How To Build A $500,000 Per Month Business Opportunity With John Crestani

Once upon a time in a distant land of Corporate America lived a young man.

He worked for a Pay Per Click advertising agency.

He was very passionate about proving himself and so he studied the art and science of PPC vigorously until he mastered it.

He got so good at managing PPC campaigns for clients, it wasn’t unusual for him to 10X his clients’ businesses using his smart-bidding PPC tactics.

Seeing all the value he was creating for his clients and his employer, our hero worked up the courage to ask for a raise.

Sitting across the desk, his boss leaned back in his chair and asked “…of what?!”

John Crestani recalls this to be the moment when he lost interest in ever working for other people.

He soon left the agency and started an affiliate marketing business online.

Today, almost 6 years later, John runs Internet Jet Set, an online education company that teaches average people with no business experience how to become super affiliates and live the 4-hour work week.

John has scaled his company from a standstill to $500,000 per month in revenue.

And I thought it’d be cool to pick his brain for half an hour to see if I can get him to spill some secrets.


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Igor: Once upon a time in the distant land of corporate America lived a young man,
he worked for a pay-per-click advertising agency. He was very passionate about
proving himself and so he studied the art and science of PPC vigorously until he
mastered it. He got so good at managing PPC campaigns for clients; it wasn't
unusual for him to 10X his client's using his smart bidding PPC tactics. Seeing
all the value he was creating for his clients and his employer, our hero worked up
the courage to ask for a raise. Sitting across the desk, his boss leaned back in
his chair and asked or what? John Crestani recalls this to be the moment he lost
interest in ever working for other people. He soon left the agency and started an
affiliate marketing business online. Today almost six years later, John runs IN
JetSetters, an online education company that teaches average people with no
business experience how to become super affiliates and live the four hour work
week. John thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with me.

John: [laughter] Thank you so much Igor that's an awesome intro, I love it.

Igor: That's why they call me Kheifets, my friend. That's what I do. [laughter]

John: Cool, cool.

Igor: So John, I'll be honest with you when I first heard about you, it was a bit
of a shock because I've been active in this community for almost a decade as of
the moment of recording this episode and I never heard of you before like never.
Like I've heard of other people and they are really active.

John: True.

Igor: It's not like you're sitting on your ass all day long. You're really, really
busy. You make a huge impact right now in the industry. There are so many people
that you've helped in fact I Googled your name and all I see coming up are YouTube
testimonials of affiliate marketers who are starting from scratch claiming their
making 20 grand in their first two months online which is crazy because most
affiliate marketers, they just fail. I mean I'm by the way, I'm no different. You
know I failed for a few years straight before I got any success with Click Bank
affiliate marketing. So the first question to you is who are you? Okay where did
you come from? How did you end up here because we don't know anything about you?

John: Sure, yeah. So it's definitely and I definitely don't come from and you
probably haven't heard about me because I don't come from the traditional kind of
the internet marketing, network marketing space. I don't come out of empower
network and a lot of those other companies; I'm guessing a lot of people are
familiar with. I kind of came into this industry just and well I guess I'll start
with a little bit about my story. I came into this industry because I was doing
affiliate marketing and I made quite a bit of money as affiliate marketer for
different weight loss products, skin care products, investment products, you name
it, I've advertised in a lot of different industries and done very well. As I was
kind of growing my company, I've always been active on social media so people have
always been asking me kind of like they will see me in Vegas or they will see me
on ski trips or they will see me in different places and they ask me, John what do
you do?" or "How do I do it what you do?" because lots of my friends I grew up
with they work corporate jobs like they get kind of jealous of the lifestyle us
internet marketers live. So really I just kind of came into this because I started
producing videos to kind of help people out. I have always been passionate about
education and I turned it into a course and I got really into kind of the
education side of things and started marketing it and yeah so I don't have any big
leaders or I don't have any really big people that came out of empower network
that kind of gave my product the good graces but I've just and I mean people have
probably seen our ads on YouTube or Facebook or Google and we are just trying to
make a big impact and help show people, you know really, really teach people how
to make money online.

Igor: Well, you know it's interesting to observe this journey because at one point
and this is like one of the most common questions that people ask about joining
business opportunities today is the same question you know that you and me
probably asked when we were looking for programs to join and that's like if you're
so good at this stuff, if you know the secret right, to making money, why are you
even sharing it? And so it is incredible to observe your journey, how you go from
zero to making a lot of money, in fact making more money than you probably need to
pay your bills and to pay your family's bills. Right?

John: Sure.

Igor: And then you hit a point when just making the money ain't enough anymore.
You hit a point where you have to share this knowledge and give back to the
community that elevated you into this semi-celebrity status and that worships you
basically for the skills you have developed as a result of doing what you're
doing. So you know given the fact that you come from an advertising background,

John: Sure.

Igor: A company where you managed PPC campaigns for other people, it basically
means that you stepping into this industry, you had an idea on how to get visitor,
you had an idea how to get traffic, and it means you could do anything, like
literally anything and you chose affiliate marketing, why?

John: Because I was working for an ad agency and I was making $6,000 a month,
right? And I started taking on clients and I realized that I could and I mean I
took on two clients, three clients actually and I started making $25,000 a month
so I took on a client that paid me $10,000, I took on another client that paid me
$10,000 and a client that paid me $5,000. So I realized running your own business
was a lot better than working for somebody else but when I started doing affiliate
marketing, when I started realizing that you could get paid by how good you are
and there wasn't a limit. You know clients are willing to pay you as much as
possible and I started doing affiliate marketing for a company and just on a
commission basis and that exploded my income this time from $25,000 to you know
almost $500,000 per month was basically in January of 2015, I still remember that
was the first month my company had been doing $50,000 a month before then we
figured out how to do marketing a little better and we got up to $500,000 so that
was a big shift. So the reason why affiliate marketing is really just endless and
once you figure out how to reach people and how to influence people and how affect
people's lives, it can be a lot bigger than what you ever imagined it could. And
that sort of scale is life changing. Going from $5,000 to $25,000 was nice but
going from $25,000 to $500,000 in a month, it's just a completely different level
and that's the point where you really start realizing that there's a completely
different societies. You're in a completely different world than what most people
could completely imagine.

Igor: Interesting so I love it how you said, "Then we figured out a way to market
a little better and then we added $525,000 per month to our revenue." [laughter]

John: Yeah, exactly. No, that's exactly it. You decide what sort of problems you
want to solve. You could figure out how to solve the problem of how a lot of
people are in jobs and they are trying to solve the problem of how to get from
$6,000 a month to getting a raised to getting paid $7,500 a month. You know that's
one problem you can work on that problem for months. You could be brown nosing
your boss, you could be making friends with the right co-workers, you could be
getting your performance numbers in line so you get that raise for 1000 bucks or
you could work on solving other problems like finding a new client or you could
focus on actually marketing a little better. Either way you know I realized you're
spending the same amount of time, it's just how big of a problem, how much do you
want to get paid for it, it's your time, it just matters what type of rewards you
want to get for it.

Igor: Okay, so you're saying that affiliate marketing is just one of most scalable
models that anyone can ever get started with. Now that doesn't mean that it's the
best model in the world probably but as you teach in one of your training videos
on your website at . Some of the biggest companies right now
as we speak in 2017 are companies that don't own anything like Uber, Expedia,, some of these companies they are like the largest companies, most
profitable companies in the world and here they are and they have no assets
whatsoever besides the actual software or network that they have created to
connect consumers and people who provide the service.

John: Yeah, no, I think you brought a good point is a lot of people don't think of or Uber or as affiliates but that's exact what they are,
they are very large affiliate marketing companies but they are still affiliate
marketing companies and I think it's the cleanest business model you can have and
I think it actually is the best business model because you don't have to deal with
all the problems that come with having employees or physical products, inventory
and all that stuff. It's very straight forward and you know it makes a lot of

Igor: Oh yeah, I mean when I hit a point in my business when I had to start hiring
people which was the thing I was probably the worst at, I'm still pretty bad at it
and hiring and then managing them because I end up micro-managing everybody. I
mean that shit is distracting me from what I love to do which is marketing. So
yeah I completely agree with you if you can run a business that doesn't involve
you hiring people and having to deal with all that crap. You chose such an easy
life for yourself at least when it comes to your business. Now I do have to ask
you one more question and that is I mean like I said I've been in this industry
for a really long time if there is one common thing that I see it's people that
are trying and trying and trying and basically they go for years jumping from one
affiliate program to the next and switching them every couple of months or so
having no success whatsoever. So my question is what sets you apart from them?
Like how come you step into this industry and seemingly succeed overnight, build
this tremendous business up to $500,000 per month and someone else who may not be
dumber, may not be in anyway different than you well perhaps maybe your beard
which is massive, very few people can grow such a beard as yours but ....

John: [laughter]

Igor: You know they are no different than you, they are trying the same affiliate
programs as you but they simply cannot make any progress and you're exploding,
what's the difference?

John: I'm going to address this with a couple different points. I will go and
teach these reasons. But one reason would be belief. The second reason would be a
goal/bigger vision. The third would be visualization. I will go into each of
these. So number one I would say you know belief, a lot of people go into any
industry or any business and they don't have full belief that they can do it and
there's a lot of and I see a lot of people and I know that there are a lot of
network marketers that are listening to this but you know how many of you have
been to one of these big kind of rah-rah sessions at Empower Network or you know
Mobe or Digital Altitude or Herbal Life or whatever you have. They throw all of
these big rah-rah sessions and there is nothing wrong with that but I hear a lot
of people saying, "Yeah do you have 100% belief?" and they say, "Yes." But they
don't actually mean it. They don't actually believe 100% in their product or in
the fact that their product helps people; they don't believe it in their core. I
call people out on this all of the time when aspiring entrepreneurs come up to me
and I'm like do you believe 100% in what you're selling? A lot of them will say,
"Of course." But I can tell, I can sense and call it intuition or whatever; they
don't have that 100% belief in their core. The thing is if you're going to go to
war, if you're going to step on the battle field and you don't have 100% belief in
the cause you're fighting for, you're not going to win. When it comes to life or
death decisions, you're going to run. You're going to hide. When it comes to
really stepping up and doing things that you're uncomfortable with in your
business or doing things that you know you need to do but you don't want to do,
you're going to back away from that if you don't have 100% belief to the very core
of your being that your product helps people. So I'd say one of the big reasons is
belief and no matter what I was selling and this is a key difference, no matter
what I was selling whether it was weight loss and I have heard a lot of people
say, "Fuck those products, those products don't work." The way I personally work
as a person is if I don't believe that I'm helping people, I don't do it so if I
ever go into marketing something and I've marketed a lot of different products, I
have always believed that I had a hot potato, I had something that people had to
learn about, I had urgency to get my message out to people and I did because I had
that belief. So I would say belief is a big one. The second thing I'd say was a
goal. A lot of people and the reason why let me use an example from one of my
friends. One of my friends I trained in marketing, let's call him, I don't want to
use his real name, let's call him Marty and I trained Marty. Marty took off. He
went from doing a $20,000 a month in his business to over $100,000 and he was
running a telemarketing business. He hired a couple more salespeople and started
doing really well. But the problem is he never had a goal to where he was trying
to get to. He was just going with the flow and the more money he would make, the
more he would spend it because he didn't really have any insight into where he was
going. It was all fleeting. If you have a goal and so what would happen is the
money would come in one hand and go out the other because he never knew exactly
where he was going. He was just taking it too much day by day without that big
goal. So having a goal is very important and it doesn't just apply if you are
making money but it would apply if you aren't making a lot of money. You need to
know exactly where you're going. You want to be at $10,000 a month or $20,000,
exactly what do you need to do, what do you need to do there. If let's say you
know that for every 1000 people you reach on a daily basis on YouTube that you
make one sale for Mobe or you make one sale for Digital Altitude and you want to
be making 10,000 bucks a month, you know you're going to have to make 10 sales a
day and you're going to need to have 10,000 view of your video every day so you
just kind of backwards engineer the numbers. When you have a clear vision and
clear knowledge of what your goal is, you can backwards engineer that and take
actionable steps to actually getting there but it's got to be reasonable. I always
tell people have a reasonable goal so that you keep pushing towards it. Does that
make sense?

Igor: Oh yeah absolutely and what you mentioned here was two very important
things. The first thing you mentioned was setting the goal that is attainable.

John: Yeah.

Igor: Because if you set a goal that is way too far out, your brain will just shut
down, you won't believe you can do it and then you won't try. It reminds me a lot
about how I try to lose weight and so obviously when you want to lose weight for
the first time, you're all like pumped up, and you go through your own sort of
like internal rah-rah session if you will. It's like, "Yay! I am fucking going to
stick to a diet. I'm going to run my ass off and I'm going to go to the gym." But
that never lasts and so what I found was setting incremental small goals was much
easier. So instead of giving sugar all together, it's easier to go from having 3
spoons of sugar in your tea to just having 2 in your tea or something like that.

John: Mhh hhm.

Igor: Basically what happens is your brain after achieving this small goal tells
you it's okay to proceed now. I believe I can hit the next one and then you just
give up sugar all together same thing with running. The first thing you do is you
start walking. You don't run, you just walk because anyone can walk.

John: Yeah.

Igor: And when you walk for a little while, you start running and you start
running more and more and so incremental goals are awesome. I mean it never fails
me personally. The other thing you mentioned was clarity of your goals and this is
really big. Like I mean you have the example of money math basically, know what it
costs for you to get a customer and then reverse engineering how much effort and
money and time it's going to take you to get that person and then multiply it by
the amount of customers you want but when I heard that there was clarity of
outcomes so in other words, for me again, I can only talk from my own experience
but for unless I'm super clear about the outcome that I want to create, I will
never achieve that outcome. I don't know why it works like that but if I set a
goal that is very specific like I want to get 10 new customers from YouTube ads
every single day that is much more likely to happen than I want to get some
customers from YouTube ads. You know what I mean?

John: Mhh hhm. Definitely, I would add in the last one which is visualization. I
believe for me it's always been very important to visualize, visualize exactly
where I want to be and see myself doing it. Not only see myself doing it or being
there but actually be able to actually visualize what steps I need to take to get
there. Back when I was younger, I remember I was broke and I was traveling around
in Thailand actually but I was broke. The way I had imagined it was basically I
was traveling around the world but I visualized myself instead of being a broke
backpacker, I was on my own boat and it was easy to look off the coast see people
with their own boats or I would be able to imagine I was one of the guys on the
jet skis that cost $100 an hour to rent which was a lot of money for me at that
time. I would put myself in those situations but I would also imagine myself doing
the work and working on the computer and seeing how I got those numbers but
imagine myself instead of being broke in this beautiful place such as Thailand, I
was carefree and had all the money I needed to sustain me. The more I focused on
that, the more it became reality. The more you look for something to come true,
passive automated income, the more you will find things that will match what
you're looking for. It's funny me and my wife say and we see so many pregnant
people nowadays or we see so many people with kids nowadays and then we ask
ourselves, we say, "Is it that there are more people with kids out or is it that
we are noticing them more?" And it's not that there are more people, it's just
that we notice them more because that's what we're looking for whereas it's the
same thing with money or with passive income or automated income or whatever have
you. If you're looking for it, you'll find it. It happens. Those opportunities
show themselves but if you're not looking for it, if your head space is somewhere
else, if you're looking for drama, if you're looking for reasons why society is
against you, if you're looking for reasons why life is unfair, if you're looking
for things such as that, you're going to find them. You find whatever you're
looking for so visualization is just I think a very important component to knowing
what you're looking for and attracting it to if that sounds kind of corny?

Igor: Well, it does actually. I mean it does but it is true and for me it was a
really difficult part of the whole process starting out because I started out I
was reading stuff like the "Secret", I was reading, "Grow Rich" and studying Bob
Proctors or Earl Nightingale's programs. You know what I mean? Like those mindset
programs and to me the idea of like just imagining the things you want was really
bad one and really hard one to execute because I grew up in Ukraine right after
the Soviet Union broke down. That's a nasty world to live in because it's very
negative, it's very pragmatic and it's a different upbringing. So I basically had
to change myself internally and so I couldn't force myself to sit there and
imagine what I wanted to become because that seem too distant and too unrealistic.

John: Yeah.

Igor: It was only after that I found scientific proof the concept you just
described that I was able to pull this off. What you said is like when you guys
got pregnant with your wife and now you have a six-month-old daughter,

John: Thank you.

Igor: Basically all of a sudden you notice the families, you notice pregnant
woman, right? So that's called cognitive bias.

John: Yes.

Igor: It's actually a scientifically proven concept so in other words our brain is
designed to ignore certain things and to point out certain things to us because
it's easier to live our lives this way so when you set your brain to notice only
the things that are useful to you that is when things change for you. It's like
you almost stack up the odds in your own favor because you literally do not and
like you're not able to see the bad things and the bad reasons and the reasons
that basically say that you can't pull something off and you see all the reasons
why you can. So I mean again it sounds like fairy dust but it's not. It's a
scientifically proven thing and you should look into it. So John, thank you so
much for that. Now so you started your own company, you started IM Jettersetters.

John: Internet Jetset.

Igor: Internet Jetset and so the purpose of your company, the mission if you will
is to teach people how to make money online, how to work from home. From what I
was able to determine by studying about it...

John: It's actually to help get rid of all jobs.

Igor: Oh okay. Alright.

John: Yeah, it's get rid of not just jobs but you know all jobs and our actual
mission is to accelerate the shift in society to a self-employment economy because
people are not meant to be slaves. We have the technology but we are working on
and our ultimate goal is to shift everything so it starts with the easiest place
to work for yourself which is an online marketer oddly enough. I know a lot of
people out there struggling but this is the easiest place to make a mark for
yourself and start your own business and be successful.

Igor: Well again from what I've seen, you have been extremely successful too. I
mean you had an article written about you on Forbes. You have been featured
mulitiple times in the news throughout America. So what's different about it like
how come your program is making such a big splash?

John: I would say intention. I would say a big part of it is intention. Our goal
is not just to and I don't come from this space. I don't come from the Empower
Networks of the space. I come from a space, I was an extremely dissatisfied
student in college and I believe that the education system and the corporate
system actually really, really left me behind and left millions and millions and
tens of millions and possibly hundreds of millions of other people behind because
many people like me were told go to school, get a job. Go back to school, get your
MBA, get a promotion, then get a better job. That was the path. Get a house. Get a
wife, get a house, retire eventually. That doesn't work and the education system
needs to change and I believe education is extremely important but a change needs
to happen and that's what we are working on doing with this. There are a lot of
great business opportunity programs out there but we start with a different
intention. Obviously part of it is we want everybody to make a lot of money, don't
get me wrong, it all starts with you have to be taken care of financially but a
bigger goal I'd say we have intention to shoot a lot higher than selling our
program. It goes way beyond that. I think that is evident by a lot of the work we
are doing in virtual reality. We are creating virtual reality training programs
which are going to hit the market sometime later this year. We already have some
hitting the market but we're really shooting for the next level. We're getting a
lot of feedback in the mainstream media. We're getting news interviews all across
the country and all across the world because this is not just your average learn
how to make money online system. This is about leading a shift that is inevitable
in society. That's where we come in.

Igor: Man, talk about big goals, big clear, very specific goals. Get rid of all
jobs by teaching people and helping them become self-employed. That's awesome.
That's really badass. So guys if you want to find out more about John and his work
and perhaps even become part of his mission and his vision, you can go to or you can just Google his name and I'm sure it will tell you
how to it's supposed to be spelled because I mean the guy is all over the place.
Go to his website and check out the free course on affiliate marketing. I've been
around the block but even I learned quite a few things from that free course on
the website that you're just giving away without an opt-in form, without a webinar
sign up or anything. I mean it's crazy, crazy. So John any last words maybe, any
last words of wisdom before we wrap up?

John: It works, man. It works, it's possible. You can do anything you want to do
but it all starts with your mindset. And you know have fun. Don't take yourselves
so seriously, have fun, make the most of it but yeah if anybody out there is
interested in working with me to promote my program, feel free to get in touch
with me. I don't know if I should do this but basically add me on Skype, my Skype
name is john_crestani or free to if there are any bad asses listening to this,
feel free to contact me at my personal email which is [email protected] If
you guys are interested in helping me push this product out to the masses and we
have thousands of affiliates right but you know for people listening to your
program, Igor, I know you talk to a very high quality audience, if you guys are
interested in doing something to work together, [email protected] feel free
to email me and reference this program. I don't get creeped out.

Igor: Oh wow, man. You're the first person to ever, the first "guru" ever to share
his Skype and his personal email so guys when you reach out to John, if you want
to work with him, please don't do anything to embarrass me, okay?

John: [laughter]

Igor: I mean you're like the Ambassadors of List Building Lifestyle so if you
email John or Skype him, just behave and keep in mind that you are representing
not just yourself but the whole show and the whole community as well. So John,
thank you so much for doing this, and thank you so much for agreeing this late at
night for you so I didn't have to stay up all night to do this episode. Once again
folks, it's John Crestani for the List Building Lifestyle, if you would like to
learn more about how John is changing the world right now head over to and check out what this guy has going on because in a year
from now, you'll be hearing this name everywhere. I guarantee it. So John have a
great day and a good night and this is wrap for the List Building Lifestyle.

Thank you for listening to The List Building Lifestyle Show, make sure to
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