The Downside of Social Media

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Ever wondered why some marketers swear by email over all other platforms? 🤔 Email subscribers are not just an audience; they’re a goldmine. 💰 These dedicated followers do more than just read your messages—they engage deeply, click eagerly, and spend willingly. 📈 If you’re aiming to truly amplify your marketing efforts, cultivating a robust email list should be at the top of your strategy. Discover why focusing on email subscribers can transform your business and maximize your impact, only on List Building Lifestyle. 🚀

[01:43] Role of Email in Business:

  • Despite predictions of its decline, email remains a key tool for online marketing because it’s essential for business operations.
  • Email is necessary for managing routine business tasks like billing, signing documents, and customer support.
  • It plays a key role in making major decisions and without email, everyday business tasks would be a lot harder.

[02:27] Email’s Superior ROI Compared to Social Media:

  • Email marketing consistently outperforms social media  and its personal nature tends to engage recipients more effectively, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Studies claim that email marketing yields a better ROI by comparing the effectiveness of email to social media platforms, consistently showing that emails lead to more sales.
  • Both large companies and well-known influencers are increasingly turning to newsletters as a primary advertising tool. 
  • This trend shows that more people are realizing how effective email marketing can be.
  • Email marketing consistently brings in good returns, making it a reliable choice for businesses looking to grow.

[03:00] The Advantages of Email Subscribers:

  • Email subscribers are gold. 
  • They pay more attention to what you send them, they’re more likely to spend money, and they click on more links. 
  • This means they’re more likely to actually buy something from you. 
  • If you’re trying to make a real impact with your marketing, focusing on building an email list is a smart move.

[04:30] Rethink Investments:

  • Social media affiliates see lower engagement and sales compared to email marketers.
  • Social media audiences generally have a lower price tolerance, meaning they are less likely to buy higher-priced items.
  • Managing social media is high maintenance, while email marketing is simpler and often more profitable.

[07:13] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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