Solo Ads vs Social Media

For years now there’s been an ongoing argument between two schools of thought:

1st school of thought says Email still rules.

2nd school of thought insists that Facebook is the new king of the hood and email is on it’s way out.

To settle this, I went out searching for scientific data (besides my own conversions).

I scouted the internet for months and finally came across a study that clears all confusion.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host, Igor Kheifets. Our customers today are divided into three major groups.
There are subscribers or fans or followers. In other words, they are divided into
three major outlets of communication that is email, facebook and perhaps twitter.

Now I'm not sure about Instagram because I couldn't find any scientific data
proven that Instagram is actually as big or as profitable as any of these outlets
but I was able to locate a case study done by the Exact Target that shows which
one of these medias is actually is the most profitable. Dollar for dollar.

This episode of the list building Lifestyle reveals which traffic source is the
one you should be using. Which traffic source is gonna bring you the most money
back. Which traffic source is gonna produce at the highest a why for you. And
which 2 traffic sources are probably just a big stinking waste of time.

So, what Exact Target found is that 93% of U.S. online consumers. Okay, we're
strictly talking about online marketing here. Are subscribers which means they
receive permission-based emails that sell them stuff. Okay, these people actually
requested from companies, from websites, brands, service providers. They requested
to be emailed with special offers and promotion.

Which means they are subscribers. Now, on the other hand, only 38% of online US
consumers are fans which means they liked or commented on each one brand name
online and only 5% of US online consumers are followers.

Which means they follow a company or brand. So if you follow Paypal on Twitter.
You follow their CEO. Like you're technically considered a follower by this study.

So, this in it of itself only let us know that people, for the most part, prefer
to get their marketing stuff by email and that's fine. We knew that and we
understand the concept. However, you know there's been a lot of told going on that
social media is growing so fast that the money is quickly shifting to that
direction. That Zuckerberg has all the money because he's a billionaire.

But I assure you, it is not the case. I've been saying this for the longest time.
I've been saying this pretty much on every other episode of this show. But this
time this is not me saying it, this is Exact Target Study. And you can find out
more about it. You guys can shady the study, it came with a great PDf they called
"The Great Digital Morning" which I highly recommend you check out. So it's Exact
Target, The Digital Morning.

So, here's what they found. Here's some credible statistics that they discovered
about email, facebook, and twitter. 58% of online consumers checked email as the
first online activity of the day. Now think how profound it is. 58% of anyone who
ever buys things online, pays digital things, e-commerce. Doesn't matter what it
is. If they buy something online. 58% of these people check their email before
they get out of the bed.

Now I used to be one of them btw. I don't leave in the U.S. and I've definitely
considered myself as a digital consumer, right. Or online consumer. But I used to
be, I no longer do this, but I used to be that guy. I used to be somebody who
usually checks their email as the first check of the day. Compare to the 58% of
online consumers who check their email first. 20% of online consumers check a
portal site or search engine like a news website.

I actually have a friend who does that a lot. Like the first he does. He goes in
the local news site just to see if there has been anything going on while he was
asleep. I'm not sure where it comes from but it just something he does. And 11%
check their facebook. only 11% compared to 58% for email.

What it tells you, it is the mindset of the online consumer. The mindset of the
person that purchases thing online. again it's really important you grasp the
difference because email is far more important as the media to us than facebook.
Email is the media we use to get our visas. Email is the media we use to email
receipts. Email is the media we use to share really important business related
information. Social media is basically for fun.

People go there to escape. people go there when they are bored. People go there
when they need to socialize and to brag about something. Basically wanted to peek
into other people's lives. So, perhaps if you're selling a lifestyle, alright. If
you're selling some luxury lifestyle stuff, right. You may brag about it on
Facebook and that support the brand, sure. But if you wanna get a high ticket
sale, you need to do it through email because that's the money media, okay. And
the good news is that to this day almost 60% of anyone who buys things online,
they appreciate email the way you and I do. Okay, they see email as a serious
media and they give it the first check in the morning.

Okay, I'm not even mentioning twitter because I don't think that's on that list.
Here's the question though. That's the fact that they check their email more often
means that they buy more? Does it mean that they even buying it at all, right? I
mean how exactly does it help me if my consumers check emails, the first check of
the day. And so, this exactly the question that Exact Target asked themselves.

And they compared the Emails First Prospect against the Facebook First Prospect.
And here's what they come up with. I'm gonna read it for you.

"Emails first customers, unlike their Facebook counterpart, online consumers who
check email as their first daily online activity have more utilitarian motives
when engaging with the brand. They usually seeking product to promotional
information related to the brand."

Which means in plain English that people who check their email as the first thing
they do in the morning go there because they want to buy something. Because they
want to see if their favorite company, brand or anything else is offering anything
of value that they need now.

And this is huge if you're selling stuff. I mean I don't need to explain you that.
Now, here's what they say about the facebook first consumers...

"Facebook first consumers, for this group of consumers there is a distinction
between how they want to engage with brands through email versus how they want to
engage with brands on Facebook or Twitter. These consumers are social beings by
nature, drawn to the favorite brands for the sake of being social for
entertainment purposes."

What this tells you is that they will go and they will like your stuff. They will
like your fan page, they will comment on your post and they will show you this
"support" but they don't vote with their wallets. Very few of them will actually
give you money. They feel that by liking your post, they are supporting you and
that is enough. An email consumers, and email first consumer, on the other hand,
feels that the supported brand one must buy from the brand and that is the goal of
running the business, is it not? I mean let's get realistic for a second.

Let's just say you have a store, just a shop. And you're selling chairs. I don't
know, furniture doesn't matter. Which customer do you prefer? A customer that
comes in and buys a chair or the kind of customer that comes in and tells you how
much he loves your chair. You know, likes it, send you a hard smile on her face
and says "Hey! you're doing a great job! I support you and I appreciate what
you're doing." and then leaves the store without picking up a chair!

I will take the first kind every day of the week. So, hands down the most proof
you'll ever need to truly understand the difference between a social media
consumer and an email consumer.

Now there's a lot of other interesting facts towards this report. But there's
really no reason to go over all of them because the point is clear. Email is king!
Email consumers, email customers are 16x more profitable than Facebook consumers
according to the study done Mail March. I mean, there are so many studies that
prove that email as a media that gets you paid is just dozens of times better than
Facebook. So, with that in mind, I just wanted to say this...

We've been preaching email marketing on the show for since it started for as long
as we've been on air. And this episode I feel should go into the hall of fame in
the List Building Lifestyle and every one who listens to the show should build
this. They should know that email is the media that gets you paid. Facebook is the
media that gets you liked, and that's the only difference.

And please add this point of me recording this episode which is the beginning of
2018 or / end of 2017. or it may change 5 years from now. Although, I don't think
so. But I can banking that email will keep being the number 1 most profitable
online media and I'm making email marketing my number 1 traffic and conversions
strategy for years to come and if anything changes, I'll let you know.

Until then. Have a good one!

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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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