Overpopulation, Copywriting and Cults with Chris Haddad

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Embark on an epic journey of copywriting mastery and personal transformation with Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad. Unleash the power of captivating sales copy that generates millions, explore the future of AI in writing, delve into the mysteries of human psychology, and conquer mental health challenges. From crafting magic spells to understanding the allure of cults, tune in now for an epic experience.

Guest: Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad is a highly regarded copywriting expert, known for his ability to craft compelling and high-converting sales copy. With years of experience in the industry, Chris has written sales letters, video scripts, and sales funnels that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. His expertise in persuasive messaging and consumer psychology has made him a sought-after copywriter for businesses across various niches. Through his innovative approach and mastery of the written word, Chris Haddad helps businesses captivate their audiences and achieve remarkable results through their marketing campaigns.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Chris Haddad to discuss the future of copywriting with the evolution of A.I., finding common ground between the Arabs and Israelis, conspiracy theories, human psychology, and more!

[01:07] Copywriters Vs. ChatGPT:

  • I do think it’s a big deal. And it’s going to impact the world in crazy ways. I also think if human history shows anything, it’s that nobody’s predicting things correctly.
  • The steam engine didn’t like to destroy jobs, it just created more.
  • People keep thinking, if you add more lanes to the freeway, you’ll have less traffic. That’s never how it works, you have more. Because it just creates more capacity and people drive more. 

[05:04] Israel And The Arab World:

  • You get into a conversation between an Israeli and an Arab about this whole situation, especially if they’re older. I mean, it’s game over.
  • Everyone’s super opinionated, and they’ll go head-to-head.
  • Raising a generation of Israelis and Arabs there have been taught that it’s cool to get along. It’s really hard to change an existing generation that lived their entire life.

[10:40] Praising The Japanese And Korean Culture:

  • The Japanese economy skyrocketed after the war. And in the following couple of decades, they surpassed everyone.
  • I’ve always admired that about Japanese culture, and the Korean culture, and their dedication to work, dignity, and discipline.

[13:55] Pros And Cons Of Being In The Army:

  • The positive is you learn discipline real quick. You’ll learn, you’ll learn team spirit.
  • Stream the episode to dive deeper into Igor’s experience in the army.

[18:37] Writing Interesting Copy With A.I.:

  • It’s something for Facebook ads or you know, subject lines, things like that. I think it’s great. But it isn’t it isn’t there yet, as far as actually writing interesting copy. And I don’t think it’s going to be there.

[29:43] The Time When Chris Lost His Mind:

  • I have bipolar two, which is a very serious mental illness that I was dealing with for three, nine years without knowing it.
  • There are people if you talk to people who knew me 15 years ago, or 10 years ago in the business, and some of them will tell you stories about me being a massive asshole. And that’s largely because I was dealing with an undiagnosed mental illness.
  • Eventually, my wife convinced me to get help, and I got on meds and then I have the experience over the course of years. Waking up from my own delusions, waking up from that paranoid part of my brain. 

[34:26] Writing Magic Spells:

  • I try to take a step back sometimes and be like holy shit, I wrote a thing that convinced people to take millions of dollars out of their pockets and give it to me.
  • It’s like writing a magic spell. Sometimes it’s about the and it’s such an interesting, psychological journey to figure out how to sell things. 

[40:21] The True Believer, Marriage, and Husbands:

  • There’s a great book. It’s called “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer.
  • In that book, he expressed the idea that marriage is a cult.
  • Studies show that marriage is worse for women than it is for men. Men live longer when they’re married men are healthier when they’re married men live better lives when they’re married.
  • I’ve been married twice. My first marriage was horrible. And it was because we didn’t really like each other and got into it for the wrong reasons.
  • My current marriage is fucking amazing. It’s the most important thing in my life, I would give up every time I have before I would give up my wife. 

[43:00] Recommendations From Chris Haddad:

  • There’s a great one called “Cults In Our Midst”. That’s really good.
  • Besides that, there’s a great podcast that I love called “Cults”.

[44:40] Why Do People Join Cults?

  • It’s a family, it’s a community.
  • We live in this world where so many people don’t have any kind of community around them.
  • As far as this feeling like you’re part of something, most of us are so lonely. Most people are fucking lonely as hell these days.

[48:11] The Chris Haddad Show:

  • Originally, I started it because I was teaching copywriting.
  • But I have this podcast, and it’s just conversations, you know, it’s very loose.
  • Visit The Chris Haddad Show to learn more. 


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