Should You Take The BitCoin Craze Seriously?

There’s nothing new about Crypto biz opps.

They’ve been around for a few years now.

Nobody paid attention because no one took BitCoin seriously.

But since China adopted BitCoin into it’s economy the market turned.

Should you take the BitCoin biz opp craze seriously?

Is it another fad that’s going to blow over in a few weeks?

Or should you bank on the crypto business?

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. The internet marketing space is being flooded with Crypto biz
ops as we call them, the business opportunities that are focused strategically on
teaching on how to mine Bitcoin. These programs are exploding right now. My
Facebook feed is just stuffed with them and you know it makes you wonder do they
really work? Should you really be paying attention to this Crypto craze because it
could just be another fad? I feel this is really important thing to discuss in
today’s episode simply because Crypto will make a lot of money to a lot of people
and I predict this summer alone it will probably be the hottest thing you could be
doing in your online business regardless of the kind of opportunities you have
been promoting until now.

The reason I feel this way is because the one thing that we know about this
market, the business opportunity market is the fact that this market just loves a
new thing. This market loves a shiny new object and even though business
opportunities revolving around Crypto currencies are not new. They have been
around for a long, long time. In fact I remember receiving requests to run traffic
to these offers as early as three years ago. They didn’t hit that sort of prime.
They weren’t right at the time until now when China has finally incorporated
Bitcoin into its economy. Bitcoin value is sky high, it’s rising every day. In
fact if you had one Bitcoin like five years ago, you could have cashed in like a
$2 million profit or something. Of course these numbers really blown up out of
proportion but this something that a friend of mine told me. He said that, “If you
invested in Bitcoin as little as five years ago, you could be a cash millionaire
if you cash it in today.” So Bitcoin is definitely on the rise, I’m not sure how
many more people will get rich off of Bitcoin as far as investing in them but
there is definitely a new whole sub-industry in the business opportunities space
of programs trying to teach people how to invest in Bitcoin, raising Bitcoin
awareness and promising to double your Bitcoin in 60 days or less. The people who
we know as leaders, you know people who are really quick to promote a bunch of
different business opportunities and always seem to make a lot of money, you know,
they are collecting as much as $5000 per day right now doing nothing but Bitcoin.
Now this doesn’t mean that you should just jump on the Crypto craze and abandon
everything else but I feel that there is room for you to use Bitcoin biz ops as an
easy income stream in your business without abandoning your primary business
opportunity and the reason that I feel this way is because it’s very easy to
market something that’s brand new. It’s very easy to market something that the
market isn’t used to seeing yet. It’s very easy to get people to join a business
opportunity that revolves around the concept they have heard of but they don’t
quite understand how it works. Crypto fits this description perfectly because
honestly I still don’t understand how the hell do they mine for Bitcoin. I don’t
get it like how do they come up with the Bitcoin and how do they find it, how do
they create it, like is there a strategy, I mean all I know is that there’s farms
out there full of servers and computers that all they do is mine for Bitcoin 24/7
and you have to have a special permit for that so basically, it’s kind of like the
underground society of people who now have access to this digital currency that
you know 99.9% of the people do not have access to and all of a sudden you know
these biz ops open the doors for the average Joe to start investing in Bitcoin and
it’s beautiful. I think it’s really, really cool because we haven’t seen anything
like that – the market hasn’t seen anything like that ever before prior to this
crazy, crazy way. Even though these are not brand new like I said they go back as
early as two, three, four years back. But it is really interesting to see how the
market is finally ready – the market is finally picking up and catching up with
this trend and you know whoever gets off their ass and capitalizes on this trend
this summer will most likely profit hand over fist.

This isn’t the first time that a product that was created several years earlier
explodes into the marketplace. Another example is Disney. Walt Disney drew up
Bambi and Snow White and a lot of these classics way, way back in 1930s and 1920s
however it wasn’t until 1940s, 1960s and again in 1990s that all these cartoons
took off and made Walt Disney and his legacy a lot of money. In fact, Bambi alone
was relaunched I think four different times and every single time, Walt Disney was
hoping for Bambi to bring in enough cash flow to save his company which was
constantly on the brink of bankruptcy and his brother, Roy, would always try to
manage the books in a way so that they don’t go under but it’s interesting to
observe how often times the market isn’t just ready for something and then a
couple years later all of a sudden the same product, no changes made to the
product whatsoever finally explodes. So what we can conclude is that – I don’t
know if the Crypto biz ops will stick, I really don’t. I don’t know if they are
going to be here six months from today. I don't know if the market is going to
just abandon the Crypto biz ops as it has abandon a lot of the other tactics like
Matrix and stuff like that. But what I do know is that every now and again the
market presents us with an opportunity. The market pretty much just gives us an
opportunity and says, “Hey right now, this is hot and this may or may not be a
fad.” Because sometimes, well I would say most of the time, you know these things
are fads. They come in and they go and then for the next 10 years somebody tries
to simply recreate the fad with no success and these are usually the people that
kind of become overnight millionaires and then spend the next decade trying to get
all that success back instead of moving on.

But sometimes these fads do become something more than a fad. Sometimes they
become industries so Bitcoin as much as I want to say it may become an industry,
it really depends on how the Cryptic currency will behave. It really depends on
what kind of turn the economy will take. So for now, Bitcoin is really hot. China
loves Bitcoin. China just allows every single business in the country to use
Bitcoin for transactions. The Chinese economy is pretty much the largest and most
stable economy today so naturally Bitcoin is the talk of the town. It’s the
hottest girl at the ball so we’ll see what the future holds but definitely,
definitely if you need make some quick money, you may want to jump on Bitcoin,
check it out and see what you can do with it because you know come this fall or
come this winter the situation may be different; something may happen, some
government may want to install some regulations to try and control Bitcoin which I
mean right now Bitcoin is the only currency that’s not controlled by any
government. It’s the only currency that no government in the world has the say in
of the value that it has. Sure, I mean it’s the same currency that serial killers
used to get paid and you can actually buy people into slavery using it, buy guns
or drugs or online in the dark net which is like secret internet. But you know
that’s only a small percentage of the people who use Bitcoin. Right now Bitcoin is
becoming a major force in the marketplace and a lot of people like to get paid in
Bitcoin because their money appreciates with time. So as of the moment that I’m
recording this episode, if you’re after making some quick money then you should
definitely look into joining one of those Bitcoin biz ops such as Jetcoin, iCoin
Pro, Bitcoin Pro or anything else. I personally recommend if you are considering
joining a biz op, a Bitcoin biz op then you reach out to my good friend, Ryan
Hauser. Ryan Hauser is somebody who is just a master at cryptic currencies, at
Matrixes, at understanding all the technological mumbo jumbo that people like you
and I really, really hate to deal with so he knows which programs are best. He
knows where you’re going to get legitimate Bitcoins where you’re not going to get
scammed and how you can get Bitcoins for the lowest price. So Ryan knows the ins
and outs of everything Bitcoin and I recommend you reach out to him. Google Ryan
University or simply find Ryan Hauser on Facebook; he’s the guy with a beard and
he’s bald and basically he’s a badass when it comes to Bitcoin. So if you want to
join a Bitcoin biz op, I highly recommend joining Ryan Hauser and besides that I’m
hopeful that you find this episode really helpful. It’s really different from the
kinds of episodes I’ve done until now which were mostly educational but you know
this one turned out to be sort of like newsworthy announcement and if it helps and
you made some money, I’m happy and if it didn’t just write to me and say that the
episode sucked. So anyway, thank you so much for tuning in for this episode of the
List Building Lifestyle. I’m your host, Igor Kheifets. Thank you and I’ll talk to
you next time.

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