How To Recover From Losing Your Autoresponder Account

Meet Josh.

Josh (not real name) is a VIP client of mine.

He’s been struggling with internet marketing programs for years.

And now that he finally found me, he pulled no punches.

He went through the list building training I gave him, set up his Aweber list and his email follow up.

Next step – traffic.

When he was ready, Josh nodded his head letting me know I can hit the big red traffic button.

And so I did.

I flooded Josh’s Aweber with new leads.

In fact, his list grew so fast, Aweber got spooked and shut down his account.

No warning.

No 2nd chances.

No explanations.

Thousands of leads gone.

All the time and money Josh invested in building his list wasted.

The night it happened, I must’ve gotten like 30 texts from Josh.

He didn’t know how to deal with losing his list overnight like that.

Fortunately for him – I do.

Because it happened to me many times.

In fact, anyone who ever built a list had this happen to them at least once.

And in today’s episode you’ll discover what you should and shouldn’t do when your autoresponder gives you the boot.


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Jonathan: You are listening to the List Building Lifestyle. Welcome back to
another edition and this is a very special episode. Igor, I don't know if you had
this growing up but over here we had pagers growing up. You know little beepers
that the doctors use and 1-4-3 meant I love you. So this is the "I love you"
episode for the List Builders. [laughter]

Igor: Oh wow. Oh sweet! Well, you know I've only seen pagers when I grew up on the
TV because I grew up in Ukraine and we used to watch all your TV shows like
sitcoms and stuff.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So yeah, I definitely saw pagers but I didn't have one. I didn't have one
for sure.

Jonathan: I don't even know why I needed one. But I had to have one when I was
young. So what do you have in store for us today?

Igor: Well today, unlike the previous couple of episodes where we mostly spoke
about how integrate Solo Ads and Facebook and then all that stuff together into
one, ecosystem. Today I'm going to be way more specific and talk about something
that is not quite pleasant because it is probably the biggest nightmare any List
Builders can experience and of course I'm talking about having your autoresponder
account shut down.

Jonathan: Oh.

Igor: Completely shut down. So I had a couple of them shut down actually earlier
this week but I'm okay because I have like 10 different ones so I no longer put
all my eggs in one basket but for somebody who is just getting started that's a
big problem. It happened to one of my clients recently. He had a Aweber list he
just started building, it was going well, it was making sales, the list had grown
and was responsive and they shut him down because he got going too fast. In fact
it was also my fault because I was the one sending him traffic. So anyway he
basically started messaging me when it was morning my time but it was middle of
the night for him. He could not fall asleep, he had heart racing, just feeling
lots of pressure, anxiety and we're talking about a guy who's a grown up not just
a 18 year old who hasn't experienced anything in life. We are talking about a guy
who has a family and who has seen a bunch of things in life, who is like wise and
I don't want to say old but he is way older than me.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: So he shouldn't be as easily shaken as somebody like me like back in the day
when I got my first one shut down. I was only 19 years old. But it was really
difficult for him to deal with and I did my best to help him through it and we got
him restarted a on different autoresponder after that but the whole experience was
really, really painful and I forgot what it's like. I really forgot what it's like
because my first experience was when I had Imnica mail. They are still around.
Although there are better companies out there that deliver much better but I
started Imnica back then and I was doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Like I was
doing a lot of blanket stuff too like pretending to mail to someone that I wasn't
and doing a lot well questionable ....

Jonathan: [laughter] Eye brow raises.

Igor: Lots of questionable stuff which I'm happy to admit now but back in the day
I wouldn't even admit it. I was doing a lot of volume with Imnica mail and all of
sudden I logged in and I got this notice saying your account is suspended. They
wouldn't tell me why, they wouldn't let me get back in. So this account was
responsible for about 70% of my traffic.

Jonathan: Oh.

Igor: And 70% of my affiliate sales because at the time I was relying on the food
marketing. Man, I just flipped. Like I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to have
sex. I didn't want to go out. I didn't want to do anything. All I was thinking
about was what the hell I am going to do now. That's it. My career in internet
marketing was over.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Especially since they wouldn't even give me my leads back.

Jonathan: You couldn't get the csv? Oh crap.

Igor: Yeah, so now that I remember that experience thanks to my friend reminding
me, I decided that it was about time we do something like this, do an episode
about what can you do if you have your autoresponder account shut down. What kind
of steps can you take? Is this the end of the world? Or is it just a bigger issue
than it seems?

Jonathan: It's time to get your day job back. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: So yeah, let's talk about that man, and I know you have an agenda here
so I don't want to derail you but the first thing I think about is backing up your
leads, are people doing that? I mean is that possible with Aweber?

Igor: Well yeah of course, you can do it everyday. You can back up you csv file.
Csv basically means you download your list in one easy to access file. You should
definitely do that every single day and the more your list grows the more
important it becomes for you to do something like that but I wanted to start with
just sharing with you that anyone who is an aggressive marketer, who makes money
and whose doing internet marketing for awhile had their account shut down. Chances
are more than one time. Okay and you can tell that by the way big internet
marketers switch autoresponder accounts all of the time. Like so I've been
following Frank Kerns since 2010 or 2011, since then he has switched to six
different autoresponders.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: He's used FusionSoft. He used Aweber. He used Sell Post ARPreach, I think.
He's used SMTP services. Like he's used a bunch of different one and the reason
for that is because eventually they either stop delivering or they ban you.
Russell Bronson when I was at the most recent Click Funnels event, he shared that
he had 3 SMTP accounts shutdown, he had 2 FusionSoft accounts shut down, 4 Aweber,
5 GetResponses, like crazy, crazy numbers.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Like Constant Contacts and stuff like that. So having your email
autoresponder shut down actually if you're an internet marketer, meaning that
you're selling internet marketing stuff is very likely to happen. The bigger you
grow, the more likely it is to happen. For instance, if you're using MailChimp
right now and you decide at one point to email an affiliate link, you will get
shut down because MailChimp does not like affiliate marketers. So for instance,
Mike Dillard, he can use MailChimp because he's promoting himself and himself only
and he doesn't like even mention money or anything like that most of the time, he
just mailing out content. So that means that he is safe but the moment that he
starts promoting something else with his huge list. He's got a huge list. The
moment he emails an affiliate link, he's going to get shut down just like the rest
of us. So my point is this; rather than being afraid of it, expect it. Expect it
to happen. So the first step to take of course is always back up your list and
usually, most of the time but it's not guaranteed if you've been shut down then
they actually have to give you your list back.

Jonathan: They do?

Igor: Yes. Unless they don't.

Jonathan: [laughter] What?

Igor: I don't recall who said that but there is supposedly a rule that they have
to but sometimes they don't. It really depends on the support rep that you're
talking to when you've been shut down. So for instance, when Aweber shut me down
most recently, which most recently means about a year ago that was the last time
they shut me down, I had an email account, a Aweber account with over 100,000
leads in it not only that of course but keep in mind a lot of the emails too. My
follow up sequences, my broadcasts, a lot of the stuff I've been using, all that
stuff, web form statistics, everything shut down and gone.

Jonathan: Gosh.

Igor: And I called them up on the phone and I begged them to export my stuff and
give it back to me, they wouldn't.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: And the most recent export I had from that list was from three months ago
which means it was basically useless now.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Because my list is very active. So do as I say not as I do and back up your
list ever single day. The other thing that you can do when you get shut down if
you had the opportunity to get your list back is to import that list into a
different autoresponder company. Now you have to be careful about two things; a)
not to start working with somebody that doesn't deliver so if you're signed up
with an autoresponder company that has really poor delivery rates, you're better
off not signing up at all.

Jonathan: How do you know that though? How do you their delivery rates?

Igor: Well ask somebody who has experience. So when my VIP got his Aweber shut
down, he had to choose a new autoresponder company then well, I had to tell him
what to use and he wanted to go with somebody who wasn't delivering well and I
stopped him from it. So that's one thing. The second thing to watch out for is for
them to make you to reconfirm your list.

Jonathan: Hmm. I don't like that.

Igor: Yeah so in other words, autoresponder company can ask each every single of
your subscribers that you're importing as a csv file to click a confirmation link
which means they email them and they say, "ëSo and so wants to add you to their
list, click this link to confirm, ignore this email if you don't want to get added
to the list." Now when that happens less 3% will confirm.

Jonathan: Ah, that's terrible.

Igor: And it doesn't matter what kind of relationship you've got with the list, it
just doesn't matter.

Jonathan: Yeah because it's their crappy email. It's not even like you can change
the copy on it or anything. It's shit that looks like spam coming through and I'm
already on Igor's list why do I have to click this?

Igor: Yeah, who's Igor?

Jonathan: No way, 15 email in the first seven days, they know who Igor is.

Igor: So anyway you don't get ñ you're not forced to reconfirm because that would
be bad. Once you start over, you kind of just begin emailing them immediately and
the faster that you can pull this off the better; usually this can be done within
a day. You have to keep emailing them every day. You can't like start telling them
and apologizing or whatever or say something like I haven't been emailing you for
awhile or I just had move you or whatever. You just carry on as if nothing
happened. This is pretty much all you can do. This is pretty much all you can do
when it comes to getting your email list restored. So I guess the biggest tip I
can give you regarding getting shut down is really just not panic when it happens
because it will happen to you and have to move on to another autoresponder which
of course brings me to a prevention tip. It's not going to basically fix anything
but its going to help you deal with the problem later on where you want to have
like one or two backup autoresponder accounts ready to go where you also build a
little bit of list into them and you warm them up so your account doesn't go from
zero to 10,000 subscribers and just high volumes because that's bad. Autoresponder
accounts do not like spikes. We've found that out the hard way. They do not like
it when you go from stand still to like 100,000 subscribers or something very,
very quickly and increasing your volume suddenly. They don't like that.
Autoresponder companies you have to grow subtly. So it basically means that adding
a certain amount of subscribers per day with out exploding it too much. Because
there are stories out there like I had a VIP member who was really heavy into
weight loss niche and he was like doing an IM business on the side. So they
launched a product in the weight loss niche and they used GetResponse as their
autoresponder. Now they had been using this account for a long time. I'm talking
about them having about 4,000 buyers, 40,000 regular subscribers and all of a
sudden they are doing this launch and midway through the launch they get shut

Jonathan: Oh gosh.

Igor: Why? Because of the spike. Get Response doesn't like that. Bam! Shut them
down so watch out for the spikes. That's one of the triggers. Also watch out for
list hygiene. If your list hygiene is bad, they will shut you down which is why it
is recommended that every now and again maybe like once a month or something like
that you export your list from which ever company you're using and then you run it
through a list cleaning service and then get it back up. In fact, it is best you
if you reach out to your autoresponder account and say, "Hey what I want to do is
I want to like export the list and then clean it and then import it back in, is
that okay for me to do that? Will you be able to do that without me having
reconfirm?" Most autoresponder companies like that. They actually appreciate you
more for it so they will agree to do it and you will end up much better off
avoiding being banned for "bad leads" or whatever.

Jonathan: I have a personal question here. What is a list cleaning service? And
which one do you recommend if you want to share that one the air?

Igor: Well considering that I have something than a list cleaning service where I
filter my leads in real time.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So anyone ñ they just can't opt in with a fake email into my system but
before I had it of course I had to use a list cleaning service and honestly I did
not find any difference between on list cleaning service to another.

Jonathan: Okay.

Igor: Yeah I just didn't. So just Google something like that; list cleaning
service, remove spam traps or remove bouncers from my list or stuff like that.

Jonathan: Okay, okay. Alright. Good enough. One of the things that I know that we
have talked about on the show in several episodes was how you remove the people
who aren't active so this is in addition to removing the people who aren't active,
removing a bunch of crappy email addresses, right?

Igor: Yes, yes, exactly because crappy email addresses, dead emails, emails that
bounce either hard bounce or a soft bounce, all these contribute to negative score
to our account.

Jonathan: The last time we talked about this, I removed thousands of people from
my email list so it might be happening again. [laughter]

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: I want good hygiene on my list. So any other tips? I like the idea of
going in and planning and preparing for this to happen, having a backup in place
is another thing that you said, keep the list clean and then with a back up that
you have in place you want to be already using that or mailing them so you don't
get a spike is that right?

Igor: Yeah that's right. You definitely want to keep the momentum going and when I
talk about spikes I mean about your size, don't go from zero to 10,000
subscribers, do it gradual.

Jonathan: Got it. So it's not necessarily a spike in your sending volume, but a
spike in your actual lead volume?

Igor: Yeah that's it. Mhh hhm.

Jonathan: Okay got it. Got it. Any other tips you want to share on this one?

Igor: No tips, no more tips.

Jonathan: You're not getting anymore. Join Igor's VIP Program to get the real
stuff, right?

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: Alright fair enough. So then this is a little bit shorter edition of
List Building Lifestyle Show which is good for your health so you can go out do
work. Thank you Igor, thank you List Builders for tuning in and we'll be back with
you next time.

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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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