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That’s the #1 most common behavior I see online.

No wonder.

When you’re brand new, that’s all you can do, really…

You just model after the gooroos…

Do as they do in hopes to get the results they get.

But then you learn it’s not that simple.

And modeling the gurus never seems to yield guru-like results.

Why’s that?

How come following their exact systems never works as it should?

Why copying their emails word for word doesn’t get you the same 50% open rates they get?

I’ve been puzzled with this question since I got started online.

Because, just like you, I modeled every guru from Kern to Kennedy without much success.

Until I finally discovered the one thing that made all the difference in the world.

Discover what it is in the new episode of the List Building Lifestyle


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. Imagine what is like if you're 12 years old and everything you
know, the world you live in is suddenly taken away from you. You see just before I
turned 12, my family packed their suitcases put me on a bus then put me on a plane
and then 5 hours later or so I'm in a cab driving to the hometown where I live
today to start a brand new life from a clean slate. I don't know the language. I
don't have any friends. I have no clue what is going on or why we moved and that
pretty much how life is at that point. Now it was a really scary transition for me
because I wasn't even sure I would accepted. I was really missing my friends. The
last memory I have of the Ukraine is when the bus was leaving our neighborhood and
all the kids since they didn't see too many really advanced technology buses at
the time when everybody was kind of running after the bus and waving their hands,
and I was kind of looking at them knowing that this was the last time I will ever
see them. Having to start all over in a brand new society, when I went to school
and I realized that I don't know the language and that I wasn't hip, I didn't
understand what these kids were talking about, I wasn't aware of all the cool
things that were going. You know they were talking about PokÈmon and stuff like
that. Back in Ukraine, we did not have that. We were still watching Disney movies
with Mickey Mouse at the time. I realized I was so behind that I didn't even think
I would make any friends whatsoever. For the first year that's exactly what
happened. I was only hanging out with the Russian kids because we had something in
common to talk about but even then they were so Israelis because they grew up in
Israel and I didn't that I still felt this insane gap in the acceptance. I was
constantly trying to seek approval and didn't really have too many friends or too
many acquaintances that I felt were strong enough for me to really say, "Okay
that's my new best friend."

Now at the same time, there was another kid that immigrated right with us pretty
much in the same month. His family arrived here. His name was Pavel and this kid,
he had an advantage. He had a huge advantage which he didn't realize. He was a
great soccer player, like amazing soccer player. As soon as his family immigrated,
a week later he has got all of these friends. I didn't understand it. How come
he's got friends and I don't? How come he is accepted and I'm still seeking
approval? How come people call him to come out like other kids just want to hang
out with him and nobody wanted to hang out with me? Looking back on it right now
having this understanding of human psychology and social dynamics, I realize that
Pavel had something going on for him which was his super power, the soccer. He was
a great soccer player and naturally other kids gave him the approval and put him
on a pedestal simply because he was superior to them in some way, in this really
vivid obvious way.

So now looking back on the beginning of my internet marketing "career" on my way
as I was kind of making my way up the ladder wanting to be on that pedestal, the
marketing pedestal, I realize now that a big reason why for the first couple of
years nothing really happened even when I was copying the gurus to a tee like I
was literally copy/pasting everything the gurus were doing even to a point of
saying the exact same things in my videos, saying the exact same things in my
emails but nothing would work that is in a big way not the only way but a big way,
it had to do with the fact that I did not have any visible and obvious super power
that I could pretty much fall back on at anytime. When I realized that Frank Kern
had the list building or email marketing super power or Dan Kennedy was the
Renegade Millionaire that breaks paradigms, that Jeff Walker he was the Launch
Formula guy, that Mike Filsaime was the Software guy, that _________ was the High
Level Hiring and Firing guy, that Dan Sullivan was the Strategic guy and so on and
so forth. I realized that everybody was a guy and so I ended up realizing that I
needed to get to become a guy as well, I needed a super power, I needed something
to be known for something that people would recognize me for and say, "Oh Igor,
he's that guy, he's the X guy." So eventually as you know I became the Solo Guy
but on my way to becoming the Solo guy I attempted becoming many different things,
the Work List guy, the Blogging guy, and a few other methods that didn't work for
me personally but I did, I was practically looking for my super power and the
moment I developed it, things got so much easier because I could always fall back
on the super power and automatically by being known for this one thing I've now
had people give me approval without me even seeking it because I was an expert at
something so right now if you are in a position where you're still seeking
approval from your prospects then you got to start thinking about what kind of
super power do you want to develop. For instance, an amazing top earner, a good
friend of mine, a fellow Russian who lives in America, Alex Zuber, he's known as
the Paid Traffic guy. So he's built organizations of extreme sizes and made a ton
of money across several different companies. What I know Digital Altitude, he's a
top earner with them and Power Network, he made a killing with them and a bunch of
others so he's known as the Traffic guy, the top producer media buyer guy. He's
basically somebody who is known for his ability to buy advertising and the convert
the advertising into sign ups and recruiting people from the paid advertising
that's his thing. At the same time, another friend of mine, Lori Petrosino who is
also an amazing recruiter she is known for her ability to recruit people on
Facebook and not with Facebook ads, she is known for her ability to recruit people
through Facebook connection and communication that's what she is doing. She
doesn't even spend money on paid advertising or at least not as much as most
people think, she's mostly recruiting people for free by networking with them.
Same thing for a good friend of mine, Pam Peebles, I used to work with her a
couple years back and Pam that's exactly what she has done too just like Lori she
just recruited people off of Facebook and she's been known for that. Same thing
for a friend of mine Kiara _____ who is also top earner with Digital Altitude,
she's known for her Facebook presence as well but she is also good on webinars
like that's another super power of hers that most people aren't really aware of
that she is really good on webinars and she is doing them actively etc.

So here is my point. Whatever the skill, whatever you feel you're good at right
now, whatever you feel may become your super power you got to start proactively
developing it and make sure that the marketplace understand that this is your
super power because the moment you have one that is the moment people start
gaining respect for you, that is the moment they start giving you approval and
that is the moment when they start asking themselves the question, should I work
with person? Because they seem like they know their stuff when it comes to X. So
whatever that super power may be for you, it could be list building, it could
copywriting, it could be email marketing like it is for my good friend, Ben Settle
as well as myself. It could be podcasting like it is with my co-host, producer
Jonathan. It could be many different things but you only need one and you can
outsource pretty much everything else but you want the market place to know you
for that one skill that is going to make you famous and that is going to allow
people to say, "Oh now I have a reason to reach out to this person and see if I
should work with them because they stand out, because they are really good at that
one thing that I want to master or that I want to get good at as well."

So that's another wrap for the List Building Lifestyle, we'll be in your earbuds
next time.

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