Gmail vs Facebook Messenger

November 2010.

Mark Zuckerberg is about to launch Facebook messenger.

He’s so confident it’s going to kill email he calls it the Gmail Killer.

Zuckerberg predicts that in a few years people will abandon email and communicate exclusively on social media.

Of course, the social media marketing gurus are quick to pick up on this press-bait.

They claim email marketing is dying.

That money’s moving over to Facebook.

Is it now?

How does Facebook messenger stack up against email?

Is it truly THAT one-sided?

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. You know I find it extremely amusing how a lot of people use
the opportunity when they see the wind blow in a different direction to say that
the world is changing and how the more it happens the more they yell and shout
from the top of their lungs that everything is different now. But the thing is
that in marketing nothing is ever different. In fact, let’s just take email for
example, I know that we have spoke a lot about this on the show that how email
didn’t change, email is still number one most profitable source ever for your
marketing and that’s still true. I just wanted to give you a great example of how
marketing gurus will always try to convince you that things are changing and
things are different. Now sometimes things are different and we are going to be
chatting in one of the future episodes real soon about how the industry has
changed dramatically and how you need to adapt to that change but for the most
part things really don’t change so let’s take email.

So back in November 2010, Mark Zuckerberg is about to launch the Facebook
Messaging service and basically Mark goes as far as calling it the G-mail killer
so he predicted and he was confident really, he really sincerely believed what he
was saying that people will stop using email when he rolls out the Messenger. Now
the one thing that Mark wasn’t right about was that Messenger has become a really
popular form of communications. In fact a lot of the business that I have done in
the last few years happened in the Facebook Messenger, in fact there are entire
businesses that are built on Messenger. In fact I have a friend that runs a
shopify store, what he does is he drives traffic off of Instagram and Facebook
newsfeed directly to the Messenger box and then has an assistant chatting with the
customers and selling things you know through the chat. That’s awesome all of the
power to him. However, you know in general if you study email and you compare it
to Facebook and other social media messaging services, you’ll find out that email
just wipes the floor with everything, with everything that is not email. And
specifically there was a study done by Custora over about 72 million customers and
email has ranked in the top three customer acquisition sources. It ranked along
side with Google Adwords which of course is key word specific and organic search.
Now of course you know when it comes to getting the right type of customer search
is really effective. Let’s face it but the problem with search even though you’re
getting a customer that’s literally looking for that solution right now and wants
to buy it right now is the fact that ranking for that key word has become so
difficult that it’s not even worth the time. I mean honestly come on. I was just
actually having a chat with Dennis about it the other day and we were studying
some SEO tactics and SEO strategies and what we discovered was that SEO is all
about the content so if you want Google to reward you with a position, right you
can either buy a bunch of spammy back links and then basically get Sendbox which
you don’t want to do or you can create lots and lots and lots and lots and lots
and lots and lots and lots of really high quality content so in other words,
Google really wants you to work hard and invest 20 hours into writing an article
to reward you with a ranking on the first page. Now honestly who has the time to
do that? Who has the desire to sit there and create a 5000 word article to get
some traffic? I honestly don’t so that’s why I would much rather either use email
marketing or maybe Google Adwords but even then with Adwords you have to use email
because Adwords traffic is so fricking expensive. I mean you can be paying for a
decent key word, right, like a really decent key word probably costs you anywhere
between $5 and $15 a click. The last time I check which was two weeks ago a
competitive key word with really good search volume and with a place for you to
step in will cost you anywhere between $5 and $15 a click. That’s not a lead
that’s not a sale, that’s not a sale acquisition cost that’s a click acquisition
cost. Now show me how many business besides perhaps insurance companies or car
companies, how many businesses can really afford to spend $5-$15 a click even I
can’t afford that and I pride myself on having developed a really awesome customer
acquisition model.

So when it comes to realistic expectations, organic search and Adwords are – well
they are not realistic for most people but email is very realistic, super
effective. Again ranks in the top three most effective ways of acquiring customers
and email customers actually spending more and doing it more often according to
the study. Email is way more effective than affiliate traffic, than banner ads,
than Facebook, than Twitter, everything. There’s honestly no better way for you to
get new customers if you’re a beginner than email marketing. The only downside of
email marketing is that you actually have to learn how to write damn good emails
and that can take you awhile to learn unless of course you outsource it to an
expert like you can with us. We can just go, that’s 2 “p” and we can write your emails for you but other than that there is
really no reason for you not to use email because you just make more money, you do
it faster, and you’ll do it with less headache. When we are talking about like the
plan like going forward for 2018, 2019 and 2020 and so on, I really don’t see how
email can go away. Because if you really think about it, email is the only media
that people use online to really handle the sensitive stuff like when you want to
buy something you have to enter your email. When you submit a request for some
document, you have to use your email. When you need to recover your password for
your eBay account what do you use? Email. And here is the kicker, if you want to
start a Facebook account, you need an email address so no matter how much Facebook
or any other social network will yap about how email is gone, email is obsolete,
people don’t check their email, email is no longer necessary. That’s all bullshit.
Email is very necessary just to recover all of those Facebook and Twitter
passwords that people never remember. So email is definitely not going to go away
anytime soon and the mindset with which people get into their email is really
different than the mindset that people use to browse their social media profiles
because when I find myself scrolling my newsfeed or getting on Facebook only at
the times when I’m procrastinating so it’s at the time when I’m trying to avoid
making decisions in my life. It’s at the time when I’m trying to avoid work that I
go in and I check my Twitter and then I check my Facebook right but it’s at the
time that I work that I really do try and make a decision or get some work done I
have my email open or if I have to email somebody with something, email is work
media. Email is the decision media. That’s the kind of media you want to be in
when you’re trying to get the customer to make a buying decision. You don’t want
to get customers who are lazy, who procrastinate, who are like couch potatoes that
are unable to make any decisions right because their state of mind is just mash
potato or whatever. You know what I mean? You really don’t want people that are
not willing to make decisions to be wasting your time and hitting your funnels
because then what happens is you’re just spending money and you’re spending time
when you’re investing energy into developing a customer pool that is really not a
customer pool; it’s like a procrastinator pool that you’re creating activity for
yourself, you’re seeing something happen in your business, you’re getting likes
and getting comments and you maybe getting messages in your inbox but nothing is
really happening because these customers are not capable of making a buying
decision and so this usually happens because that’s how people treat Facebook
that’s what they do on Facebook, they just log in on Facebook or on their phone or
on their desktop, it doesn’t matter in order to not make a decision. They are just
killing time. They are trying to get busy with something in order to not think
about the things that really bother them and that’s how people are, they always
try to escape, escape their problems. This culture of escapism is really getting
in the way of marketing.

Now that’s one part and the other part of course is that there is so many gurus
out there who swear by Facebook that they sell you on the idea that Facebook is
the greatest thing ever and that you should be using Facebook in your business and
that Facebook is supposed to be profitable but what happens when once you start
advertising, you realize that there is so much competition, there is so much
clutter and the prospects are so cold that you cannot possibly sustain that
customer position cycle unless you’re banking on not making a sale in the first 60
days of having that person join your list or get into your funnel and that’s if
you’re good, right? That’s if you’re really, really good. Otherwise you’re just
like everybody else getting on to the Facebook advertising screen, targeting
people who like Russell Brunson and Tony Robbins and you’re basically advertising
to the exact same crowd all of the time just like everybody else and guess what?
You’re competing against people that have deeper pockets, that have better
knowledge, that have larger teams and all of these people basically will out
compete you when it comes to fighting for that customer. Now if the customer has
to choose between joining Joe Blow and joining somebody like Anik Singal then guess
what? Joe Blow ain’t going to get their money. Anik Singal has the ability to use first
off his own credibility and repetition then Robert Kiyosaki’s credibility and
repetition then Bob Proctor’s repetition so all of a sudden it’s a pretty obvious
chose for the prospect if they are seeing Anik Singal ads and they are seeing Joe
Blow’s ads then Anik Singal seems like a much more trusted authority and that’s just
the way it is.

So getting on Facebook right now even if you do have deep enough pockets and lots
and lots and lots of patience to try to make it work, it is just a waste of time.
Email is still the number one customer acquisition model I recommend for everyone
beginner to veteran because it’s just going to make your life easier. You know
live the email lifestyle guys. Don’t waste your time on social media. So anyway
thanks for tuning to another episode of List Building Lifestyle. I’m your host
Igor Kheifets and until next time we chat have a good one.

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