The Fear Factor

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Have you ever faced a life-altering move that turned your world upside down? In this episode, Igor shares his personal journey from Ukraine to Israel at the age of 12, navigating a new country, language, and financial struggles. Discover how adversity shaped his resilience and determination to escape the clutches of poverty.

[00:00] Alan Watts Introduces The Show:

[00:20] Igor delves into his life journey, emphasizing his Ukrainian upbringing, the trials after moving to Israel, financial struggles, and the fear of poverty driving him, shaping his mindset and commitment to sparing his family such difficulties.

[01:50] Growing Up In Israel:

  • I was born in Ukraine to a Russian family. At the age of 12, my family moved to Israel because things were getting pretty bad in Ukraine, even back in the 2000s. They believed that things wouldn’t change; it’s just the region. So we moved to Israel.

  • Now, arriving at 12, to a brand new country with a different mentality where I didn’t understand the people or speak the language (which was written right to left, unlike English or Russian), my world turned upside down.
  • Adapting was incredibly challenging. I became less social and sought refuge in video games. It was a tough life, made worse by our financial struggles. 

[03:30] The Financial Challenges:

  • About six months after arriving in Israel, my dad had a near heart attack and needed a double bypass. He couldn’t work for the next two years. What made it worse was that he wasn’t technically sick enough for disability benefits, leaving us in a tough spot. We relied on handouts from friends and grandparents.

  • We kept sinking into debt, but in Israel, you don’t accumulate credit card debt; you go into overdraft, which the banks love, knowing you can’t leave.

  • My dad had to take loans to cover our overdraft, a surreal cycle. I remember being poor, and it was a terrible experience. I never want to go through it again, nor do I want that for my kids, friends, or myself.

[06:26] The Fear of Poverty:

  • What gets me out of bed every morning is the fear of poverty, the dread of returning to that place.

  • I never want to experience it again, regardless of my bank balance. I’ll wake up tomorrow as if I were broke.

[09:52] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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