Stepping Away from a High-Paying Law Career with Amira Irfan

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Are you tired of the corporate grind and yearning for the freedom of running your own business? Get ready for a game-changing episode. Join us as we dive deep into the inspiring story of Amira Irfan, an internationally renowned business lawyer who boldly left her well-paying job to pursue her online business dreams. From overcoming the anxiety of quitting her job to achieving remarkable success, Amira shares her secrets, struggles, and triumphs. If you’re ready to break free from the chains of employment and unlock your entrepreneurial potential, this episode is your roadmap to success.

Guest: Amira Irfan, an internationally renowned business lawyer, blogger, and coach, is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and protect their businesses legally. Inspired by her father’s costly legal mistake, Amira became a lawyer to prevent others from facing similar challenges. With over a decade of legal expertise, she founded A Self Guru, a million-dollar company, offering affordable legal templates and coaching services. Through A Self Guru, Amira has assisted over 50,000 entrepreneurs in legally safeguarding their businesses within just 30 minutes, providing them with peace of mind and significant savings. Amira’s impactful insights have gained recognition and been featured in esteemed publications and podcasts, including Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, and more, reaching a wide community of 50,000 email subscribers and 30,000 social media followers.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Amira Irfan to discuss

[00:51] Why did Amira leave a well-paying lawyer job to go full-time online?

  • It was the potential for the business that it presented to me.

  • I started my business while working full-time as a lawyer, but I never really knew what kind of impact or what kind of reach I could have with an online business.
  • After working full-time as a lawyer and working on my business, doing evenings and weekends, it soon grew to like six figures. And then I saw the potential for even seven figures.

  • One day, I was just like really surprised that I made like $11,000 in a single day, which is what I was making with my job in the entire month.

  • Those are the kinds of moments that really hit you and you realize that you’re destined for more, you are meant to do bigger things and you’re supposed to make a bigger impact have more influence, and more income.

[02:41] Quitting Your Job Is Scary:

  • There was this anxiety all the time, that I’m not going to be able to replicate this income month to month, day to day, week to week. And that would just make me like not quit my job.

  • My coping mechanism is that I will look back into the history of whatever months that I’ve been in business, and how far I have come from where I started from ground zero.

[15:07] Entrepreneurship Is The Best Form Of Personal Development:

  • When you become an entrepreneur, there are so many skills and so many abilities that you have to have, like, you know, the ability to take risks, the ability to make decisions.

  • But as an entrepreneur, you got to do all of these things, the ability to sell the ability to communicate, you know, all of those things. I feel like entrepreneurship really is the highest form of personal development.

[16:46] How She Incorporated Her Skills From Law School Into Her Business?

  • Everything that I’ve done in my life any career I have taken, I’ve always taken a piece of that and incorporated it into my business.

  • I’m teaching them how to legally protect their businesses, whether it’s through video lessons, or whether it’s one on one working with me coaching.

  • I feel like entrepreneurs need because you got to be very good at analyzing data, you got to be good at analyzing what’s working, what’s not working, your ability to make decisions, your ability to be confident and believe in yourself as a lawyer, I used to go to court. So I would go across Florida, pretty much I’ve traveled in every single court. That was my job as a litigation attorney. So I would have to literally dissect an issue, I would have to solve a problem.

  • as entrepreneurs, we’re solving problems. That’s exactly what we’re doing, whether it’s through a product that we’re selling, we’re solving a problem, whether it’s a service that I’m offering an LLC service, I’m solving a problem. So all those skills in my life that I’ve accumulated through different career paths, I have like kind of just nicely blended it all into the business.

[20:50] Amira’s Toolkit For Making Decisions:

  • I honestly listen to my gut feeling a lot. So I do rely, because I feel like we all have that.

  • I consider the pros and cons because that’s the lawyer.  So I’m looking at both sides that if I take this decision, what’s the worst that can happen? And for the most part, if I feel like there are more pros and cons, I will take it.

  • Perhaps sometimes if it’s really a huge financial decision, maybe have a conversation with a loved one, my husband, or anybody else that I love, you know, trust and get an opinion and then just want it’s either a yes or no. Because that time that people waste just figuring it out.

  • So either it’s a yes or either, so no, and just move on. I don’t know if you agree with that. But that’s my approach.

[27:02] The Concept Of Hierarchy Of Values:

  • Every single one of them has a different hierarchy of values are hitting success with a different strategy at a different point in time. Or just that strategy may be a better fit for their personality.

  • The biggest thing is how the kind of products and services that I’m providing so for me, I think it’s really important to provide that high quality.

  • The other thing is like also like taking care of myself like I don’t want them I was a workaholic. So I learned the hard way by ending up being in an emergency room for an unexpected surgery that I kind of work I’m too passionate about.

[31:11] Amira’s Source Of Inspiration:

  • I would say it’s my progress, the results. It’s 100%, the impact the response that I get from the customers, it’s the progress that I’m overall making, the impact that I’m making.

[31:42] Discipline And The Shiny Object Syndrome:

  • If you just don’t have the discipline you’re probably not going to achieve or reach the full potential or the results that you’re desiring.

  • I’ve learned to be more disciplined with my time not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t have a choice.

  • I started the business while working as a lawyer, as a lawyer, I was working 12-14 hours already in a day. And then I have limited time to work on the business. 

[32:45] What Keeps Amira Sane?

  • I love exercise working out, that’s also part of my daily ritual, I have to do yoga, and I have to do meditation. I also love reading and writing.

  • I like journaling, we talked about success journals, and all of that. So I like kind of keep track of the best moments of my life, I will have a journal of that

  • I would sometimes binge watch so if I get hooked on a show then you know, before I know it, they’re like five, six hours or more.

[53:08] Connect With Amira Irfan:

  • Visit if you are looking for any kind of business or legal business advice, if you’d like to check out the templates, or to get a free report on all the different aspects of the legalities of the business. 


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