How Will A.I Change The World? With Matt Leitz

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Are you curious about the future of AI and chatbots? Look no further than this episode of our podcast, where Igor sits down with Matt Leitz, the founder and CEO of, to discuss the latest developments in the industry. From the benefits of AI to the role of mindset, Matt shares his insights and expertise on this revolutionary technology. Plus, he sheds light on the exciting world of robotic process automation and how it can be combined with AI for maximum efficiency. Don’t miss out on this fascinating conversation – tune in now!

Guest: Matt Leitz is the founder and CEO of, a leader in chatbot development and education. He is a top-notch problem solver and comes up with brilliant solutions to the most difficult of challenges.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Matt Leitz to discuss the future of AI and ChatGPT.

[02:22] The Future of AI and Chatbots:

  • AI certainly is not new, by any stretch. ChatGPT revolutionized the world, and kind of woke up many people.

  • This is probably the biggest thing since the internet. But I don’t think that AI is going to take jobs.

  • A small revolution was happening, specifically in the country of France, when the printing press started, all of the guys who were doing the illustrations manually came up and said, “Hey, this is BS, like, you’re gonna take all of our business, you can’t do this.”

  • But then the reality ended up being that their services became even more in demand.

  • Just recognizing that it is a shift in where the world’s going, but there’s just a bigger opportunity.

[05:00] Benefits of AI:

  • Number one, it’s going to save time.

  • Number two is going to increase production like you can do more.

  • Number three is it can open up new channels of creating some sort of service.

[06:11] The Role of Mindset:

  • It’s nothing to do with intelligence. It’s everything to do with the mindset of the person.

  • And so much of the way that this AI thing is going to end up going is how you look at it.

[07:00] Meeting The Hype:

  • If you look at the hype cycle, it starts by going gradually. There’s a trigger of technology.

  • Then it gradually grows and grows and grows and grows. And then it meets the hyped meeting, the excitement reaches this peak of unreal, unrealistic expectations.

  • And what’s going to happen inevitably, is the hype is going to subside, and it’s going to all of a sudden, it’s gonna have this point where it starts turning around, and it starts leveling off.

[13:37] Using AI To Your Benefit:

  • The world is coming to automation. If you have the right perspective on it, that’s a good thing. Because automation done right can improve customer support, it can generate more leads and can increase sales. 

[21:16] Robotic Process Automation:

  • There’s a term called RPA, which is robotic process automation.

  • What that means is having processes run with automation.

  • So where it gets exciting is when RPA gets combined with AI, you can get this group of people from all of these websites, add them to my HubSpot, send them an email, and then utilize this tool to create custom videos that are sent over to them. And then anytime that somebody replies ping me with a text message. 

  • Get on the waitlist at

[36:17] The Perfect Prompt:

  • You are never going to get exactly what you want out of mid-journey, or dolly.

  • Come to realize that especially in image-based stuff, there is no such thing as the perfect prompt, you will never get exactly what you want.

  • The fewer words you use, the better.

[44:53] Will AI Have Emotion?

  • AI will never have emotion.

  • If AI wants to have emotion, you better damn believe it will, because there ain’t nothing special about emotion.

  • It is just a bunch of trigger factors that are going on. And it’s just another algorithm.

  • So if AI wants to have emotion, AI will have emotion.

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