How I Make $20k/day while Playing Call of Duty

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Imagine a day spent with family, watching movies, immersing in creative projects, and unexpectedly witnessing a business flourish with $20,000 in revenue, all while being fully present at home. Join me on an awe-inspiring journey where family time became the catalyst for unforeseen success in both personal and professional realms.

[00:00] Dr. Phil Introduces The Show:

[00:20] In this episode, Igor recounts personal experiences, including family time on New Year’s Eve, business success, creating comic books for their daughter, reflections on their childhood, and aspirations to be a more present parent, encapsulating themes of personal growth and the balancing act between work and family life.

[02:25] Embracing Family Time:

  • On December 31, 2022, I chose to stay home with my kids. We watched “Home Alone,” had a delightful dinner, exchanged gifts, and immersed myself in gaming for about five or six hours at my desk.

  • Surprisingly, amidst this, my business garnered $20,000 in gross revenue that day, without any direct involvement from me.

  • Witnessing this was truly significant, as it takes time for our mindset to align with reality. Previously, although I advocated for passive income, I struggled to embrace it fully. I was stuck in the mindset of continuous work to sustain the success I’d achieved.

  • However, nowadays, I see clearly that by creating more leverage in my business, I gain more freedom for personal time.

[04:50] Pride in Meaningful Creative Pursuits:

  • I indulged in creating a comic book where my daughter was the hero, rescuing birds stolen by three malicious individuals seeking revenge on the mayor. This endeavor involved scripting, planning, and collaborating with artists (for whom I paid around $1,600), but what mattered most was having the mental space, time, and resources to invest in my daughter’s self-esteem. This, to me, is a source of immense pride.
  • Despite having a Porsche Panamera GT (a 2013 model valued at around $50,000 Canadian), I take greater pride in meaningful endeavors like these.

  • Presently, I’m working on the fourth comic, integrating my four-year-old son into a more relatable storyline. This narrative revolves around sibling rivalry for the iPad, where my daughter takes on the role of a protector and problem-solver, showcasing family love prevailing.

[06:00] Reflections on Paternal Presence:

  • The ability to invest in such endeavors is profoundly fulfilling for me. I recall having only one memory of playing football with my dad throughout my childhood.

  • Reflecting on that, I understand now the pressures and fatigue my father might have experienced, causing him to withdraw at times. However, I vowed never to be that distant parent.

  • I strive to be an engaged father who listens when my daughter excitedly shares her video game experiences.

  • Admittedly, I’m not flawless; occasionally, bouts of depression, a lifelong companion, affect my engagement. I recognize it might be a condition on the spectrum, but seeking a diagnosis doesn’t feel like the right step for me.
  • Nevertheless, I do my utmost to be present in my children’s lives, providing opportunities and showing them the value of hard work through my endeavors. Sometimes, my son interrupts me, eager to play his favorite game, “Demon G,” a reminder of the responsibility and joy of fatherhood.

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