My 3 Simple Fixes To The Spam Curse

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Did you know that approximately 45% of all emails sent are classified as spam? It’s no wonder that marketers fear their carefully crafted messages ending up in the spam folder, where they’ll likely go unnoticed and never reach their intended audience. With Igor’s expert advice, you’ll learn how to make your newsletters stand out and avoid the digital abyss. Say goodbye to email woes and hello to increased engagement and conversions. Tune in and rescue your emails from the spam folder and ensure they land right where they belong – in your audience’s inbox!

[00:00] George Carlin Introduces The Show!

[00:10] In this episode, Igor shares three invaluable tips to ensure your marketing messages reach the right inbox and captivate your audience. 

[01:49] Igor’s No.1 Technique To Avoid Spam Folder:

  • I use a technique where I include a substantial disclaimer written in a legal or formal language in my emails.

  • Although this technique hasn’t noticeably increased my sales, it has improved my deliverability, which was already good before trying it.

  • The idea is to make the email seem more formal and less like a sales pitch. The disclaimer can be quite lengthy, perhaps even longer than the marketing content itself.

[03:10] Trick Gmail To Skip The Spam Folder:

  • The goal is to trick Gmail into thinking that the email is a primarily formal communication between colleagues, which might increase the chances of the email landing in the inbox rather than the promotions tab or spam folder.

  • People are generally accustomed to seeing disclaimers, so it’s unlikely to raise suspicion or confusion.

  • However, it’s worth noting that this technique is primarily used to escape the promotions tab rather than avoid spam. 

[04:13] Why Are Your Emails Landing In The Spam Folder?

  • If your emails are landing in spam, it could be due to other reasons, such as content that Gmail dislikes, using a blacklisted domain, or having a brand new domain without a reputation.

  • One common mistake is failing to authenticate the mailing domain with Google Postmaster Tools.

  • This free service helps verify the legitimacy of your domain and email-sending practices. Just like a restaurant needs approval from the FDA to operate, authenticating your domain demonstrates that your emails are from a reputable source, increasing the chances of reaching the inbox.

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