The Newsletter Hack That Skyrocketed Lead Generation with Dylan Bridger

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Are newsletters the secret weapon of lead generation? Discover how directing readers to a lead magnet and promoting high-ticket coaching programs within newsletters became a game-changer. Whether you’re a seasoned email marketer or just starting, this episode is packed with valuable nuggets to enhance your email marketing game!

Guest: Dylan Bridger is a seasoned marketing strategist and copywriter who helps coaches and content creators make more money with email. Being a former chemical engineer turned email marketing expert, he has achieved remarkable success in helping coaches and course creators enhance their email marketing efforts. Notably, he played a pivotal role in elevating the email-based revenues of seven-figure clients by an astounding 300%, maintaining a consistent 20-30% growth for over two years. Dylan’s expertise has earned him invitations to speak on email marketing and conversion rate optimization by prestigious organizations such as the Toronto Region Board of Trade. His accomplishments include facilitating a high-ticket coach’s impressive 130 sales calls generating $140,200 in revenue within 90 days through strategic email campaigns. Beyond his professional achievements, Dylan enjoys a devoted following on social media and email, while he balances his career with a passion for music and quality time with his wife.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Dylan Bridger to discuss the strategy of using newsletters as a lead generation tool, and how to direct readers to lead magnets and promote high-ticket coaching programs within newsletters. 

[02:46] Using Newsletters As Lead Generation Strategy:

  • I opted for this approach because my target clients are heavily engaged in email and newsletters. I noticed some creators offering classified ads at an undervalued price. So, I experimented by directing people to a free lead magnet, a case study of mine, followed by a welcome sequence promoting a high-ticket coaching program.

  • It was profitable on the first run, so I repeated the ad in the same newsletter a few weeks later with similar results.

  • I’ve run two ads this month and have four planned for next month, so I’m doubling down on it as it seems more promising than other ad platforms.

  • In the near future, there will be more opportunities for list builders to grow their lists through newsletters. This aligns with my entire online presence strategy, targeting people already subscribing to lists and reading emails regularly. This approach has been a game-changer for me in list building, with better email open rates compared to running traffic from sources like Facebook.

[09:02] Writing Emails For A Living:

  • I primarily write emails and manage client lists, including various projects from writing sequences and campaigns to ongoing email production. I value a simple lifestyle that allows me the freedom to travel and enjoy the benefits of being my own boss.

  • While I work on building my personal brand and list to offer more scalable products like mini-courses and coaching programs, most of my revenue currently comes from list management and copywriting services.

[11:52] Breaking Patterns in Email Formatting:

  • Continuously test different ideas, offers, angles, and campaign structures, providing valuable insights into what works best.

  • I’ve also noticed that breaking patterns in email formats can yield positive results. For instance, I experimented with emails where the first paragraph ran all the way down the left side of the screen instead of the traditional paragraph format. It grabbed attention effectively.

  • Understanding how the brain processes information and designing content accordingly can greatly improve email marketing results.

  • Experimenting with email formats is essential because it helps you stand out not only from competitors but also from your own previous emails. Over time, people can develop ‘banner blindness,’ making it essential to switch things up. 

[13:47] Tips For Selling High-Ticket Items:

  • Another valuable lesson I’ve learned, particularly for selling higher-ticket programs (those priced above $1,000), is the effectiveness of asking recipients to reply with a single word. This approach involves more personalized follow-ups rather than directing them to a sales page.

  • While some may be adept at achieving this through webinars, for those struggling to get prospects to raise their hands for high-ticket services or coaching programs, asking for a reply has proven highly effective.

  • Requesting replies can positively impact deliverability as it demonstrates list health.

  • When email recipients reply, it improves your sender reputation, which in turn enhances your email deliverability.

  • Some people prefer to have a conversation before making a purchase, even if it’s over email. It allows sellers to tailor their subsequent interactions, particularly when recipients provide their corporate or business domains. This personalized touch can significantly improve conversion rates, especially with smaller email lists.

[24:00] Persuading Through Story-Telling:

  • Perry Marshall’s idea that different people persuade in different ways resonated with me. Some are more logical, while others are emotional. Embracing your natural style of communication can yield better results.

  • Understanding core emotional drivers, such as self-preservation, romance, money, and recognition, helped me craft more emotionally resonant messages. I found that even when I thought I was being purely logical, my words would still trigger emotions in readers. Recognizing this allowed me to become a better and more subtle copywriter.

  • I like to just hook people in with something that’s going to be fascinating to them.

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