How To Recruit Superstars

Here’s the truth about making a solid, six-figure income online.

You don’t need to recruit thousands upon thousands of people.

You only need a dozen of high-quality superstars.

But how can you find them?

How can you make sure they stick with you in the long run?

These questions bugged the hell out of me when I was starting out.

Nowadays, I have found the solution. And I serve it to you on a silver platter in today’s podcast.



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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. When I started out in this business back the late 2000s around 2008
or 2009, it's funny how it's only been less than a decade and I already can't
really remember when I got started but when I was starting out, I joined this
company called Global Domains International and it's still around. It still does
exist. If you look up it, Global Domains International or GDI for short, you'll
see that this is a company that offers you a website and a hosting account for $10
a month and you can now refer people to get a website as well and anyone you refer
basically gets you a $1 commission and if they refer two people and their two
people refer two people you can make a good residual income. That's what I joined.
That was my very first business opportunity. Now why did I join it? Well first off
I did not know what a good business opportunity was and that's the one business
opportunity that they told me to join, my mentor Jodi, she told me that this is
the right fit for me and I joined simply because that's all I could afford at the
time. You have to remember I was I think 18 or 19 at the time. I did not have any
money whatsoever. I didn't even have a day job but I really wanted to make money
from home and all I could afford was this $10 per month charge which I negotiated
with my mother and slapped it on her credit card. For the next three and half
years, I proceeded to make absolutely nothing with this company or any other
business opportunity I joined. Now the interesting part is that when it comes to
business opportunities one of the misconceptions that people have is they think
they need to recruit thousands and thousands of people. Now that is actually not
true, in order to make a really solid six figure income you don't need to recruit
thousands of people, in fact you need less than a dozen high quality producers.
You need some leaders on your team. The leaders will start recruiting other people
and they will recruit other people and eventually you can grow a 10,000 person
organization just because you're managing six high quality producers under
yourself. This concept is tremendous. It applies to more than just business
opportunities. It applies to building any organization and any tribe if you will
of any sort and this is where a lot of people go wrong about building their
businesses they are just looking to for thousands and thousands of customers
rather than looking those quality and that half a dozen quality producers. This is
something I have been reminded of a couple of years back when we were experiencing
some issues with our human resource department. Now my company isn't that big of
course. I don't have a human resource department but I have a person who kind of
part-time is responsible for managing our human resources so I call him a
department just to make it seem more important and make myself feel better as if
I'm big shot or something. So the problem we experienced was we were never able to
hire superstars. We would bring someone on board, we would teach them the skill
set then two months later they would leave or we would fire them or something
would happen and we were back at square one again that was really frustrating
because you invest a lot of time and a lot of money into educating and training
and staff and BAM they just leave. So after some time of hiring and firing people,
I got so tired of this that I decided to approach my hiring and firing process the
same way that I approach marketing now in marketing in case you don't know, in
case you have never bought from us, in case you never dealt with my organization,
we do not rush to pitch you, we do not allow you the opportunity to get traffic
with us or anything else for the matter right away. You have to go through some
qualification questions, you have to go through a process, you have to watch some
videos, and only then you will be allowed to buy from us. So this qualification
process while it may upset a lot of people and push a lot of customers away at the
same time it allows us to get much higher quality customers that are so much
easier to work with, that are coming in with the right mindset, that allow us to
not only run a thriving business but also run a business which is based on serving
really good people. The kind of people that I'm really excited meeting in person
whenever I go to marketing events or seminars or fly out to Europe or the United
States of America because these are just good people. My principle when it comes
to customers and marketing and closing deals is pitching is something that I do
last before I can do that I have to understand whether or not it's a good fit
because both the customer has the right to say no to doing business with us but we
too have the right to say no and we really generate our customers slowly unlike
most other organizations especially most other solo ad providers who are just
trigger happy to pitch you something and shove some clicks down your throat.

So I decided to take the exact same approach with hiring employees and team
members. So what we started doing rather than seeing somebody and interviewing
them for 20 minutes and saying, "Oh I like this person, let's give them a shot."
Not matter whether or not we liked somebody, we had a series of hoops for them to
jump through in order for that person to qualify themselves. The first thing we
would do is we would have them pass a typing test. We wanted to see how fast they
typed. Then we made them shoot a video on their computer and upload it to YouTube
and send it to us answering a bunch of different questions such as why should we
work with you, such as what is your weaknesses, what are your strengths, what do
you hate about your last boss which tells a lot about people believe it or not and
a bunch of questions like that. Once they pass these two stages, we got them in
for two hours of actual work and this work revolved around watching a tutorial for
an hour and then doing the same test they just watched on video on their own
without supervision to see how they were able to retain the information. Then as
they were doing it, I was watching how they take notes, what do they do and by
judging their behavior was able to tell the superstars from the non-superstars. So
out of interviewing say 20 people, we would end up with 3 candidates just 3
candidates that were really good from which I would choose 2 or even just one that
I would hire into my organization. The result of such a qualification process was
tremendous. Rather than now hiring and firing people every month, I was able to go
through this short qualification process and get team members that stuck with me
for a year, a year and half. Not only that these team members became so integral
to the day to day operations that if they were to quit, I would seriously be in
trouble because these people where superstars. Now sure superstars demand higher
pay and that is perfectly fine but I was able to kind weed out the gold, I was
able to kind of shift through the dirt to get the gold if you will.

Now when it comes to marketing, we take the exact same approach and that is the
exact approach that I want to share with you today because too many people are
trigger happy to sell something. They are trigger happy to make a claim. They are
trigger happy to try and get the prospect on board but nobody takes the time to
question them. Nobody takes the time to qualify their team members because at the
end of the day your time is actually extremely limited. You only have 24 hours in
a day, 365 days in a year and that's true for everybody no matter if you're the
President or you're just starting a home-based business. Here is the thing, would
you really like to waste time on somebody who is a low quality person who does not
fit into your organization, who is simply not going to be of help to achieving
your vision? If the answer is yes and you're willing to waste time on such a
person, then by all means do it but if the answer is no and you would like to
surround yourself with high quality people that help you achieve the results you
want in your life that help you help your vision that are aligned with where
you're going, that support your mission, and that are willing to invest
themselves, their time, their effort, their energy into building this thing
together with you then in order to find those people you have to qualify the
incoming traffic flow that you're getting. So from the thousand leads you've
gotten today, your job is to weed out the 100 that are potentially good and then
the 10 that are really, really good. You will always have to weed out from the
thousands down to the hundreds down to the tens down to the dozens right down to
just singles that are really good. Remember you don't need too many people, you
don't need more than 6 high quality people in your organization to make a six
figure income. You just don't need it. That's the math that will stack up in your
favor especially if you're promoting a high ticket opportunity which is of course
another important part of building a six figure income. You need to have a high
ticket income stream in order to be able to make a lot of money in a minimum time,
in order to have other people that are on your team do the same because that's
what we all want. That's what everybody wants. Everybody is short on time.
Everybody is super busy so everybody wants to work less and make more. The only
way that you can do that, the only way to invest the minimal hours into your
business and produce really high income to not by selling 10,000 $7 units, it's
only by selling 10 units $7000 each. Okay if you're now a member of a really low
ticket entry business opportunity, something that doesn't have a high ticket back
end while this company or opportunity you're work with maybe a great opportunity
and may be a great tool perhaps that's awesome but you also need to start looking
for another income stream now that is a high ticket income stream because the high
quality that you're going to recruit into your organization, they too have the
same ambitions as you do and they want to make a lot of money in a minimal time
and again that can only be done if you are able to sell fewer units at higher
price because you're not Wal-Mart, you're not Kmart, you're not Amazon. Your model
cannot be thousands and thousands of transactions that too costly and too time
consuming for an individual to pull off. So you're job needs to be to find the one
thing or the two things that are high ticket, high price, premium price that
deliver premium experience and offer premium service and a premium product that
allow you to sell just a few every single month and make really good, healthy six
figure income every single year. So that's another wrap for the List Building
Lifestyle. We'll be in your earbuds next time.

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