How To Build A List Fast Using Solo Ads

Ask any solo ad amateur what it takes to build a huge list with solo ads fast and they’ll tell ya:


But that’s a misconception.

It doesn’t take deep pockets to build a large list with solo ads fast.

In fact, if you start throwing hundred dollar bills at solo ad sellers without a strategy I share in this episode, you’re going to run out of money fast.

And you’ll end up stuck with a small dead list.

Wait a second…

Igor, are you saying I don’t have to be filthy rich to build a list using solo ads?

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Find out exactly how to do that in this episode.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle and I am
noticing a pattern in this set of recordings. Everybody knows out there knows that
we batch our recordings but we've been going long on these episodes and I don't
know if it's that you missed the listeners or you got a lot to talk about, why the
hell have we been going so long Igor?

Igor: I guess we just had a lot to say.

Jonathan: [laughter] We missed one recording session last time and we're like
doubling up. Arrg. Ohh we got to get it all in. [laughter]

Igor: Well you know Jonathan when you talk about something, well I don't know
about you but when I talk about something that is personal to me, that I care
about then I'm sure you notice that anytime we have an episode about my father,
you know or something like that it goes on and on and on. Because there's so much
so yeah when we're talking about like who is the right type of person to use Solo
Ads, what's better Facebook Ads or Solo Ads, you know that's our stuff, that's my
life, I live this thing so obviously I have a lot to say about it.

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, look I enjoy it and I like our new dynamic. I almost wish
other people would could join us on this but I love being able to see you when
we're recording this because I can see the passion and if I see that then I go
alright we got to go more into that direction so I think that has helped the

Igor: Yeah, I mean you insisting on doing the whole video thing and video
chatting, at first it creates the feeling as if we're recording in the same room
which is awesome. Second, you get to see my awesome coffee shop environment. So
you get to live the List Building Lifestyle with me a little bit. But yeah,
interacting back and forth with body language and it is just so much more organic
and I'll be honest with you, I have a confession to make it was really hard for me
the first 50 episodes.

Jonathan: Oh yeah?

Igor: Like I really struggled to come up with things to say but it seems like now
that we are recording when I say something I see you nodding your head or you're
like rolling your eyes or something like that.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: It helps. It really helps.

Jonathan: Funny. Alright so what are you have in store for us today, Igor?

Igor: I want to answer that's on everybody's mind especially anyone who is
listening to the show or anyone who is going to be listening to the show down the
road that is you know how do you build your list with Solo Ads really, really
fast. And so the big misconception about this part of the whole process is that ñ
there are actually two misconceptions a) some people buy Solo Ads to make instant
sales and they treat it as it is SEO where you optimize your website for an
instant solution key word. Let's just say you lock yourself out of your home and
so what do you Google in that case? Like?

Jonathan: Locksmith.

Igor: Locksmith, right.

Jonathan: Break a window.

Igor: So locksmith ñ that's right.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] So locksmith is an instant solution that you need right now
because you're like stuck outside the door in your bathrobe, whatever and your
slippers and you need to get back inside quickly. So naturally when you Google
that stuff you need a) somebody who can come in right now and b) somebody who's
close by and c) that you're ready to give them money now.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: No matter what's going on in your life you're ready to give them money right
now. So that's what SEO and a lot of Google Ad Words is, you know you're
optimizing for instantaneous key words. Now this is not the case with Solo Ads
where some of the prospects that you're going to be generating will be ready to
take action right now especially 10 percenters and we discussed who they are in a
previous episode, these are the people that are just crazy about the particular
category that you're marketing so be it business opportunities, be it weight loss
programs, be it you know Apple computers or whatever else, you know they are just
going to jump on this thing every single time because that's what they do. They
are the 10 percenters. These are going to be by far your most profitable customers
and the ones that are the easiest ones to sell. However, a lot of them won't and
so this where the whole concept of list building comes in so the first thing to
understand when you're using Solo Ads that you absolutely have to play this game
to build your list. You can't be playing this game in the short-term form you have
to play it for the long haul. So it's not the kind of touchdown thing right, it's
not one play for a touchdown, you're playing to win the season so you have to keep
things in perspective which is why list building is so important here. The second
thing, the misconception that a lot of people have about how to build a list for
Solo Ads fast is that they think that it's all a matter of a budget like how deep
your pockets are so if you want to build a big list fast then all you have to do
is just drop 10 grand into and that's it. It guarantees you a huge list. Well
chances are it does guarantee you a huge list but also guarantees you're going to
overpay big time for these leads and it doesn't guarantee you sales necessarily or
that you're going to be profitable with that list and that list might end up being
a dead list too. So your $10,000 investment will be out the window.

Jonathan: That's why it was always unattractive to me, the biz op and stuff
because it always seemed like you were always building somebody else's list and
not your own.

Igor: Yeah, there is an element of truth to that for sure where you build someone
else's company, you build someone else's brand, and you end up spending money to
advertise somebody else. So you're doing them a huge service. However that is only
true if you on your own can create a brand, can create a system like that, can
create a product like that or the product funnels that will be chatting about in a
minute so if you're just starting out or if you're somebody that does not want to
do all that work. Let's face it I mean to create a system like that let's just say
a program like MOBE, it took Matt Lloyd a good four years to create it.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: I remember Matt Lloyd before he opened up MOBE, he created information
products, he wrote sales letters, he created webinar presentations, he invited
like guys from the speaking empire to perfect the presentation so it could turn it
into an automated webinar. That thing is years and years in the making so when
you're coming in and even though you're paying a high ticket investment to get the
rights to that system so you can license it and so you can promote it, I mean
that's a huge shortcut. You're saving a lot of time and a lot of money too because
it cost him way more money to develop it than it is costing you to buy it from
him. So the two misconceptions a) playing it for the short term and b) trying to
come in with deep pockets are going to kill you, literally going to wipe you out
and you have to get rid of them. But now if you have the mindset of a list
builder, the first thing to understand it's not the size of your budget, it's the
momentum that you're going to create with it. So in other words if you're trying
to decide whether to take a loan for $5000 and drop all of it into a promotion
versus investing $300 per month into your Solo Ad campaigns or $300 a week or
something, I would go with the momentum builder so there's constant stream of new
traffic coming in. Now why would I want to do that? First off, what you want to do
is you want to create a sense of progress in your business. So from a mental
standpoint it's really useful to see leads coming in everyday. Second, by having
leads coming in everyday slowly you're able to slowly but surely optimize your
marketing because the other element of being able to build your list really fast
with Solo Ads is your follow up and not just your email follow up which we are
talking a lot about on the show, aggressive daily email follow up if you have to
do it twice day, three times a day but be aggressive about it, be unapologetic and
be hitting them hard. Your job is to get anyone who is capable or wanting to
purchase or both to create that first transaction or to drive them off your list.
That's the two purposes you've got.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Anything that is in between that's not what you're trying to do here.

Jonathan: Buy or die. [laughter]

Igor: Buy or die or subscribe or yeah. Absolutely have to get that first sale. So
some people will act right away, other people will act only after they go through
your follow up sequence so that's a really important element and it also allows
you to create the cash flow in addition so you can support that momentum. Now in
addition to the follow up through email, there is other ways you can follow up.
The first thing that you can do is you can retarget. Really important, Facebook
allows you today to first off place a pixel so you can place a retargeting pixel
for Facebook and for Google Ad Words if you want to on your landing page, on your
thank you page, on your product buyer page, whatever and you can retarget that
traffic through other networks and the beautiful part about it is that at least on
Facebook that I know, the targeting audience is your audience which means they are
not as strict about it. Not as strict about kicking you out if you say something
wrong like there is less of a chance. I have friend who ran just a complete
ridiculous ad that broke all the rules, broke all the terms and conditions and
they did not ban him and he did for two months and the only thing that I could
possibly think of was that he was doing a custom audience. He running it to his
own audience that he sent a bunch of traffic from a media blog or something and
then he ran the retargeting ad through Facebook. The guy broke all the rule and
they didn't ban him. So eventually I started researching this and I stumbled into
a video by Tanner Larson whose a Facebook Ads/e-commerce expert and he said that
the retargeting/custom audiences are your audiences so it's kind of like having a
list which means that not only you're building our real list with the emails but
you're also building a retargeting list which is a pixilated list if you will and
now you can run some ads to that audience too. Now try not to break rules, try not
to say, "Make a million dollars in 24 .." but you can run something along the
lines of "How Matt Lloyd made $7 million in his first year online or something"
whatever the ad creative for MOBE today. You can do stuff like that. So it's not
promising results but it implies a case study if you will. That's the better
approach. So that's one type of audience you can build. The other type is you can
upload your email list. So you've been running Solo Ads for a month and you've
built this list of 1000 prospects that are potentially a good fit for your product
so you can export your list from Aweber, Get Response, Send Lane, Fusion or
whatever, you can upload it as a custom audience into your Facebook Ad account.
What you've created now is an audience of people that if the email that they used
to sign up with you matches their Facebook email, they will now be part of that
audience. So you can again have access to them in addition to what they are seeing
in the inbox so what happens now is that you're winning here simply because of the
sheer volume and frequency of your presence in their life. They are getting emails
from you everyday. They are seeing on their Facebook feed everyday. They are
seeing you on their Instagram everyday because Facebook and Instagram are now the
same company and so whenever you run ads on Facebook, they also appear on
Instagram and even if you're using Audience Network on Facebook what happens they
play Angry Birds and they can see little ads in Angry Birds too so see how that
happens? Now there is multiple media where you're engaging them and we spoke many,
many times before on this show that familiarity breeds trust. So what happens is
you're now like blanketing them. Is that a word? Blanketing?

Jonathan: Yeah absolutely.

Igor: Blanketing them with you so they start paying attention. You kind of break
through the ad blindness if you will if your ads are any good of course. Okay? So
that's as far as your follow up strategy in general. Now the other thing that is
really important, this could actually be like a deal breaker for somebody who is
running traffic, it's your funnel. Here's what I mean. I remember having a
prospect apply, find out how much we charge and we charge a lot. We go way over a
dollar per click. He came back almost cussing us.

Jonathan: Why?

Igor: Why would you cuss at us if all we are doing is ñ that's all we do is we
sell Solo Ads and ...

Jonathan: [laughter] Dennis obviously Dennis did something here. He asked too many
questions. [laughter]

Igor: Yeah, of course. Of course, Dennis had a lot to do with it. But basically
what happen is this guy got upset with us because we charged too much per click
because he selling a $2 report on how to not get scammed by the gurus.

Jonathan: Hmm.

Igor: So the first mistake is of course selling something like that. Nobody is
going to pay $2 to find out how to not get scammed by the gurus. People just don't
value that information.

Jonathan: That sounds like a scam. [laughter]

Igor: Exactly.

Jonathan: $2 what? [laughter]

Igor: And you have to sell a lot of $2 reports, I'm talking hundreds to recoup
your investment on a media buy. He got upset because he came back and he said,
"Look I got to make 400 sales with you guys to break even." So that's why you
don't sell $2 reports or $7 reports. What you need to do especially with the ever
rising advertising costs, now you may argue that I'm expensive but you can't
really get clicks on Facebook for a competitive like interest, it's not a key word
there it's an interest, for less than $2. I mean I have been optimizing like crazy
recently and the lowest I could get was $1.20. $1.20 for a super competitive
interest but that after thousands of dollars in testing so moving forward I'll be
able to pay that but until now I paid a lot more. So my point is that you should
just assume that ad cost will be rising all the time just like gas prices will be
rising all of the time and as the real estate experts, JR will confirm I hope that
real estate prices will be rising all of the time because it's just the name of
the game. It's always going to go up. So you need to sell a high ticket offer and
you need to have a deep funnel.

Jonathan: Deep funnel. That's an interesting term.

Igor: Deep funnel.

Jonathan: I've not heard that before. What is a deep funnel?

Igor: Yeah, deep funnel means a funnel that starts with either a low entry but
better a mid-entry like price point and goes all the way up to multiple five
figure offers.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: So an example is like MOBE where you start with the $49 investment but you
can get all the way up to like 60 grand or 50 grand or something like that.

Jonathan: Wow, really?

Igor: Yeah, The Digital Altitude, same thing. You are start off with ñ you can
start with $1 trial with a $27 thing or a $37 thing but you can go all the way up
to 50 and so the reason it's important is because out of those that get the lower
entry thing but again it cannot be $7 you can't count on that to help you make
money. Out of those who get the lower entry the program is designed to get people
ascending. Okay? Just ascending through the offers because each like ñ like each
section unlocks the next one; it's called the Graduation Model. It invented
originally by I think it was Dan Kennedy but the first person who coined it this
was who called it Graduation Model was Eben Pagan, one of the smartest marketers I
think we ever witnessed to work in this industry. The Graduation Model is
absolutely critical if you would like not only sustain yourself in an ever
increasing advertising cost marketplace but also to really have a thriving
business where you can do a really good job serving your clients. Because you
won't be able to acquire clients any other way and if you can't acquire clients in
the very early stages of your business you can't get clients because you don't
have anything else going on for you. You don't have any publicity. You don't have
any authority; you don't have any content that you may publish on some authority
websites or something like. You have to buy your customers. You will only be able
to do that if you have a deep funnel, high ticket offer or system that you're

Jonathan: Right, so what I'm understanding now the deep funnel have a fricking
back end. [laughter]

Igor: Yes.

Jonathan: Have a back end because that's the problem most people and you must see
it all the time, I used to be like this ñ I need traffic, I need traffic. What's
traffic going to do for you if you've got nothing on the back end for them?
Another thing and we have talked about it before is knowing your customer value
because if you know your customer value then you know what you can pay to acquire
them and that was one of the big thing that I was lacking then I went into
Facebook ads and I'm like customer values anywhere from 6 to 8 grand then I can
spend this much to acquire customers. So I hear you saying know your fricking

Igor: Absolutely but you know I didn't want to mention this in this episode
because I'm assuming that anyone who is asking of how to build a list fast with
Solo Ads is probably not there yet mentally. The thing that I want to avoid as
much as possible and it's really hard of course to do that with my strategies
because I send you like 15 emails in the first seven days of you joining my list
and there's like 140 something episodes now that you can listen to on this website
but I don't want to overwhelm them too much. So you know as promised this episode
I wanted to outline the general principles of operation when you're trying to
build a list fast with Solo Ads. But yeah, money math, okay money math is the
single most important type of math any business owner can master regardless of
what they do, the niche they operate in or what they sell because if you don't
know your money math, especially in the later stages of your business, not when
you just get your feet wet but when you've established yourself and now you're
willing to really start scaling thing up, you have to know what the cost is to
acquire a customer, what kind of revenue are you producing per customer on
average, is there a difference between a customer who stayed with you for 3 months
versus one that stayed with you six months? So money math is ñ I don't know what
to compare it to but Jonathan it's very, very important stuff.

Jonathan: The point here that I want to bring it back around to is because list
building is a very fundamental thing, it's also very basic but having that idea
that there is a bigger picture than just building the list I think that's
important for folks to know, what is the purpose of that list at the end of the
day? Because I spent years building a list and I wasn't selling them anything. So
a list without sales is useless.

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Yeah in fact one of the most common questions I get as well especially since
launching the show and we did an episode about this, is how to bring a list back
from the dead. So if you have a dead list that you've built, how do you squeeze
something from it because a lot of people they build something and they don't
email it, they don't follow up, they don't send additional offers and the list
just dies out because they forget about you and you are no longer relevant in
their lives. So their email may be the same email and still active but you're not
relevant anymore. So the purpose of building a list like you said goes way beyond
the opt in which is where most people stop, right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: The plan, it's like the difference between the American companies like
whenever a new American company starts and a Japanese one. So Japanese companies
they require you to have a 20 year plan.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: So you can't really do much, you're not even considered like a business or
they don't take it seriously unless you have a 20 or 30 year plan, what you want
to achieve and how you want to do it. While in America nobody is thinking beyond
tonight, you know?

Jonathan: [laughter] Let's get some seed money. So I've taken you off track about
building a list fast but it was for the purpose of knowing the importance of a
list. Let's go back to that fast list building.

Igor: Well, I'm actually done.

Jonathan: You're done. Alright so I didn't take you off track.

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: I took you right where you needed to go. [laughter]

Igor: Exactly.

Jonathan: Alright so then what do you have coming up for us next time?

Igor: You know something weird happened maybe not weird just awkward. A couple of
weeks ago a client of mine who has been getting traffic with me got his auto
responder account shut down.

Jonathan: Oh

Igor: And he shared this concern with me. He literally said, "Look my heart is
racing. I feel like my entire world has been shaken and it was a really bad time
for him. Now I did my best to help him through it but I realized that I forgot
what it's like because I had like seven or eight, I mean I had two autoresponder
accounts shut down this week so..

Jonathan: Wow, this week?

Igor: Yeah this week. But I did not ñ I don't take it the same way anymore, right?
But he's just starting out and when he shared how he feels, it reminded me of how
I felt when I had my first autoresponder account shut down. I decided that it was
time to perhaps walk the beginners through something like that because anyone who
is a serious marketer and I mean like Kern, Bronson, my mentor Tom Biel like
anyone really who markets had autoresponder accounts shut down. In fact most even
had merchant accounts ban them. Right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: So I really want to describe what it's like and share what you can do when
somebody like Aweber or Get Response comes in and just pulls the carpet from
underneath you.

Jonathan: Alright. I'm looking forward to that so that is a wrap for another
episode of List Building Lifestyle show. Thank you Mr. Kheifets, thank you List
Builders for tuning in and we will be back in your earbuds next time.

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