A Surprising Sales Showdown

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Picture this: you have thousands of followers on social media, but when you post a product, nobody buys. Switch over to email, and your inbox is buzzing with orders. 📧 What gives? Today, we’re going to explore why emails might just be your secret weapon in sales, look at how our first click of the day shapes our buying habits 🛍️, and break down the real deal between paid and organic traffic. Stay tuned to uncover why sometimes, the old-school email beats the trendy social media post every time! 🚀

[01:25] The Psychology of Media Engagement:

  • I tested marketing a product to my 7,000-8,000 Facebook followers via email and social media, and found that all the sales came from the email list, not social media.
  • The first thing we check in the morning sets the tone for the day, especially when it comes to buying things.
  • For instance, If someone starts their day by checking emails, they’re usually ready to make decisions or handle business, which makes them more likely to respond positively to sales offers. 
  • On the other hand, if someone starts using social media, they are usually trying to relax or distract themselves, which makes them less interested in making purchases.

[03:13] Email vs. Social Media:

  • Emails are more effective at driving sales compared to social media, even when people seem engaged online.
  • Emails feel more personal which makes people more comfortable to purchase. 
  • Social media, while interactive and engaging, often feels less personal and more about general sharing, which might explain why posts there lead to fewer sales.

[04:16] Paid vs. Organic Traffic:

  • Paid traffic involves paying for advertising to target specific types of people, giving you control over who sees your ad, when, and how. 
  • This makes it easier to see quick results and adjust strategies as needed. 
  • Organic traffic, which comes naturally from search engine results and without direct payment, is less predictable and slower to build.
  • Even though it’s often considered free, it still costs a lot in terms of time and effort, which are valuable resources.

[05:49] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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