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Prepare to have your beliefs shattered as Igor unveils the definitive marketing study that puts an end to the age-old debate: Should you prioritize building a social media fan base or focus on growing your email subscriber list? Brace yourself for the jaw-dropping truth revealed through absolute numbers that leave no room for doubt. Get ready to rethink your marketing strategy as Igor presents compelling evidence that will revolutionize how you approach audience engagement and drive your business forward. The numbers don’t lie, and the revelations will astound you. Take advantage of this groundbreaking episode that will reshape your marketing perspective forever.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses the dynamics between subscribers, fans, and followers in your marketing efforts.

[01:25] Target Study On Email Subscribers:

  • A curious study came across my desk from exact target a company that read a comparison between email subscribers and Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

  • Basically, what they’ve decided to check is how each one of these groups is responding to marketing messages. In terms of making money and getting the sale. what exactly is going on? Who’s buying who’s not buying, what are the vanity metrics?

  • They discovered that most people who buy stuff online are subscribers, and that’s where most of your money will come from.

  • This shows that people who are fans, meaning people who go on social media, and like brands to support them, feel that by just hitting the like button on the fan page they’ve basically done their part, they’ve supported the brand.

[03:00] Email first consumers vs. Facebook first consumers.

  • People who support brands through email don’t really consider themselves a part of a community, but they are in that frame of mind to buy stuff. And they’re called email first consumers.

  • They’re usually seeking product or promotional information related to your brand, and are less interested in interacting with you socially or for entertainment purposes. But be careful not to assume that they’re antisocial or absent from social media space.

  • The 9% of these consumers use Facebook daily, but their motivations for interacting with friends and Facebook closely mirrored their motivations for interacting with brands through email.

  • There’s a distinction between how they want to engage with brands through email versus how they want to engage with brands on Facebook or Twitter.

  • These consumers are social beings by nature, drawn to the social aspects of the internet, they’re more likely to engage with their favorite brands for the sake of being social, for entertainment purposes or to support a particular brand. Then they are looking for deals or promotions only after they’ve got their entertainment part, or craving basically handled.

  • 84% of these consumers use email on a daily basis and their top motivations for subscribing to brands are similar to those who have email-first consumers promotions, and deals.

  • Facebook-first consumers are more likely to share information they find online than their email-first counterparts and are usually as likely to share this information through Facebook about 40% or Twitter 4% as they are through email 43%.

[04:50] Why Do You Need To Use Email Instead Of Social Media?

  • If you want to sell more stuff, you need to be using email because even though people do engage brands on Facebook.

  • Even if you’re driving people off social media, you better move them to email immediately and really draw that line between people who are just “social media people” from the people who are also using their email.

  • Or you’re just better off focusing on email consumers because again, the keyword here is that email first.

[07:28] Mastermind By Steve Sims:

  • I was attending this mastermind by Steve Sims, he’s the author of the book called Blue Fishing, where he describes how he’s been pulling off some crazy stunts and getting people to meet celebrities.

  • If you’ve got money and you want to experience something new and exciting, you can check out his book.


  • Steve also has a marketing mastermind, where he just puts together these really interesting groups of people from all kinds of different backgrounds.

[10:17] Building A Business For Money:

  • I do it for the money. I’m here for the money.

  • The byproduct of that would be to make my customers’ lives better because otherwise, they wouldn’t be coming back to buy more.

  • Being rich or wanting to be rich is a good thing and you should strive to do it.

  • And if you’re in business to make money, social media as your primary lead generation channel does not make any sense.

  • Unless you have a great model to move people from social to your email newsletter or email subscription list. Because the moment you do that, the moment you handpick the ones who are willing to open your emails, that’s when you will start seeing money coming in.

[14:02] Igor’s Challenges With Converting Via Facebook Ads:

  • When I drove traffic off of Facebook ads, these people did not open emails nearly as often as other people who are already conditioned to subscribe to emails and that was a huge, huge barrier for me because I couldn’t really make the follow-up work.

  • It didn’t matter the subject lines that we were using or the email autoresponder I was using. It was really, really difficult because these people just wouldn’t check their email.

  • So if you’re in business to make money, if you’re in the business to profit, if you’re in business to generate revenues and make sales and get customers, then social media makes less sense than email, and it only makes sense if you find a way to move people from social to email.

[16:05] Twitter Is The Worst:

  • Twitter is mostly used to stay, you know, informed of what’s going on with other people or maybe what’s going on in the news.

  • Facebook is used generally to share photos and stuff.

  • Email is still the main way that people use to connect on a personal level, be it business or personal.

  • Next time anyone tells you that social media is where it’s at, really just question everything they say, because social media, maybe offers that appearance of movement, and it offers the excitement but people don’t go there to buy stuff and that’s a big distinction.

  • People simply do not go there with their wallets. They leave their wallet at home and they go to visit their social media platforms.

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