Ezine Solo Ads With Charlie Page

Did you know there’s solo ads and then there’s ezine solo ads?

And that these aren’t one and the same?

The difference is…

Solo ads are click-focused and super volatile.

While ezine solo ads are wider, broader, more flexible and often give you lower cost per click?

Tune in to this week’s List Building Lifestyle with my guest Charlie Page to discover how to use ezine solo ads to grow your list fast and cheap


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When I made the decision to interview experts on my podcast. I swore I'll never
be any show host who interviewed anyone with a beating heart in an authority
site. I vowed to interview people who are best at what they do. True authorities
who's their advice is more valuable than other so-called experts paid products.

I pledged to not waste time on gurus who do not walk their talk. And they know of
no one of walks talks better than Charlie Page. Back in 2001, Charlie was still
trying to make online when he came across Directory Ezines. 18 months later he's
doing so well, he buys the company. Fast forward to a decade and a half, Charlie
has propelled the brand to an incredible growth. 23,000 customers and growing
direct Ezines. Undoubtedly, the number 1 resource in easing advertising. And
today, Charlie is gonna teach you about insider's secret about building your list
with Ezines. Charlie, thank you so much for being here and welcome to the coffee

Charlie: Well thank you, Igor. I'm, I'm really honored to be here. Thank you for
the invitation. Thank you for the service you provide. To the solo ad community
and to the online business community. I've watched your progress since the day you
started in this business. That's the advantage of being an old guy like me.

And I said to myself back in that day. This guy is gonna do something and sure
enough. You have! You've done a lot of amazing things. I appreciate you asking me
to be here.

Igor: Thank you, I really appreciate it. It means a lot coming from you.
As freshies, I've done the same thing. Since I stepped into this business.
I've seen you. You know, you've been up there with the best of the best. And the
first time that I came across to work with you was with Vick Strezius 48-hour cash
machine where he actually introduced Ezine advertising. What they were and he was
recommending the Directory of Ezine. I mean, all these years later, it's funny
how. How things work out. So, we're happy to host you in the show. When I say we,
it's me and the audience. And, ah, you know I'm really really excited to help our
listeners understand, see and understand how Ezine advertising can help grow their

So without further adieu, actually let's go ahead and dive into it. And perhaps we
can start you sharing with us and explaining what are Ezines?

Charlie: That's actually a good question. That's the foundation actually of
everything a person needs to know about Ezine advertising. And Ezine advertising
is an online newsletter that's delivered by email to people who ask to receive it.
Most of them are free, the vast majority of them are free. Although there are some
paid Ezines.

And these Ezines are newsletters. They are very much like a magazine but there are
like electronic and they are delivered by email. Only to people who are subscribed
to them, so they are 100% permission-based email. Inside these Ezines, you can buy
advertisings. You can place your advertising inside their content. And there are
different types of ads and there are prices of ads. But I die grasp. Ezine is an
online newsletter delivered by email to any of the subscribers.

Igor: Interesting. So, do people have to pay to be a member of the Ezines?

Charlie: No! 99% of the Ezines I've ever looked up is free. There are some paid
Ezines out there but generally speaking, they don't sell advertising because their
subscribers are paying to get very very specific content. For example in the stock
brokerage or the investing world. There are quite a few paid Ezines for people who
paid money to receive a daily or a weekly email blast that gives them specific
investing advice.

That publisher is not gonna sell advertising inside the Ezine because he or she is
already collecting money from the subscriber. But that is the rarely. The vast
majority of Ezines are free to subscribe.

Igor: Interesting. I actually used to be a subscriber to this financial newsletter
called "The Sovereign Investor", "The Sovereign Citizen", or something like that.
It was a $97 a year.

Charlie: Ahuh.

Igor: And they've, they've done a lot of ads but mostly for their own stuff. They
promoted their own seminars, workshops, books from the content contributors. So,
they definitely were not selling advertising but they are constantly putting up

Charlie: Well, we find that to be true across the board. That's a good
observation. I can't tell, I mean thousands of Ezines I've looked at subscribed to
and reck. And generally speaking, subscribers of Ezines, don't see you promoting
your own product to them as advertising but they do a few put an ad for Walmart in
your Ezine and they are going to probably rejected that. So, again paid Ezines are
tiny tiny slice of the Ezine world but generally speaking, they won't sell ads.
They might do joint venture but they generally won't sell them ad.

Igor: Interesting. Interesting. So we'll get to joint ventures in a minute because
I feel this is a really interesting piece of it. But, you know. When you talk
about Ezine ads, what kinda, what kinda types of ads are there?

Charlie: Well, Ezines offer many different types of ads, they offer a solo ad
which you're very very familiar at, with. In fact, you are a master of solo ads.
So don't need to tell you what that is. (Igor laughs at the background). Ah, the
world solo, by the way, originated many many years ago to be an ad that stands
alone. Hence the named solo.

Ezines also provide banner ads so you can run a top banner across or one down the
side or in the bottom. They offer what they called "Advertorials" where you can
put your article in the Ezine that's promoting your product for a fee. They have a
sponsor ad which appears at the top, middle, and bottom of the Ezine. And they
also have, what are called "Link Ads" where you just put a link in an Ezine and
then you know it's gonna be exposed to a particular number of people.

So there are many different types of ads than just solos. But solos are incredibly
popular because they are so powerful.

Igor: Yeah! And so I mean, there so many and from what it sounds like. Like you
really have to know what you're doing when you're choosing the certain type of an
ad in Ezine. Now in your experience. What did you find them? I'm sure there's no
one says if it's solos ads. You know brother, I'm just really curious to ask.
Which type of an Ezine ad did you find to be most effective when marketing your

Charlie: Well, the solo ads is by far the most effective. There' no question about
it. Because your message is going out alone. And so, you have that person's full
attention. There's also a lot of value to be had. And mentioning your product or
advertising your product while a person is consuming content. So I found that
banner ad, when they are well placed are very very effective because they are so
inexpensive. I ran a banner ad to 350,000 people a couple of months ago for $70.
So that was a...

Igor: What?! That's crazy! (Both laughing).

Charlie: That was a pretty inexpensive placement. I didn't need to get many clicks
or opt-in in order to give me a return on investment. There are places where I
have placed ads over the years that are called "link ads". It's just a link and
there a random looking link with no copy at all attached to it inside an Ezine.
But because it's going to 600,000 people and I'm paying a low cost for it, for
that case it was $25. Then any clicks I got, I was happy.

So solo ads are by far the most effective. I would say the next most effective is
what you called the top sponsor ads. That's a little pre, little ads that previews
content coming into the, it sits on top of the content. And people always read
from top to bottom. ANd so, whether they read right to left or left to right, they
read top to bottom literally speaking (Igor *chuckles*). And so, at the top is a
very powerful position. So I like the banner ad, I like the solo ad, and I like
the top sponsor ad.

Igor: Whoa! Interesting. So, we spoke about different kinds of Ezine ads and we
mentioned that solo is the most pot cooler. However, you also have a ton of
success and keep having success with the banner ad. With the top sponsor ad. And
even something as simple as the link inside the content for that particular Ezine
newsletter. Now, what kinda, I guess because there are so many different types, I
guess it's not, not the easiest question in the world. But what kind of budget do
we need to do to be able to, you know get somethings done with Ezines?

Charlie: That's a good question. That's the question that I get asked at the
Directory Ezines all the time. And what are the things we do inside the DOE, not
to, not to pitch the site but one of the things we do is we educate people about
how to do all of these things we are discussing. So, I know it sounds complex but
it's actually a very straight path. I think if the person has a smaller budget
that they might wanna focus on sponsor ads and banner ads. If they have a more
substantial budget they definitely wanna take a look at solo ads. I think one of
the things that I always advise clients to do. I think this is true and I
therefore always advise client that if you have proven ad copy. If you have a copy
that you confident in. Then using Ezine solo ad are very very effective.

But if this is the first time you're running an ad, you have a small budget. You
have to make that money back when you run your ad. Then I will start with a
smaller ad, like a banner, or a top sponsor, or even a classified ad. Many Ezine
secures classified ads just like this papers do.

Igor: Ahah! So, I guess if we focus most specifically on the most effective Ezine
at all. Just the solo ad, then, of course, we have to ask the question. What, what
are some common denominator of all successful email swipes or controls you've used
over the years.

Charlie: Well that's a great question. Since I'm a copywriter. I love to write
solo ads and have written so many of them. I believe that the most important
common denominators are a strong headline. You need a good strong headline. and
there's just nothing wrong with starting out with a classic headline. You know
everybody laugh when I talk about the headline that says. I don't know if you
remember this classic headline or if you've write about it, it's from the 50s. I
think it said, "They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano" (Igor speak the
headline the same time) Yes! Yes! I saw that being used not 3 weeks ago by a huge
billion dollar company.

So when people uses and diminish the value of the classic headline because, Ohhh
everybody uses it. The truth is they don't. And you're only talking to the people
you're talking to. So use the classic headline as a start but your headline is the
most important. The next thing I would say is, that it's important to tell a story
if you can in your solo ad. Just to pitch pitch pitch I not really effective. You
have to give them a reason why. And I think there are 3 elements to a great solo
ad. Gain, logic, and fear.

And the first part of the solo ad should be a gain. Here's what's in it for you
and a call to action. And then logic, here's why it makes sense and then a call to
action. And then fear, you need to action, this is going to go away and then call
to action. And then, of course, the last element I would say is the P.S. It's very
very important. For some reason unknown to humankind, people read the P.S. before
they read anything else. So put your strong call to action there and always use 3
lengths. Last thing I say, I know I say the other one is last. *chuckles*

But the last thing I say is to put your call to action high in the ad. In human
conversation, we have a tendency to wait to tell the punch line so we build up to
the punch line. We can't do that in advertising. You can't bury the lead. So get
that call to action up near the top.

Igor: Whoa, you know it's interesting how this whoa is not changed for so many
decades. You know, you keeping your most important stuff and links and calls to
action over like the squeeze page. I still build squeeze pages and I make sure
that the opt-in form is above the foul. That people don't have to scroll down to
see it. Even in mobile phones. You know I've had, I've had this argument with my
designer, right. Who insisted that things changed and rules of engagement changed
and people learn to scroll down but. You know every single time we run a split
test, doesn't seem to be the case.

Charlie: I've never met a designer yet who pass to feed their family on building a
list from a squeeze page.

Igor: Hahahahaha

Charlie: All. *chuckles* All the designer I know get paid to design. And so that's
fine but when you know. I've never had a job in my entire life for I paid a salary
to go to work. I either have straight commission salesperson or I have been
self-employed. So if I didn't go kill it, we didn't get that night. And when you
have your life on the fire and you're like that. Then you're following the rules
that worked. All of that squeeze pages. 100% of them is in the fall. All of it.
So, you know, it just works. I keep doing it over and over and over again.

Igor: Yeah. Something about ah. I mean. Anytime I build a squeeze for a client
that as you know. We do stuff like that. We actually build squeeze pages for
clients when they run ads with us. It's always above the fall that has to be.
Doesn't matter if it's small bow or not. It has to be above the fall because. You
know people just seem to have some trouble scrolling down. Even if you know, 30%
of your traffic is still there. That's still a lot. I just kinda go over of what
you share because you'd heard a lot and I really appreciate you kinda breaking
down the formula to a high converting swipe, a solo we got a classic headline, we
got a gain logic and fear as far as the sequence in which we make a call to
action, we a minimum of 3 calls to action, wanna have a P.S. Mmmm is there
anything I missed?

Charlie: No! You got it perfectly.

Igor: Awesome!

Charlie: That's the formula I used and have been teaching for many many years.

Igor: Does it change from niche to niche? Or is it something specific to make
Money Online? Or is it something you use everywhere?

Charlie: No, I use it everywhere because of this.Based on human psychology, it's
not based on a particular niche. Every wants to know what's in it for them. That
is the human thing, right? And everybody wants to make an emotional purchase and
dependent on logic. So, we put logic in position number 2. And then, people would
need to know that the the exit sign is on, right? But the offers is gonna go away.
You know this well as I do or maybe you do better.

That in the last 48 hours of the promotion. Sometimes the last4 hours, that's when
a lot of activity happens. It's human nature to think about it, to put it off. And
so you got to inject that fear, without being manipulative. And so that formula,
because it's based on psychology, works in every niche I have tried in. And I
continue using it until it working.

Igor: Yeah. So, so true. It doesn't matter what I promote, it doesn't matter when
I do it. But every single time. The last day or even the last half a day of the
promotion will bring me half as many sales as I made throughout the entire course
of the promotion to that point.

Charlie: It works every time I tested. I tested it a duration of 10 days, 30 days,
4 days. It just works every single time. It's human nature that's the way we are.
People wanna think about it and you need to close the sale! And closing the sales
is with a call to action.

Igor: Yeah. you know it's funny how a lot of people in writing emails. And this is
something I noticed over the years. How they tend to draggggg. You know, they
really drag out the copy, they keep writing, keep writing, keep writing. Just
like, you know. Asking me to click something already.

(Igor and Charlie chuckles)

Charlie: Well that's a. Well, let's go back again to psychology. If you met a
person in the mall. Let's say. And you wanted to strike up a conversation and it
was a person you wanted to get to know the better. So you're gonna say. Let's go
and have some coffee sometime. You wouldn't start with "Let's have coffee
sometime." because, in human interactions, that doesn't work. But in emails,
that's the opposite. In emails, you've got to make that call to action very near
the top and then describe why. So, what I call a reverse pyramid. If you take a
pyramid turn it on its head. That's kind of how human interactions in face to face
work compared to email interactions.

Igor: Now, I can, you know. I'm really a big fan of psychology, influence and
human nature. ANd we can talk about these stuff for hours. But since our time is
limited. I wanted to point your attention. Kinda see what you have to say about
what you mentioned earlier. You mentioned ads versus joint ventures Ezines. So I'm
curious to hear more about that.

Charlie: Well, I'll be concise about this. Ads are very, a simply a commercial
transaction. I come to you, you are a publisher. I buy an ad, I pay a fee. I get
all the clicks to that ad. Creates and we're done. A joint venture is a situation
by which a publisher agrees to mail a certain number of times for a person and
they are going to share profits. And that's simple as it is.

Igor: So, In other words, you only pay out of your profits.

Charlie: You only pay out of your profits. That's right.

Igor: Okay. Now is it possible to create a joint venture if, for example, we don't
own the products? Just, for example, I'm promoting something like 4 Percent. Vick
Strezuis 4 Percent which is you know, I'm an affiliate for that opportunity. Is it
possible for me to strike a JV, with a newsletter owner?

Charlie: Yes and no. The no part, I'll cover first and then the yes part, which is
what you wanna know I'll cover for a second.

No in a respected, ah no publisher in the right mind is going to do a joint
venture for a free to join affiliate program So if that publisher (Igor laughs at
the background) just go join the affiliate program. Add promote, you know why
would they share their profits with you? Here's how you do it for a thing like 4
Percent or any free to join things.

You have to create a unique bonus package. You create a bonus package that is
unique to you. and they can only get it through you. And now your offer is primary
joint 4 Percent, secondarily, get the bonus that is unique to you and that's the
work you do in the JV. It's more than just provider link and hey Mr. publisher
send it out. It's like "I built this package just for your audience". And if you
tailor it just to an audience of that Ezine, which is, let's face it, very easy to
do. Now, you've got a unique selling pre-position.

Igor: Yeah, it makes more sense to the customers to buy it anyway. Because they
are getting so much value for the exact same amount of money cost them to purchase

Charlie: That's exactly right! You wanna have a multiplier of value and you wanna
make it unique to readers of this Ezine only and that's when publisher really
start paying attention. Because you're delivering value to that person's readers.
You're gonna look like a hero for doing nothing except promoting the link you gave

Igor: Yeah.Exactly and I often times I see this. Kinda, you know, people missed 2
points about that. First, of, you know, if you feel queasy about selling
something. Then chances are you don't feel that you're selling something that is
10x the value of the money you're charging. Because if you're selling a $97
product but are giving, you know a $1000 worth of value. you will be selling. I
mean you've be shouting from the rooftops about that product, right.

Charlie: That's exactly right! That Zig Ziglar said, years ago. If you really
believe in your product. You have a moral obligation to sell as many as much as
you can. And I really believe that's true.

Igor: Yeah. Me too. I think, was that the Selling 101? The little red book that he

Charlie: I think it was *chuckles*. Yeah!

Igor: Yeah. I think it's a great book for anyone who's into marketing, in selling
and in business for themselves. Because fundamentally speaking, too many people
get into the business of marketing without first working on their belief system
and really selling themselves on the fact that selling is a noble profession like
Zig used to say.

Charlie: It is. That's exactly right.

Igor: Alight and of course you know. you mentioned you've had the experience in
selling door to door or you know being in a commission based sales person. So you
probably learned this, first hard.

Charlie: I did. I learned it. I married when I was 19 and my wife is only 17 and I
needed to provide an income and this isn't very long time ago. And so I take a
commission sales job. And thank God, my first sales manager with keep me in the
office until 9 o'clock at night role-playing. Different objections and scenarios
and I became a pretty good salesman, pretty quick. I've been doing that ever
since. If you don't believe in your product if you don't believe in the process of
providing value through selling something. Then that's the wrong business to be

Igor: Yeah or a wrong product, right? I mean you..

Charlie: Yes! Exactly.

Igor: Cool

Charlie: That's exactly right.

Igor: So, Charlie, I mean. One last question. So, we understand how Ezine
advertising works. We understand there's different types of Ezine ads.We
understand the difference between an ad and a joint venture. We understand the
difference between Ezine solo ad and a regular solo ad. You know the kind solo ad
that we, the kind of solo ad that popularized the guy like me these days. Now...

Charlie: Ahuh.

Igor: Then my next question I guess. The next logical question is, why do we need
director or Ezine?

Charlie: Well, that's a very good question *chuckles*. Ammm. The reason why people
need Directory of Ezine is this.

Number 1, we provide a tremendous amount of support and training. We've been doing
this a very long time the Directory of Ezine started out in 1998 and the person
who founded it had a spreadsheet that's what she was selling. I joined the company
later and then 18 months later. I bought the company from her. When I joined as a
member. It was a spreadsheet, that's what I got. Now, we have an entire learning
center. We have an affiliate center, we have all types of support material.
Several webinars people attend. So, the reason why people need the Directory of
Ezine is if they want to succeed in advertising in Ezine. The deal is a deeper
resource and I really can say that with integrity about teaching people how to
succeed with Ezine advertising.

We offer tremendous support and we offer tremendous teaching. And we will get you
to the point where you understand exactly what Ezine advertising is and how to do
it in a very short period of time.

The second reason is, we act as a clearinghouse of Ezine information. you know,
one of our slogans is "We Do The Research So You Don't Have To". So you can go to
google and you could put in Forex Ezine, right. you can put in weight lose Ezine.
And then you have to determine, do they sell ads? If so, how do you contact them?
And if so, how much do they cost? And if so, how do I submit my ads?

And all these many, I can give you 12 different metrics that we report on for each
Ezine. We do that work for you, so what you do is you log in the DOE. What you
have your training and confident ready to go. You choose the niche that you want
to be in from the niches that we cover and now you presented with the list of
listings. And we clearly say, what type of ad they sell, what's the cost, how to
contact them and we support our members. If people need help or they ran into
anything kinds of question. We're right there to help.

So, the reason why they need the Directory of Ezine and the nutshell because it
saves time and time is money. Saves you money because we have several publishers
who give a DOE member-only discount. The banner ad, I talked about with 300,000
people for $70. That' a $250 banner ad that people get for $70 because they are a
member of a DOE.

So we save you money, we save you tons of time and you'll actually succeed with
Ezine advertising because you understand the process. And how many things do
people join? Where they don't succeed will it because they just didn't get clear
on how it worked. So you know, those are the main reasons that I believe in
joining the DOE right now, makes perfect sense.

Igor: Yeah and I agree with you. First, of, guys if you're basically "sold" on
Directory of Ezines you can go to http://www.igorsoloads.com/DOE and you'll get a
very special offer specifically designed friends of Igor's Solo ads and Igor
Kheifets. Okay that Charlie put together specifically for the listeners of this
podcast for the members of my list and for my customers where you get an
incredible bonus package on top of just the DIrectory and everything that comes
with it.

For example, Charlie has put together 37 emails that you can use. He wrote 11
articles. He's given you his exact squeeze page and even, okay, a lead magnet that
you can use to build your list by freshly branding it for yourself. Then using it
to run traffic through it. So he's really put together like a complete package for
you to get started with Ezine advertising if you never done it before.

Now, what I would like to mention is this. One of the primary complaints that I
get from people regarding why they don't succeed with things because of support.
Like I remember interviewing Lance Sumner who's today a very successful internet
marketer but he, you know, a couple of years ago when he started working with me
he was. Well, still struggling.

He said that he got into this company, I really can't recall if it's something to
do with travel and MLM. And he said they have so much training in there, there is
so much stuff, it was too confusing that he just did not understand, you know,
where to begin, how it works and all that. And he spent about 8-month figuring it
out. Just the membersaries of that program. And so, once he was able to do that
and he's able to get some new recruits. What happened was, he lost everybody very
very quickly because they got confused too.

And there's nobody they can talk to for help. I mean, it was very, kinda, really
really bad teaching, is what is was. Which is something today, that I really see a
lot in our industry. But Directory of Ezine is really different with that regards.
I mean it' very organized. There's specific, you know, a section for everything.
And everything is structured in a way, the way you wondered about it. Like where
do I go to, you know, you know how do I write my swipe? And then you see the
headline says. Here's how you write your swipe in 4 easy steps or something, you
know. So it was very very easy to learn, very easy to understand everything with
the Directory of Ezines.

Alright! Cool. So Charlie, any, perhaps any last tips or words for anyone who's
thinking of getting started with Ezine advertising?

Charlie: Well, I would say that the main thing is to get started. Take it a step
of the time. you know, match up your product to the Ezine content. That's the best
tip I can give you. You know, people who place forth also eat dinner. But to
advertise a recipe book in a sports magazine in Ezine is not probably the best
choice. So we teach all these inside the DOE.

Take a step at a time, it's proven, it's worked for a very long time. And you
know, we'll support you as much as we can. As much as you need. It's a process
that will really works if you work it. it's not a magic pill. It's a process. And
you know, I hope they join. I really appreciate you having me here and I'll take
great care of the people you'll send to me. And I know that you know that Ezine
advertising works and we're gonna make it work for them.

Igor: Thank you, Charlie, and yeah! I do know that. And here's the thing guys,
there are 3 choices. Okay, 3 choices.

A. Ignore everything we shared with you today and don't just use Ezine advertising
at all. I think that's a mistake but if that's what you decide, fine. No hard

Option number 2 is to go at Ezine advertising on your own. I mean that's a viable
option if you're an experienced, copywriter. If you've done other form of
advertising before. If you're not afraid of throwing in the walls with sticks, by
all means, do it.

But if you're really looking for the best fast way to making money the fewest
amount of mistakes. You know, really maximising your ROI in the limited
advertising dollars you have in your hand. Then I highly recommend you head over
http://www.igorsoloads.com/DOE and sign up with Directory of Ezines.

Now Charlie, correct me if I'm wrong but there's also some money-back guarantee?

Charlie: Absolutely! There's a money-back guarantee we've been doing as for the
very long time. Our price is low and we have a 60-day money back guarantee. o
they're, they're gonna be completely covered.

Igor: See guys? If you honesty down feel that you're getting 10x the value. Just
reach out to Charlie and just be honest and you'll get your money back. I mean
there's really no risk for you and trust me when I say this. The amount of money
you'll save, okay, like it may seem you're spending money. Like buy another
course, or buy another membership site. But truth be told, okay, you're gonna
invest with barely a little money with DOE which you'll gonna save tons on the
stakes and you're gonna make so much for having Charlie and his team help tailor
the right like, the promotion to what you're selling.

I mean think about the value of having a list of proven Ezines for your particular
offer. Now, Charlie, I have to ask this question. Many of our listeners are
members of programs like 4 percent that we mentioned, Digital Altitude, MOBE,
Legendary Marketer, Power Lead System. Basically a lot of the programs that are
considered to be an income market opportunities and a lots of MLM marketing too.
Is there a market within the DOE for those offers?

Charlie: Oh absolutely! Our largest area is business opportunities, online
business, people who wanted to make money online. We have more Ezines in that
category then we do in another category and one of the wonderful things in Ezine
advertising is that Ezine publishers does not care what you are promoting. They
don't mind at all if you're sending traffic to a squeeze page.

As we both know that there are social media allies that are saying now. No, no we
want you to send your traffic. Pay off to send your traffic to content. That's
fine if that's what you wanted to do but there's no point in letting them dictate
to you. So Ezine publishers are wonderful about what you wanted to do and sending
traffic directly to the squeeze page, directly to a popular program. And that's
one reason I love Ezine so much.

Igor: Sweet, so guys there you have it. You know what Ezine advertising is. You
can either not do it, do it on your own or have Charlie and his team help you
which I highly recommend. This is the option I chose. Go ahead and go over to
http://www.igorsoloads.com/DOE. Just sign up using the special offer for Igor solo
ads friends and customers only. By the way guys, this is an affiliate link, in
case you haven't recognize it yet. I'm definitely getting a commission for you
signing up. But it also why I negotiated a really sweet bonus for you which is
basically a complete package, a squeeze page, leads magnet, 37 emails written by
Charlie, 11 article that you can rebrand written by Charlie. So, seriously crazy
value and it's also backed up with a 60-day money back guarantee which is I
believe unconditional. So all you have to do is just kinda join, take a look
around. If you don't like it, you can take your money back. No risk and all the
reward in the world.

So Charlie, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us today. I appreciate
you'd been able to take the time and until next time we chat. Have a good day!

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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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