After almost 4 months, the List Building Lifestyle Show is BACK!  You’ve been asking questions such as “where is Igor?” and “why haven’t there been any new episodes since January?”  In this episode Igor explains why he went AWOL and shares the plan for the 2020 List Building Lifestyle Show.


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Terrance Lackey: Welcome to the all new List Building Lifestyle show with Igor Kheifets. This is Terrance Lackey and it's my distinct pleasure and honor to introduce the man, the myth, the legend, Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets: Terrance, it's good to be back. Man it feels like it's been forever since the last episode.

Terrance Lackey: God, it's been since January, right?

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, I know. It's almost embarrassing.

Terrance Lackey: So what have you been up to since then, Igor? Everybody wants to know you. I know that people have been checking out their podcast, waiting for the next episode to drop and it's not been there, so everybody wants to know where have you been and what have you been up to?

Igor Kheifets: Well, honestly, the entire January I didn't do anything at all. It's the first time in since forever I've literally done nothing. It was also the time when I lost my PayPal account, which kind of threw me into this three-day depression about, "Oh finally it happened." It's the thing I was afraid of for six years now that it might eventually happen and it did, and to be honest with you, it's the stupidest reason ever. They did not ban me for chargebacks, they did not ban me for anything crazy like that. You know why they banned me? They banned me because I had timers on my order forms.

Terrance Lackey: Ouch.

Igor Kheifets: Ouch indeed. What is that? Turns out in case you didn't know and this may be useful to some of you guys out there listening. If you're using PayPal, you're not allowed to use scarcity timers or urgency timers that are not tied to a specific date. So if you want it to use an evergreen timer that starts a countdown for every visitor that lands the page, that's against PayPal's terms of service. So if you've got anything like that going on and you want to keep your PayPal account, I suggest changing that.

Terrance Lackey: Holy cow. Did they notify you, or did they try to log in one day and then you couldn't get in? Or had you noticed sales drop off? How'd you find out about it?

Igor Kheifets: Well, they did reach out to me and said, "You've got this program we noticed using a timer you should remove it." And I did. But my mistake was that I did not remove the timers from other pages where I was using PayPal as a checkout option. And for some reason they didn't ask me about those pages, just a couple of months later they said, "Hey, we gave you some time to fix this issue, but it seems like you're still using a timer over here, so bye-bye. Come back in six months and talk about your money." And they locked about $28,000 I think, they froze there for six months just for in case of chargebacks, refunds, etc, and we're still a long way from claiming that money. It was a blow in terms of like having... you know, that feeling when you've got a status quo and it's comfortable and then something happens and it's shaken to the core? That's how it felt.

Terrance Lackey: Wow. Wow. Well you know what they say? They're saying that 2020s the year for disasters. You had to Australian wildfires, you had the tornadoes in the central part, just a part of the country, COVID-19's running around, and now your PayPal crashes in January. What a way to start the year. So what else have you been up to since then, because it's now April? You pulled yourself out of that depression, right?

Igor Kheifets: Yes, in many ways thanks to Dennis as usual. Typically, whenever things like that happen, it's Dennis who ends up pulling everyone out, not me, So I want to give him credit where credit is due. And we ended up signing up with four different merchants, although I applied for like 40. We're into some issues with getting approved here and there, but eventually we've got several ways to collect money now, which, I'm able to sleep at night knowing that we've got options.

It also led to some interesting developments, like we finally listed some more products in ClickBank. So if any of you guys listening want to promote our elite traffic pro webinar for example, you can go on ClickBank and find that and you can promote it for 40% commission. And if you're a paying customer, if you're a member of Elite Affiliate Pro, you can actually promote it for 90% commission. If you want to learn more about that, then head over to and find a way to reach out to us, so that's been interesting.

Then besides that, I think we released at least three new coaching programs in that time, one about traffic generation, another about landing pages, we created some lending page templates, so there's a lot that happened. And of course I have to say this in that time as well I traveled as a guest with Dennis to Spain, to Barcelona just before they shut down the borders to meet with Leonel Messi, one of the most famous soccer players in the world. That wasn't as fun as it sounds, but I get to cross it off my list.

Terrance Lackey: Well, I bet you got some great pictures and some autographs and that kind of thing as well. That's pretty awesome.

Igor Kheifets: Yo, it's Igor. If you're loving the content, hop on over to for more free training and a free transcript of this episode. Oh, and I'd really appreciate if you logged into iTunes and rated the show. It really helps. Thanks.

Terrance Lackey: So now you're making your podcast, you've gotten a lot out of traveling, products have dropped, you're on ClickBank now, PayPal's been... you've recovered from that probably better and stronger than ever. So what are your plans going forward with regard to the podcast? A lot of podcast listeners are out there looking for you, what's your plan going forward?

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, I want to start with an apology to all the loyal podcast listeners. I'm getting your emails guys, I'm getting your messages. I've definitely dropped the ball and in many ways because I didn't have someone with a stick to really beat me up when I'm lagging on the deadlines, because the thing about podcasts, you have to stay consistent in putting them out, and I was able to do that for a couple of years before I ran out of steam. So now that I have you Terrance, I am committed to sticking to two episodes a week and be that bug in your ear so to speak, so the podcast is back baby, that's what I'm trying to say.

Terrance Lackey: Yeah, well super excited. It's the way I became first exposed to you there Igor with regard to the podcasts. In my travels I've been looking forward and it's forced me to listen to other podcasts and none of them are quite the same, so I'm super glad to be part of this and to help you stay on track with this, and be part of this podcast experience is really exciting for me.

So we're going to be doing two podcasts a week and we're going to be pushing that forward, I'm really excited. What do you think we're going to talk about here in the upcoming episodes, any thoughts or ideas, or where you want to go with this?

Igor Kheifets: Oh yeah, absolutely. One thing we have to talk about, which is something that although lots of people talk about it, I still don't think people are grasping what's going on. We have to talk about the Coronavirus situation, not necessarily from the medical standpoint I'm no expert there. In fact, you have way more experience in that you, I mean, you build hospitals. So if anyone can talk about the situations, probably you not me, and if you want to share your opinion on that, would love to hear that. But in terms of economic situation, because people's losing their jobs, unemployment is like at all time high. I think we're already over the greed, depression levels, and what does that mean for the rest of the world? What does it mean for us? What does it mean for affiliate marketing? Do we still want to build a list?

Igor Kheifets: Do we go and get a Shopify store going, or should we sell on Amazon? What's going on and where's the next big opportunity? What's going to happen in the next six, 12, 18 months and what's the direction we should be taking? So we will be talking a lot about that as well as we'll be getting deeper into some of the things that I've never spoke about before. For example, I would love to tell you guys more about not just the money I've made over the years, but rather the money I've lost because you know Terrance, getting up close and personal with people who I considered idols when I started in this industry was really eye-opening because many of them, although they made lots of money, they had product launches where they made a million in 24 hours. Dave had incredible, incredible successes. I would often meet them at a low point in their life where they weren't really as rich, they didn't have life figured out. And again, people who are considered to be my idols, my mentors, people who I would funnel hack all of a sudden realizing, "Wow, they are not doing better than me. They don't have things figured out." The whole idea of them being a role model got just shattered to pieces because of their decisions over time.

I think that's really important to open your eyes about what it's truly like to be an internet marketer, what it's truly like to come into lots of money in a short period of time, having no understanding of money or no logic as far as investing, so that'd be fun. Lots, lots to discuss there.

And as usual we'll be diving deeper into list building techniques and to traffic sources, into influence and copywriting techniques and pretty much everything that goes with building an email list.

Terrance Lackey: Well I think this is just what the doctor ordered, especially for those of you who are interested in the internet marketing niche. I'll tell you there's 22 million at this point right now, unemployed Americans out there. I have members of my family that are unemployed, and there's a lot of desperation. People don't have a lot of money to be throwing around at different programs and they need some solid advice, so certainly glad you're here and happy to be a part of this. Looking forward to future episodes and we have another one in just a few days, so stick around everyone. Thanks Igor, we're glad you're back man and we're looking forward to the rest, looking forward to this journey.

Igor Kheifets: Good to be back.

Thank you for listening to the List Building Lifestyle. Get access to previous episodes, the transcription of today's show, as well as other exclusive content at Also, don't forget to claim your free seat at the workshop I'm hosting this week where I showed the two step system that made me the top affiliate for people like Matt Bacak, John Crestani, Richard Legg, Michael Cheney, and many, many others. In fact, on this workshop I'm going to show you the exact approach I take whenever I promote an affiliate offer, the exact offers I promote, as well as how I was able to make over half a million dollars in commissions using my small list of just 18,000 people promoting a weird type of product that almost no one else promotes. All that is yours at, so go ahead claim your see right now and I'll see you there.

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