Mis-Information Overload With John Lavenia

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In the world of online business, many people hold a negative perception of sales and marketing. Some reluctantly admit to engaging in online marketing simply to pay their bills, while others hide their heads in the sand out of fear of rejection. But why is this the case? What causes such resentment towards the most crucial activity in building an online business? After all, without sales, there is no business to sustain. Tune in now and discover how to embrace the art of sales and marketing with confidence, authenticity, and remarkable results.

Guest: John Lavenia is a distinguished author, speaker, and trainer whose profound insights stem from over two decades of dedicated exploration into human potential. Through his extensive studies and practical experiences, John has gained invaluable wisdom that he shares with others. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of personal growth and development, John’s teachings resonate with authenticity and relevance. His real-world experience serves as the foundation for his transformative message, inspiring individuals to unlock their fullest potential.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by John Lavenia to explore various aspects of our mindset that impact our performance as a marketer.

[01:53] Background And Personal Growth Journey:

  • I became a salesman at a very young age, just because I had a difficult childhood.
  • I grew up on the streets in New Jersey and had to essentially learn how to communicate my way out of situations.
  • Once I got into my adolescence, I started to find personal growth and more life-empowering ideas and philosophies.

[02:37] Combining Communication Skills With Business:

  • I noticed that with the jobs that I had throughout my life, I could probably run these businesses better than the people that were running them.
  • I decided to get into a franchise, which cost me like $100,000, that I didn’t have, and went into a lot of debt, but still, it was entrepreneurial.
  • I was later introduced to the whole concept of network marketing, MLM, and then I got into online marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct sales.

[03:44] Finding Passion And Success:

  • I could use my communication with a larger group of people and do something that I felt really good about, something I felt passionate about.
  • Combining the necessity of learning how to communicate effectively with a purpose-driven lifestyle and intention turned into success and sales.

[06:05] Catalyst for Creativity And Change:

  • I think when their backs are right against the wall, they start to get creative ideas.
  • What some people have called divine dissatisfaction, they’ve really got to be dissatisfied with where they’re at.
  • When the discomfort of changing is less than the discomfort of staying where they’re at, then they’re going to make a change.

[06:49] Refusal and Rejection:

  • I think a lot of people… turned refusal into rejection… People don’t like to be rejected.
  • Overcoming internalized rejections and embracing authentic communication to drive successful sales.

[08:18] Transforming Sales Through Communication:

  • Understanding the essence of sales as the transfer of enthusiasm and knowledge.
  • Recognizing sales as a means to enlighten and empower customers to make informed decisions.
  • Sales in its purest form is the transfer of enthusiasm.
  • Enthusiasm is about having a higher state of knowingness than the potential customer who is living in a state of ignorance.
  • Sales are the process of enlightening customers about the benefits they didn’t know existed and creating an emotional shift in their level of knowingness and enthusiasm.

[12:26] The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles:

  • Two people engaged in the same business can have completely different results, one gets rich, while the other remains poor.
  • The people who get rich, do things in a certain way, while the people who remain poor don’t.
  • In order to do things in a certain way, you must first think in a certain way.
  • Successful salesmen engaged in the same activity are doing it in a certain way.
  • They have developed confidence, enthusiasm, and they are selling themselves.

[14:36] Transition to Selling One to Many:

  • Getting in front of a video camera, looking at that camera lens. And that is your ideal prospect.
  • Being able to sell that camera lens as if they were sitting across the desk from you.
  • We become so sold ourselves, we don’t have to fake this ourselves, our offer every, every part of that every asset that’s in that potential transaction is good enough the way it is.
  • If what you’re selling isn’t good enough, if the truth isn’t good enough, go sell something else.
  • Building that relationship and that emotional connection to the potential transaction and the benefits that are going to be there.

[17:24] Importance of Consistency and Integrity:

  • Instant gratification is overrated.
  • I can tell you back when I got started in high ticket direct sales. So we were selling $22,000 packages of info products and seminars, these kinds of packages in the personal growth and self-achievement sort of field, which is something I’m passionate about.
  • I became the top guy in that program, I broke the record… I just became more consistent at doing high-integrity actions.
  • Successful people have formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.

[25:56] The Role of Leadership and Salesmanship:

  • The world is starving for leadership… And if not you, then who?
  • If you’ve got something of value, it is your moral obligation to transfer enthusiasm to another person about it.

[27:49] Selling Yourself and Integrity:

  • The most important sale you can make is to sell yourself before you go open your mouth and try selling somebody else.
  • An integrity list… Here are all the things I did right today… These are all esteem bubble things that we can do to increase our self-esteem.

[30:45] Non-Attachment and Confidence:

  • What’s the worst that could happen? It’s like a great white shark gonna jump out of my desk and eat me.
  • Non-attachment is… hang a poster behind the camera… just get a big piece of poster board and just write on it non-attachment as a reminder.
  • When’s the best time to make a sale? Right after you made a sale… induce that state.

[31:49] Embracing Scientific Method and Objectivity:

  • It’s about posture… it’s about who’s doing it… and it’s about that confidence.
  • Through non-attachment, we can then take an objective look at our work.
  • All marketing is a test… the only opinion that I’m really interested in is the customer who’s got a credit card in their hand and could give me some money.

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