to optimize operations and enhance profitability. With his expertise, he propels organizations toward sustained success in today’s competitive landscape.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Michael Hearn to discuss his upcoming docu-series “Six Figure Side Hustle”, evolving as an entrepreneur, connecting with your audience, and more!

[01:57] The Six-Figure Side Hustle:

  • I’ve never learned how to film a docu-series. I’ve never liked film, school, or anything along those lines.

  • At the time, I had been a freelance copywriter for years. And I had started saying, “Okay, there’s more high leverage ways for me to take this skill and use it.”

  • It was a couple of years later that I produced my own documentary series, and it was uncensored crypto, which I think he shared the eating part of. And I filmed it in six months.

  • I do think my background as a copywriter, knowing storytelling, persuasion rhetoric, and how to get messages, and all those things absolutely came into play.

  • And I also hired, you know, the right team to help me get it done. But it was definitely a surreal experience. 

[09:29] How To Monetize A Documentary?

  • It’s a two-stage play. The first is selling Docuseries.

  • The way it works is each episode is up for free viewing for 24 hours. And then it comes down and the next one goes up, that one comes down, the next one goes up.

  • If you want to watch it live you can just jump in and watch the whole thing for free. But at any time, during that process, you can also click a little button that says, you know, get on-demand viewing for life or something along those lines.

  • And what we did is you can buy the series to watch it anytime you want. But in addition to that we bundled in educational resources that are related to crypto.

  • So the educational info products were bundled with the episodes in the series itself, and we sold that to people for a one-time fee.

[21:30] The Credibility Boost:

  • I think that’s a great lesson in marketing in general because I noticed that there’s one commonality for anyone who was able to establish a consistent flow of customers’ income leads, over the years, and that’s usually people who the market identifies as to be known for something.

  • If you’re like a faceless, nameless sort of entity, and you stand for nothing it’s harder for you to start making sales than if you are known for something. Because that specialty is what’s gonna give you a credibility boost early on.

[28:00] Evolving As An Entrepreneur:

  • But that’s also just the fate of the entrepreneur, like, we always want to push the boundary, we always want to do more, we always want to take it to the next level.

  • When you become afraid, and allow the fear of losing, to then determine what your next steps are, that’s whenever you start to lose some of the things that make an entrepreneur great.

  • Rather than evolution. It’s how we preserve our position and our power and our source of income, which is a very natural result. 

[38:42] The Education System:

  • I recognize the fact that the educational system was largely an indoctrination system.

  • It’s teaching them what to believe, rather than how to find the truth. It’s not teaching critical thinking. It’s not teaching rhetoric, rhetoric, and logic. It’s not teaching all these skills. It’s not teaching financial literacy. It’s not teaching entrepreneurialism.

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