Are you ready to hear the latest insider scoop on the world of internet marketing? Discover the shocking truth behind the banning of scarcity timers on order forms and how it affected one Igor’s business. Find out how you can promote new products on Clickbank for up to 90% commission. And hear firsthand accounts from an experienced marketer on the highs and lows of the industry. If you’re interested in the world of internet marketing, you won’t want to miss this episode.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor delves into the reasons why PayPal suddenly banned him, the latest developments in product launches, and the truth about what it’s really like to be an internet marketer.

[02:02]  Reason why PayPal banned Igor:

  • They banned me because I had timers on my order forms.

  • If you’re using PayPal, you’re not allowed to use scarcity timers or urgency timers, they’re not tied to a specific date.

  • So if you want it to use an evergreen timer, that starts a countdown for every visitor that lands on the page. That’s against PayPal’s Terms of Service.

  • They locked about 28,000 I think they froze there for six months just in case of chargebacks refunds, etc.

[05:10] Interesting Developments Since AWOL Igor:

  • We finally listed some more products on Clickbank.

  • You can go on Clickbank and find that and you can promote it for 40% Commission. And if you’re a paying customer, if you’re a member of elite affiliate Pro, you can promote it for a 90% commission.

  • Visit to learn more.

[06:51] Plans For The Podcast:

  • I am committed to sticking to two episodes a week, and we’re going to be pushing that forward.

[09:22] What It’s Like To Be An Internet Marketer:

  • When I started in this industry it was eye-opening.

  • Because many of them, although they made lots of money, they had product launches where they made a million dollars in 24 hours.

  • They’ve had incredible, incredible successes. I would often meet them, they weren’t as rich, they didn’t have life figured out, and people who are considered to be my, my idols, my mentors, people who I would funnel hack, all of a sudden realizing they’re not doing better than me, they don’t have things figured out. The whole idea of them being a role model got just shattered to pieces.

  • It is really important to open your eyes, to what it’s truly like to be an internet marketer, and what it’s really like to come into a lot of money in a short period of time having no understanding of money, no logic as far as investing.

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