Starting Strong with Solo Ads

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Are you struggling to navigate the intricate realm of solo ads and master the art of effective list-building? Look no further, as salvation is at hand. By the time you’ve soaked in the wisdom shared in this episode, you’ll possess the keys to confidently venture into the world of solo ads. You’ll know exactly where to discover the most valuable solo ad providers, how to initiate meaningful connections, and perhaps most crucially, how to squeeze out every ounce of potential from your solo ad campaigns. 

[00:00] Jim Carrey Introduces The Show!

[00:10] In this episode, Igor is delving deep into the universe of solo ads and presenting you with invaluable knowledge that will transform your approach.

[01:53] Advice For Beginners:

  • To begin with, consider where you’ll direct the influx of clicks from Solo ads. Imagine the scenario where you could potentially gain around 500 new leads daily.

  • The beauty of it lies in the autopilot nature of this process. No need to actively beckon these leads; they’ll arrive in your email inbox. This automated influx is poised to flood your email CRM.

  • So, the pivotal question emerges: What should you provide these leads? What enticing value can you offer in return for their email addresses? This is the pivotal starting point — focusing on your lead magnet or lead capture page.

  • It’s wise to prioritize this step before delving into contacting solo ad providers or list owners for negotiations about featuring your offer. 

[02:50] Where To Begin Your Solo Ad Journey?

  • Well, a logical step for them would be to target specialized solo ads. They would aim to connect with individuals and generate leads from people who possess a genuine interest in what they offer, sell, or market.

  • To proceed, they should identify websites, influencers, coaching program creators, and content producers within this space. 
  • Once the right partners are identified, the next step involves finding a means to contact them. They should look for contact information or an advertising inquiry link on their websites.

  • By reaching out via email or contact forms, they can introduce themselves and their offer. In the message, they can express interest in collaborating to have their offer presented to the partner’s list for a one-time fee. This collaboration could involve directing interested leads to their landing page or capturing the website.
  • In essence, targeting specialized solo ads allows them to tap into existing audiences within their niche, leveraging established platforms for the benefit of both parties involved.

[05:20] Criteria For Finding The Right Partner:

  • To begin with, crafting a well-composed email swipe or creative is essential. Your message needs to be precise and targeted to resonate with the intended audience that the list owner will be sending it to.

  • When preparing your email, focus on calling out and addressing the right individuals. You want to be explicit in defining who should be paying attention to your message.

  • By employing phrases like “if you’re over 50 and struggling with diabetes,” you create a sense of qualification. This approach filters your audience and captures those who truly align with your offer. It’s about crafting a message that resonates with a specific set of parameters, helping to attract relevant and genuinely interested recipients.
  • Avoid sending vague or generic emails that might yield random clicks. Steer clear of ambiguous subject lines like “claim your commission check,” which could generate clicks from unqualified leads.

  • Instead, aim for precision and relevance in your messaging. By doing so, you’ll increase the likelihood of attracting quality individuals who genuinely match your target audience.

  • This approach ensures that you’re sending your offer to those who have a real interest and agenda in what you’re offering.

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