My Take On The Value Ladder Paradigm

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If you’ve got the right targeting, the right infrastructure, and the right media, you can dive straight into the world of high-ticket sales. How? Tune in to uncover Igor’s  secrets behind this bold approach. He’ll further delve into the psychology of buyers, the art of crafting irresistible offers, the sheer power of connecting with your audience on a deeply personal level, and more! 

[00:00] Joe Rogan Introduces The Show!

[00:22] In this episode, Igor challenges marketing conventions and explores a fresh perspective on the concept of the value ladder.

[02:11] Igor’s Take On The Value Ladder Concept:

  • The concept of a value ladder is when you’ve got a premeditated set of purchases that you want people to make, eventually leading them to some kind of a big purchase.

  • I personally do not subscribe to the idea that you have to have a value ladder, my idea of what you need to have is a little bit different.

  • Value ladder basically says you have to create an entry point into your world that is either free or low cost and then gradually escalate prospects through it.

  • I believe that if you’re doing your targeting correctly and infrastructure in your offer correctly, and you’re using media, the right media for that you can go for, higher ticket stuff right away.

  • In fact, the whole philosophy of the products that I promote is that you know, we go for the high ticket as the first as the first purchase. 

[03:24] The Truth Of The Matter:

  • Most people are really afraid of pitching anything high ticket in general, they are just afraid of rejection.

  • What people don’t get is to sell something high ticket takes about just as much effort as it takes to sell something that’s the low ticket, it takes just as much effort to generate that trust takes just as much effort to create that relationship.

  • And a lot of it comes down to not so much what you’re selling or marketing as to who is buying and why they’re buying and what’s the problem they’re facing right now. 

[04:00] Different Price Points:

  • I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have multiple price points, because that is what would be the wrong thing to say.

  • In my funnels and promotions, I run. You can find all sorts of different price points. It could be something as cheap as 10 bucks for a book. It could be something free like a podcast, or it could be something that’s under 100 bucks.

  • So there are all sorts of price points. And it really comes down to not so much you having to push people through a value ladder as much as what you are promoting. Who are you promoting and what problem are you solving?

[04:53] The Importance Of Media In Selling A Product:

  • The one thing that almost no one talks about really is the media because If you can, you can take something, you can take a product, and you can sell it for 50 bucks if you use a long-form text sales letter, for example.

  • Or you can sell the same thing for 500 bucks if you deliver the exact same sales letter, but in a formal webinar, and you can go even further. And you can sell the exact same thing for three and a half 1000. 

[05:27] How To Build A Value Letter?

  • It could be a cheat sheet, a checklist could be a really fast-paced course that focuses on one specific problem.

  • So to start out, I would go for the fast food stuff for sure. And then from there, you can expand and either solve more problems or bigger problems for people, but do it in a different format. 

[07:37] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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