StorySelling Secrets Of The Self Made Millionaires

Storytelling is the best tool you can have in your arsenal as a business owner.

Stories eliminate any doubt your prospects might have and create proof out of thin air.

But people either don’t use them or look like fakes when they do.

In today’s podcast, I got your back.

It’s jam-packed with the storyselling secrets of self-made millionaires
like Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.

Once you listen to it, you’ll have downloaded all of those secrets
in your brain and make some serious money.

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Jonathan: Welcome back List Builders to your favorite spot, the List Building
Lifestyle show up in your ear buds with Mr. Igor Kheifets. What is up my man?

Igor: All is good as usual up here in the Kheifets Kingdom. The weather kind of
sucks but actually I love bad weather. I actually enjoyed London and Manchester
because the weather just sucked.

Jonathan: Really? Wait, wait, why do you enjoy bad weather again?

Igor: Well you’re in Florida, I think.

Jonathan: Yes.

Igor: So you can relate if you get 327 days out of a year which is sheer sunshine,
you get to enjoy some clouds and rain and wind and hopefully once every seven
years a little bit of snow too.

Jonathan: [laughter] I haven’t seen any snow here but I get what you’re saying.
Sometimes you’re sitting inside and you’re like, “Damn, I would rather be

Igor: Yeah because just a change of scenery is kind of nice that’s why lots of
Israelis for the holidays they love to travel to Europe because it’s so different,
the nature is different, the weather is different, everything is different and we
kind of get tired of the sunshine, it’s too much.

Jonathan: Huh, I’m so sorry. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: Alright man, so what do you have in store for us today? Igor: Well, I
want to chat about stories and specifically about how to use them in your
marketing to just make more money because I noticed that all successful people in
our industry and especially the ones that I have followed when I started out, they
all told stories in fact let’s just take someone like Brian Tracy or Zig Ziglar or
Jim Rohn, all they do is tell stories, don’t they?

Jonathan: Yeah, right.

Igor: They don’t tell you what to do, they just tell you a story about how they
spoke to this person or that person and the beautiful part about it is that when
you tell a story, you can’t really argue that like the person listening to the
story as long as the story sounds believable will almost always accept the idea of
the story. You now?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: The other benefit of course is that it sticks in other words often times I
will follow up with a client let’s just say from our VIP Club and I will say you
should watch video #6 and #8 in the VIP Club Leadership Video Series which is a
brand new video series we released on how to become a leaders which is available
in the VIP Club. It’s like they don’t even remember what the video is all about
but the moment I remind them about the story I told in the video, instantly it
pops up for them so stories are just much easier to remember and they get the
point because if you tell somebody to say you know don’t eat chocolate they will
probably say, yeah right or leave me alone and they will keep eating chocolate.
But if you tell a story about how you stopped eating chocolate for a month just as
a way of like a test and you lost 3 pounds just not changing anything else about
your diet that will probably raise a different sort of response, right? That will
probably compel them to maybe consider that eliminating chocolate from their diet
or something like that. It’s just an example but you know what I’m saying is this
anybody who made it in marketing they acquired along the way they became a better
storyteller. Now they might not be amazing at it but they got better to an extent
now the other reason by the way why you need storytelling which is actually pretty
big and very few people talk about it is the reason why most people can’t sell
anything when it comes to business opportunities regardless of how long they have
been trying to sell. You see a lot of people; they consider themselves to be
incapable of signing somebody up if they don’t have proof. Right? We are all been
there. Like how do you get your first client if you don’t have any proof that
you’re helping your clients succeed and stuff like that? Right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Now there is actually a loophole and it has to do something with stories.
You see when you tell stories, people can’t really like say no to stories. They
love listening to them and they are the easiest ones to make a point so if you
would like to have a marketing conversation or sales conversation with a prospect
where you don’t need to present any proof you better be telling stories rather
than making claims because when you’re making claims, the prospect will challenge
all of your claims even if they don’t really say it they will challenge them
internally and you will have to provide proof to basically show that your claims
are true and even then and even if you provide the proof that proof will be
challenged as well because they will be like – this is actually a true story when
I was selling coaching in the Warrior Forum, I had tons of testimonials like my
proof was impeccable like at one point I had 69 success stories and I still had
people message me on the Warrior Forum and say, “Hey Igor, my name is Bobby Jo and
I’ve been trying to make money online for two years. I noticed that almost all of
your success stories are male, it’s guys, does that mean that your program doesn’t
work for women, if it does how come you don’t have many women success stories?”
How the hell do you answer that?

Jonathan: [laughter] I would answer it, “You’re hanging out in the Warrior Forum,
that’s why.” [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] Well, here is the thing though that is only because I was selling
on proof when came to coaching. I really stuffed all of my marketing with tons and
tons of case stories. Nevertheless people were skeptical but when you tell stories
you make points and people don’t argue with you, they take your side that is why
all self-help gurus no exception are always telling stories. We are talking about
Les Brown. We are talking about Brian Tracy. We are talking about Tony Robbins, a
great storyteller. It’s just something that they do because that’s the only thing
that ever works that is the only way to turn a skeptical prospect into a raving
fan without having to make any claims. Plus think about it, the story can actually
convey a lot about you without you literally spelling it out which makes it even
more powerful because the prospect comes to conclusion based on that, you know
what I mean?

Jonathan: Yeah, right, yeah.

Igor: Did you ever see the movie, “Most Wanted” with Angelina Jolie where she
fires bullets and she curves the bullets?

Jonathan: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Igor: Love it, it’s one of my favorite movies, and so the storytelling in that
movie is amazing. It’s just acted out but it is still storytelling. Here we have
this guy who is a fricking loser. His boss comes to him and yells at him and she’s
like this fat obnoxious woman and she clicks with the stapler next to his ear and
stuff like that. Right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: He takes it and he sits there and he takes it. It hurts, we can see that it
physically hurts the guy but he sits there and he takes it like a little bitch.
Then they take him to this sewing factory or whatever that was, he goes through
this ridiculous training. He realizes that he is the son of a serial killer and
now he’s basically told that his DNA is full of genes that allow him to curve
bullets and kill people doing a somersault in the air and driving cars just
standing on two wheels instead of four and stuff like that. So when he recognizes
that he comes back, he not only shuts the boss up but he also grabs a keyboard and
slams his best friend who is wife is actually cheating on him with that best
friend. So he slapped that guy over the face with a keyboard like he knocks him
out cold. What do we witness in this? We witness transformation. We witness a guy
who goes from being a loser to being the go-getter, the badass, someone we all
want to become that’s the behavior we all aspire to have in our life and to act in
our life and he did not say word about I’m a loser and I’m a badass. It’s
conclusions that we made so went through this emotional journey with the hero and
we are convinced the guy is a badass. That’s it. So think about how you can take
something like this, how you can create these feeling using stories and help your
clients arrive at these conclusions using your own stories in your business.

Jonathan: I can hear people who are already saying, “But Igor, I’m not good at
storytelling. How do I become a storyteller? Are there any tips that you can give
us on getting better at storytelling?”

Igor: Oh yeah for sure. Here’s the silver bullet. Writing this down, Jonathan?

Jonathan: What? Silver bullet, yeah, I’m recording it. [laughter]

Igor: Tell stories, tell more stories.

Jonathan: Oh. [laughter]

Igor: Tell more stories that’s what you do and read more stories as well. The best
thing you can do is get on YouTube, go, and listen to every video, every story you
can find from Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Les
Brown, these guys are incredible storytellers. They are probably best of the best
because they tell stories to sell so you watch what they do. The next thing you do
is you come up with your own stories or you tell other people’s stories, it really
doesn’t matter as long as the story is believable. You don’t even have to be the
hero; you just have to tell the stories. The way you practice the stories is just
stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom and you tell the damn story. Look
yourself straight in the eye and tell a story. Soon enough you practice this for a
day, you will become better at this stuff than 90% of the people out there because
nobody practices this skill however, it is a skill. People just fail to recognize
it as a necessity but it is, if you are to sell in print or in person or over any
sort of media, online is mostly through media you better be able to tell at least
a decent story that makes a point because otherwise you’ll always have to rely on
proof and you will be challenged; your claims will always be challenged not matter

Jonathan: The thing I find difficult and I hear you guys talking more about it
like you are saying it, Ben is saying and he’s got a saying if you got to say it,
you ain’t it and the claims one when you’re saying something and then trying to
prove it so I’m in the habit of making claims and I don’t even realize it. How do
you kind of set your radar so that you can eliminate those and replace them?

Igor: Oh that’s a good one. Well like you said anytime you feel that you’re saying
something that requires proof, anything you’re saying something that can be
challenged that’s probably something you should be telling using a story rather
than just straight up saying it. In other words, try to help arrive at conclusions
rather than telling them what to think that would probably be the best way I could
put it because I mean even when it comes to my father, my best friend, my wife, it
doesn’t matter who I talk to if I just tell them straight up to do unless of
course it’s an employee but then I have the unfair advantage of paying their
paycheck every month so that doesn’t really count.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: But when it comes to anybody else that I don’t have financial control over,
I can’t just tell them what to do, I can’t just tell them what to think, I can’t
just tell them to just live their life because you know they know better. I mean
it’s their life after all and a lot of time all I get is either a nod and then
they do what they think is right or just a straight up, “No, I’m not going to do

Jonathan: F** you.

Igor: Exactly. F** you. It’s the silent f** you which is disguised as okay. You
really should consider washing the dishes more often because it stinks like the
dishes - they are stinking the entire home up. Okay, honey, which is a silent f**
you, honey. If it stinks, you wash the dishes, you ass**

Jonathan: Wash them your damn self, right. [laughter]

Igor: So yeah, basically it has to be coming from the story because the story
doesn’t feel like an attack. Whenever somebody tells us how to live our life
unless it’s a guru we worship, it feels like this sort of attack, it feels sort
like a challenge if you will and most people respond to challenges by withdrawing,
by shutting down, by rebelling against them. So instead you tell a story which
doesn’t even feel that way but it allows their brain to arrive at the conclusion.
Now the key of course is to tell a story so simple and so clear that they arrive
at the correct conclusion because I have had cases when I told stories and then I
would be like so what did this story teach you? And people would give me crazy
answers and crazy conclusions that have nothing to do with what I was trying to
say but that was my mistake for telling a vague story so try not to do that.

Jonathan: Hmm. So give us if you’re up for it, give us an example of a claim like
something you would put in a sales message that’s a claim based thing and then how
you would change that and use a story method. Would that be cool?

Igor: Yeah, sure. I mean you’re kind of being a dick right now putting me on the
spot but you know hey whatever. I’ll take it.

Jonathan: You’re the King of List Building, baby.

Igor: Yeah but you’re - man, it’s like high wire act, what if I embarrass myself?

Jonathan: [Laughter] Dude we can edit it.

Igor: [laughter] No I want to keep things real here. You know let’s just ride with
it. Let’s just take for instance a claim that somebody would want to make one’s
business opportunities that is that they’re creating success stories. I would
probably if I was doing that and I was building a brand new team and I didn’t have
any success stories of my own yet I would probably tell a story of how I was
researching business opportunities and I stumbled into this one. So the one thing
that I have always hated about business opportunities is how they are full of
crap, how most of them talk about their compensation plan, they talk about the
product, they talk about the amazing potential, they talk your income potential is
unlimited and stuff like that. But almost no company website ever talks about
success stories; almost no company website ever features any decent believable
case studies and testimonials. So even if I end up buying into it, I don’t have
any proof that I can use to get other people to buy into it for themselves. It’s a
Catch 22 because even if I join I can’t make any money and I don’t want to lie
through my teeth so I kind of stay away but this time it was different because I
noticed that the internet was just – there were just a ton, a ton of success
stories on the internet and here is a few links. So this is the point where I
would pull up a few success stories but not from my own team if you will.

Jonathan: Nice.

Igor: Just from a company, it was interesting I was like were these fake maybe?
Because I never heard about this company before, maybe they just faked a few just
to get started and then I actually reached out to one of the people and I had a
chat with them for like 30 minutes and I discovered this is a real person who
actually makes money with this company and I was sold right then and there. I
joined under them and now we are working together to grow our team. Our goal is to
bring 100 people on board and help them make money. So that would be my story.

Jonathan: Nice.

Igor: Now what I’m doing with that story is this; first off I’m echoing a concern
that my prospect has about the proof, about is this a legit opportunity, etc.
Second I don’t make any claims for the company. I don’t say the company is
amazing. So you can’t really challenge me on that. Instead I say I doubted it and
then I found some proof about it. I see how it was different and then I questioned
the proof and I actually chatted with the real success story which turned out to
be 100% genuine. So again what I’m saying is this is for real, this works for
other people, this makes money for people, but I’m not really saying that right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: I’m just telling a story about my own discovery of this fact and that allows
the listener to make a conclusion on their own so they can either challenge that
or they can buy into that idea and most of the time, they will buy into that idea
because that’s how the brain works. Brains cannot simply challenge something that
doesn’t provoke it, you know what I mean, it just doesn’t happen unless it just a
super skeptical person by nature and that’s a totally different conversation.

Jonathan: Yeah, you’re bringing up objections and then eliminating them so
objections, elimination, and none of it being with your own proof and any of that
stuff. You’re just telling a story of research which is kind of a slick little
angle you came up there. I guess you have been doing this a little while, huh?

Igor: Oh yeah, in fact we do stuff like that for our conversion bundle customers
you know when we build the sales funnel for our clients. We tell the stories. We
basically don’t use any proof screen shots and we build these funnels that just
tell stories and they are so effective. I had one guy who drove I think 1700
clicks to an offer with that sales funnel and closed 30 something sales, it was

Jonathan: Whoa.

Igor: Just because the story was so good, it was a genuine story by the way based
on his own life experience. The story was so good that it just eliminated so many
of these objections and concerns people may have and it just flowed and it just
kicked in, you know what I mean? I mean people really resonated with it. When that
happens, you don’t need any proof screenshots, you don’t need any of that slick
stuff, all you have to do is keep being exactly who you are and keep telling your
own stories.

Jonathan: Man, good stuff. Alright, we are wrapping up another List Building
Lifestyle show; we will be back in your earbuds next time. Thank you, List
Builders for tuning in, and thank you, Igor for sharing story selling secrets with

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