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Your ability to make tons of sales comes down to selecting the right niche. If you’ve ever wondered how to pick a profitable niche, penetrate a competitive niche, find a passionate market, and gauge the buying power of a category in your crosshair, then tune in to this episode and listen to Clickbank’s No. 1 vendor Aidan Booth as he explains the science of niche selection.

Guest: Aidan Booth is ClickBank’s number-one vendor and record-earning affiliate who specializes in niche selection. Aiden owns thousands of sites, and half a dozen companies, and cooks a decent Asado.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Aidan Booth to discover the science of niche selection and how to pick a profitable one and take your business to a whole nother level. 

[01:20] How to sell a mindset product?

  • After flirting with affiliate marketing for a couple of years, I finally decided to create my own product. I decided to sell a mindset product.

  • I ethically stole their best ideas, roping them into my own flavor, so they taste different. 72 hours later, I had an 83-page book. I hired a graphic artist to create a cover. I wrote a long-form sales letter, bought a domain and a sleek WordPress template, and connected my PayPal.

  • Next, I created a capture page where I gave away a free chapter of my book to collect email addresses.

  • Anyone who claimed that free chapter immediately got up-sold into the full book at $47. Over the course of the next two months, I gave away 122 free chapters and sold two copies of my book.

  • I did not give up though. I created a different lead magnet and rewrote my sales page. It didn’t help at all.
  • After running dozens of split tests, I finally consulted a friend who asked me if there were people who successfully sold these products to the public.

  • That’s when the penny dropped and I realized I was selling a product people didn’t want to buy.

What is the best way to pick a niche?

[03:25] Find The Sweet Spot:

  • I think something that a lot of people get wrong here is they either go too broad from the outset or too specific. And I think it’s vitally important that you find that sweet spot.

  • If you’re starting an affiliate website, you could do something about fitness and some people would build a website about fitness that’ll be doing all kinds of information about fitness.

  • And other people would go to the other extreme and say, “look, I’m going to build a website recommending different yoga mats.” And that would be too specific.

  • So a website about fitness would be too broad. A website about yoga mats would be too specific. That sweet spot would be a website about yoga.

[04:48] How to find the sweet spot?

  • To find the sweet spot and you can also use this to eliminate some ideas that you might have.
  • You can do some research and there are tools out there that will help you with this to find how many people are searching for certain keywords and types of content.

  • If you’re not getting enough, then that means you’re too specific. And on the other hand, if it’s too broad, then that’s also not going to work for you.

[05:16]  What’s enough when it comes to searches?

  • I think it really depends on your traffic plan. If you’re going with paid traffic, you don’t need that much.

  • If you were able to get 100 visitors a day, you’d probably be able to get a couple of sales and you’d be able to make a hundred bucks a day or something.

  • If you’re going with organic traffic, then you do need to still have an idea of where that organic traffic is going to come from. If it’s coming in from Google, then you can tally up the search volume of all the different keywords that you might be targeting.

  • And the Google AdWords tool is still really the best place to gauge the amount of traffic that’s out there.

[06:55] How to break into a niche?

  • I think you can get into the yoga nation. It doesn’t mean that you have to dominate yoga.

  • You just have to get a foothold to begin with and a trickle of visitors coming in and then you can build up on that.

  • You’re not going to overnight have a well-ranked, really successful yoga website. But you can get there by feeding off the crumbs of some longer tail keywords and get traffic that way. And then over time, hopefully, you’re building an email list and things like that.

  • As long as you’re on the lookout for new brands, new products, new problems, or new emerging markets you can probably spin it any way you want.

  • When you start talking the language of your target audience, it makes the conversion so much easier as well.

  • Create names of different courses or products that you might be selling, author names of different books or again, courses that you could be selling, and product names.

  • One of the ways that I got started online was by getting rankings for those keywords. It’s still very doable these days and quite an easy way to get money coming in.

[10:16] The Checklist Manifesto:

  • The Checklist Manifesto – A great book about creating checklists and just overall sells you the whole idea of how checklists are truly powerful and improve your productivity and your ability to grow a bigger team.

  • I searched for the checklist manifesto summary and I landed on a website that ranked number one or number three that offered just a bullet-point summary of the book.

  • Search for the book titles, and you oftentimes find people who posted an audio readout on the book or they would post their opinion on the book or the summary of the book.

[14:30] Maturing of Prospects:

  • You got on the email list for The Checklist Manifesto. You know, those conversion rates skyrocket when you target, there are more targeted keywords essentially. We’re talking about the maturity of the prospect in the marketplace.

  • So somebody has been taking an interest in a topic or a hobby for the first two months. They’re looking for broader keywords and the more they dive into it, the more specific the keyword gets, and the more they zero in on particular products in the market.

[14:56] How to gauge the buying power of the market?

  • Google is a good resource for that because it will give you an estimate of what you might pay to get a click.

  • The more that you would need to pay to get a click, that’s normally a good indicator of competition. And if there’s more competition there, that’s for a reason.

[20:18] The Infographic Version:

  • Check out the infographic at

  • It’s a pretty beasty infographic, but it does cover a lot of what we’ve spoken about here today and just continues down the path of what you could do to get started with an affiliate marketing-specific business.

  • Whether or not you’re interested in affiliate marketing or creating your own product, which of course most people would probably be interested in starting out with affiliate marketing just to get a proof of concept.

[23:01] Build Your Email List:

  • Don’t delay in starting to build up an email list.
  • For the first couple of years, there was building online websites and stuff. I didn’t worry about integrating email lists and building up subscriber bases.

  • And not just email lists but just getting more present in your niche.

  • It could be building up a Facebook group or a social profile of some kind. Because if you can really capture that audience, you don’t need that many raving fans to make a lot of money.

  • Even with just 100 or 1000 people in your sphere of influence, that’s valuable and it doesn’t take long to get there. And I could have shortened my path to ultimately being able to quit my day job if I’d focused on that as one of my objectives from the get-go.

  • I would recommend that anyone starting any kind of niche website or any kind of business online really, then make sure they’ve got a way to capture leads of people who are interested in what they’re talking about.

[25:00] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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