How To Go From Pipe Dream To Making Money

Are your loved ones taunting you for talking about starting an online business but never actually doing anything, in spite of you putting in a ton of hours into it? This episode explains how to shut them up.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets. So one of the most common reasons why people fail at internet marketing is remarkably they can't get started. So never made sense to me at first until I revisited everything that I've done in the first three and a half years of my internet marketing career and where I was trying to promote affiliate products. And then I also made a switch to promoting my own products at some point because I realized that the path to becoming a super affiliate, not just any affiliate, was to build my own products funnels and to build my own list. But more about that in some other episode.

What I want to address in this episode is that a lot of people do find it difficult to get started, which I found surprising considering the amount of information there is out there, considering the amount of tutorials and guides and teachers and trainers and mentors and seminars and podcasts. I mean today there's so much information that there's no way someone can say, "I just don't know how to get started." Yet, the vast majority of people who are doing internet marketing, who are trying to affiliate marketing, who are trying to build a list, who are trying to write emails, who are trying to become something on the internet they find it very difficult to launch their business off the ground. And so after analyzing quite a few businesses, actually quite a few people who are attempting to start them, I boil it all down to do things that are a necessity for you to officially get going with your business.

First thing being is you need a website. Now it could be an authority site, could be a blog, could be a sales page. It could be a VSL placed on a page. It could be a capture page. But it has to be some kind of a website. You can't start a place of business until you got a shop maybe. So you can't really sell shoes unless you've got a shop, or at the very least, if you ever trailed to Barcelona, you've probably seen these guys, like a bunch of people, I don't know where they're from, they look like they're from Africa because they're black and they're tall and they're skinny and they got skills, right? So you walk on a square of some kind or next to a bus station and you see this guy. He's got a blanket on the ground, like a picnic blanket and on the blanket he's got a bunch of shoes.

Now obviously all the shoes are fake, but they are shoes anyway. You can buy them for like just a handful of euros each. And then one of them, because there's always like a bunch of them, one of them starts yelling something apparently notifying the others about police coming up or something. And all of a sudden you see this guy he stands up, he grabs the blanket from two opposite sides, puts it together, knots it, ties it into a knot, puts it on his back and he's gone. So he basically has this portable store that he takes with him anywhere he goes. But you see at least he's got a store that is very different from a person who's in the bar drinking, saying he wants to start a shoe store. That guy is far ahead, far, far ahead of the guy drinking in the bar.

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So the first thing you need is a website or a place. A website is really what a place is to the brick and mortar businesses. The website is that.

Now the second thing you need is of course a package. And this is really profound because most people don't get that. Say you want to be a life coach, right? And you say you want to help people and you want to help them improve their lives in some way, maybe their relationships or maybe you want to consult them with their businesses, something, right? So you can call yourself a life coach, you can call yourself a consultant, but until you've got consulting packages of some kind, you can offer to people, right? So maybe it's a set amount of hours, then you're going to spend with them and charge them for it. Or maybe it's like a done for you thing that you're doing for them. Or maybe it's inviting them to your office or to some kind of a two day retreat.

I mean, there has to be an offer on the table. And then, and only then once you have these two things, your business, your business idea, your scheme, if you will, or your pipe dream becomes real, until then your friends and your relatives will continue to make fun of you, continue to think you're crazy and you're a lunatic and that you're just wasting your time with some kind of pipe dream and they will not take you seriously. Not only that, your customers will just not have a way to transact with you even if you come across great people and people who are a great fit for your business and even if you've got an amazing personality that they truly enjoy and even if they say that they want to give you money.

Until you've got a package to put in front of them, you will not be able to take their money. You will not be able to initiate the transaction. And until that happens, you really don't have a business. You can't acquire customers. But you see this is the part where for some reason, I'm sure it makes a lot of sense to you as you hear me say this, but people kind of refuse to do it. They will do anything but not that. They will do anything but create a package. They will do anything but build a website. Why? Now, that's a question I haven't been able to figure out yet and I'm just being honest with you. I'm really not sure. What is it about that people experience when they think of a possibility of putting a package out there in the world?

I'm really not sure, but I know it stresses the hell out of people. It puts pressure on them probably. It probably makes them wonder whether people are going to buy the package. Maybe that's the thing. Maybe it's the fear of rejection. But I know that I get the same chills before putting out any of my products or any of my offers. But I also know that my income is directly proportional to the amount of offers that I've got. And I remember my income going up for the first time when I finally found a good affiliate offer. So I started making a little bit of money even though I didn't really cover my expenses.

But then once I put together a really good sexy package or a sexy offer in front of people later on, once I've understood what makes an offer attractive, that's the moment when I started seeing people give me money on daily basis, and I didn't have to really go talk to them. They just did through my website. They just sent traffic to my website and he purchased off the site because the package I was putting in front of them made sense to them. Maybe it was because it was very cheap. It was only $7 or maybe $9.99. But point being is that there was something that was putting in front of people where I was saying, "Look, you've got this problem and I've got a solution and here's what the solution looks like." So rather than just talking about a solution, you put it in a package form.

The moment you do that, things are changing immediately. People start taking you seriously. All of a sudden you stand for something and you and you can offer them something. Until then, really there's nothing. There's really nothing and your business isn't even real. So again, if you've been online, just like many of my clients for some time, if you've been online for a year, two years, six months, and you're still wondering, "How the hell do I get this thing started?" what's missing for you are these two things: a website and a package. That's it. A website and a package. You put these two things together, you're in business and you'll see that even if your package is kind of crappy, even if your website is kind of ugly, at the very least, you have a place to send traffic to. At the very least, you'll have something to offer to people. You can improve from there. You can improve from there. But until you've created it, you won't be able to launch your business off the ground.

This concludes another episode of List Building Lifestyle. I'm your host Igor Kheifets, and until next time we chat. Have a good one.

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