My Thoughts on Cold Emailing

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Ever sent a cold email and felt like you just tossed spaghetti at a wall? Let’s talk about skipping the ‘offer-them-everything’ approach, trust me, it doesn’t end well. In this episode, we’re debunking the ‘mass blast’ tactic and showing you how to charm high-profile guests (no, not with pickup lines) using clever emails. Stay tuned to find out why being obnoxious isn’t cool in cold emails – unless, of course, you want your inbox filled with silence or worse, threats of lawsuits. It’s all about the ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to cold emails. So, let’s navigate this digital maze with a touch of humor and a sprinkle of strategy!

[00:00] George Carlin Introduces The Show:

[00:20] In this episode, Igor navigates the complexities of cold email marketing, emphasizing ethical concerns, the importance of strategic approaches, and the pitfalls of mass unsolicited emails in reaching out to prospects or high-profile guests for a show.

[02:00] The Fine Line Between Right and Wrong Approaches:

  • Regarding cold email approaches, there’s a clear distinction between doing it the right way and doing it the wrong way.

  • I receive numerous cold emails daily from various sources such as affiliate networks, fellow e-farmers, and service providers who come across my content on platforms like YouTube, attempting to sell me their services.

  • Employing a goodwill approach involves offering a taste of what you can do for others, almost for free, to win them over before engaging in cold email marketing. However, I must emphasize that scraping, downloading, or purchasing email lists off the internet to send mass emails is not a viable strategy.

  • Most email marketing platforms prohibit this practice as it adversely affects their email reputation, leading to reduced email delivery. Moreover, bombarding individuals who haven’t consented to hear from you can result in severe backlash, damaging your reputation and yielding minimal returns.

[04:34] The Pitfalls of Mass Cold Emailing and its Repercussions:

  • It’s akin to trying to win someone’s favor by using inappropriate approaches, similar to a friend I had who would approach women on the street with offensive propositions, only to face rejection or worse.

  • Such tactics not only reflect poorly on your character but are also ineffective. Instead of adopting a shotgun approach, bulldozing through people hoping something sticks, I prefer a more strategic, calculated method.

  • My approach involves numbers, but it’s more personalized and strategic, focusing on prepared communication, an escalation strategy, and a personable approach rather than a mass-scale blitz.

[06:43] Cold Emailing Tactics for e-Farming:

  • Cold email marketing, especially for the products and services we promote in farming, is something I strongly advise against.

  • Simply grabbing random people online and bombarding them with different offers not only portrays you negatively but also leads to a waste of time, money, and potentially legal issues.

  • It’s not a sustainable or ethical approach. I advocate for setting up an opt-in funnel where individuals have already developed a liking and trust for you before receiving an offer. Creating a sustainable system is key, especially to avoid the mental toll of facing numerous rejections and negative responses.
  • Unless you have a method that respects ethical boundaries and maintains a positive rapport, I recommend steering clear of cold approaches. 
  • For instance, in our attempts to reach out to high-profile guests for our show, we utilize cold approaches but with careful consideration. We’ve crafted emails that are engaging and humorous, aiming to catch attention without being offensive.

  • These approaches, when executed in context and with research, have yielded positive responses and engagements. The key lies in strategy, personalization, and respect for the recipient’s boundaries and preferences.

[09:50] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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