How To Sell Less To Make More Money

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Unveil the ancient secrets of influential leaders like Jesus and Moses, and tap into their timeless wisdom to guide your tribe to success in the realm of online marketing. Join us as we explore the shared traits of these powerful figures and discover how their strategies can be applied in the digital age. This thought-provoking episode delves into the art of leading and influencing others, empowering you to unlock the potential of your tribe and achieve remarkable results in the world of online marketing. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey of historical inspiration and practical insights. Tune in now and embark on a transformative path to leadership mastery.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares his invaluable insights on how to optimize your marketing approach and maximize your revenue.

[01:49] Identity vs. Brand:

  • Many of your buying decisions are actually identity statements that you’re making to show other people what you’re all about or to prove to yourself and show yourself to be in line with your identity or your personality.

  • Another type of purchase and that’s the most prevalent purchase in the online marketing world, especially when it comes to selling, coaching, consulting, any sort of advice, any sort of information, people tend to buy into someone that they can basically relieve their responsibility to.

  • There’s a power in that identity, in that positioning because people do want a guru, or a mother or a father figure, a coach. Someone who knows the path that they’re embarking on and somebody who will take them on that path with the least resistance, with the fewest mistakes possible, with the highest level of safety and predictability.

[04:11] Do You Really Want To Be A Guru?

  • Most people who get into the information marketing or online marketing space need to eventually start selling these products themselves.

  • This means that they don’t want to be the guru. They don’t want to be the father or the mother figure. They don’t want to be the coach. They don’t want to be the person who carries that responsibility and has to appear confident and certain in front of a crowd.

  • The paradox is it occurs when they don’t realize that the reason they signed up with someone else is precisely the thing that they need to become, but rather they refuse to become that thing and they try to attract people without stepping into those shoes, which of course always ends up with the same result, and that is… Well, maybe not always. Maybe most of the time end up with the same result, and that is not making a lot of money.

[04:56] Finding The Golden Middle:

  • Some marketers find the golden middle where they show just enough presence to be visible and to appear that guide, that guru, that father or mother figure, and then channel people into other programs where they are not the star, where they are not the leader, and that’s fine because they do enough of that.

  • They have a big enough presence in their customers’ lives for the customer to recognize that they could be that figure, but most people don’t.

[05:34] Hiding Your Identity:

  • They all want a duplicatable system that will allow them not to work, like not to show their face.

  • Many people, in fact, they’re even afraid to show their identity online in the first place, and for some of them, it makes sense, but for most, not.

  • They just don’t want to do it because it’s too much of a risk for them, for a risk of being “exposed” or risk of having to take responsibility for someone or something, and that scares the living crap out of people, but that’s exactly why. That is precisely why they are not succeeding.

[07:52] The Two Powerful Elements:

  • So the point is that no one will step outside their comfort zone unless invited to do so by a reputable or trustworthy guide.

  • In the real world, while you can scare people, and there’s probably a fair amount of scaring I do myself, there also has to be a positive sort of change aspect to it. Meaning, that people need to strive towards something.

  • When you become that prophet and you preach the message of change that’s possible for everyone, all of a sudden, people are willing to work with you. They want to give you money. They almost insist on working exclusively with you because they need someone to grab onto.

  • They need that predictability. They need to know what that path looks like, and they cannot figure it out on their own, which brings us to another point about affiliate marketing, which a lot of people don’t really consider.

[09:16] Benefits Of Being An Affiliate Marketer:

  • People think that affiliates are kind of like these, if you will, almost dirty creatures of the online marketing world as if they’re vultures trying to feed off someone else’s work.

  • Now, besides bringing in the customer or making the sale for the product owner, which is the greatest benefit of the product owner, there’s a huge benefit in being an affiliate marketer for a prospect or a consumer who is on the fence because as an affiliate, you can become that figure, that leader for them to make the transition from thinking about solving a problem to actually solving the problem using some sort of product, or tool, or service.

  • As an affiliate, you’re doing them a huge service by appearing in front of them with the right message at the right time because if you don’t they will never be able to overcome their disbelief or their self-doubt, and they will continue struggling with the same problem for years.

  • So as an affiliate, right, your job is to become that prophet, to become that figure, is to become that leader in order for people to even be open to the message from the affiliate product you’re promoting.

[11:00] The Reality Of Selling:

  • The job is to be a prophet that preaches the message of change and offers the keys to the kingdom of the future or to the book of the future. Meaning, that you’re not there to push them into sales. Like people actually cannot be pushed into a sale.

  • You can’t really sell someone something they don’t want. The sales conversation can only take place if they actually want it.

  • Most people believe that selling is bad and that salespeople or marketers push those sales on their customers, and they have this negative vibe about it.

  • When I made that shift, when I went from being a marketer selling a product to becoming a prophet, okay, preaching a message, my business changed.

  • My business became much easier and smoother, and all of a sudden, the connection that I’ve had with my people, the level of intimacy I was able to achieve with my subscriber base, and the amount of sales I was able to make as an affiliate.

  • If you’ve got an affiliate product you’re promoting, you should probably figure out what that affiliate product you’re promoting is actually saying, and then go spread that message.

  • When people consume the message and ask you to learn more about it, you can then point them to the affiliate product.

[13:47] Selling Your Own Product:

  • If you’re selling your own product, then you’ve got even more thinking to do because you now need to figure out the message you want to carry into this world that would eventually lead to people doing business with you.

  • The next marketing tactic you should try. Think about that. Trust me, it can change your business.

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