Resonance and Engagement

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Are your subject lines the headliner or just the opening act? 🎤 We’re jumping into the art of making your emails count.  Join us as we explore how to connect with your subscribers on a personal level, crafting messages that resonate and engage. From crafting catchy subject lines to delivering valuable content, we’ll equip you with the tools to captivate your audience and foster long-term loyalty. Tune in for practical strategies that will take your email marketing game to the next level! 🚀

[01:31] Understanding the Inbox:

  • It’s important to recognize how individuals interact with their email inboxes.
  • Drawing parallels between sorting through physical mail and sifting through emails, highlights that recipients quickly decide what’s worth their attention and what isn’t.
  • Just as one would discard unimportant physical mail, recipients are quick to delete or ignore irrelevant emails. 
  • It’s important for marketers to understand this behavior and ensure their emails are relevant and valuable to recipients.
  • To succeed, one must grasp the psychology behind how recipients engage with their inboxes., to meet their expectations and needs.

[03:50] Understanding Your Subscribers:

  • It’s all about getting what’s on your subscribers’ minds. 
  • When you understand what they’re thinking about, you can send emails that really hit home. This means talking about stuff that matters to them right now.
  • Think of it like joining a conversation they’re already having in their heads. By talking about things that are important and timely to them, you become someone they want to hear from.
  • The goal is to be more than just another email, be someone they’re glad to see in their inbox, someone who gets them.
  • The story shared by Igor shows how hard it is to get someone interested in a new tool if they don’t see its relevance. 

[07:25] Enhancing Email Engagement:

  • This part is all about giving you useful tricks to make your emails more engaging. 
  • Be big on making catchy subject lines and tailoring content to what the recipients want to see.
  • By using catchy subject lines and personalizing content, you can really grab people’s attention and keep them interested.
  • And don’t forget about giving value! When emails solve problems or talk about things recipients care about, it builds trust and keeps them coming back for more.

[08:33] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

He’s also the host of List Building Lifestyle, the podcast for anyone who wants to make more money and have more freedom by leveraging the power of an email list

He’s widely referred to as the go-to authority on building large responsive email lists in record time.

Igor’s passionate about showing people how to live the List Building Lifestyle.