Why Making Money From Home Is Never As Simple As They Sell It

You’ve been trained since birth to be a mindless drone.

Do this, this happens.

Its all cause and effect, they said.

All you had to do was to stay in line and follow the simple directions.

And as you move along through the long tunnel, you knew that eventually you’d see the light.

But then you tried to make money online and found out its not as straightforward as your SATs.

How is online marketing different from everything you’ve attempted in your life before?

And what’s the secret to cracking the code once and for all?


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. People seem to be confused why internet marketing is so
difficult especially because most people are brought into this industry thinking
or should I say sold on the fact that internet marketing is a very simple
profession, that internet marketing supposedly thanks to all the technology that
has been created in the recent years is supposed to be easy peasy. It's supposed
to be a walk in the park. However, anyone who joins this business; anyone who
markets biz ops, anyone who does e-commerce, anybody who's doing anything really
online learns that this business is not easy. Maybe compared to starting your own
shop or comparing it to starting your own McDonald's franchise, it's a lower
investment and relatively easier but it's definitely not easy. And here's why.
This is something I've never seen anyone else talk about and this is why, I
believe, most people are struggling with internet marketing. You see when we grow
up, when we go to school, we go to the pre-school, we go to get a job, we go to
the university, we go into the Army, no matter what we do in our life getting
towards the point where we become adults, we are taught a very simple rule. First
off, we are always taken through a pipeline, we are always perceiving things as a
tunnel which means you get in at this point, and you get out at that point. That's
how schools are built. That's actually how the whole society is built right now.

You start here and then you go to this step and that step and this step and that
step. It's like a tunnel, right? Then you end up right here and then something
happens. So that's how we are conditioned throughout our entire lives to perceive
life, to perceive anything new. Same thing with the workplace, if you get into the
workplace, essentially what's happening is that you start at the bottom and you
slowly move to the top based on how quickly you learn and how much initiative
you've got, etc, etc. So you learn early on that if you do X, Y happens. If you go
to school and you get a good grade on an exam, you're parents tell you you're a
good boy. That's what I learned early on. If I studied well, if I got good grades,
I would never get in trouble with anything. I could do anything I wanted as long
as I brought in good grades. That was my philosophy all the way until the 10th
grade even here in Israel. As long as I did well in school, everything else ñ they
let me slide ñ they let it slide. So that's one of the many things I learned
growing up.

Another thing I learned growing up was that if you're hot, if you're a guy and
you're hot and skinny, then you will have a girlfriend. If you're a guy but you're
fat, you will not have a girlfriend. That was another thing I internalized real
quick that is why I didn't have any girlfriends in high school. I was really shy
around women. I was socially awkward etc, etc. So I was always looking for the
cause and the effect. So do X, Y happens. Here's where it all gets complicated and
this is something I first heard Mark Manson talk about by the way. In our
industry, nobody talks about that but Mark Manson from www.markmanson.net ; he was
also a guest on the show. He was the first one to recognize that we learn
sequentially. We grow up and we get accustomed to the sequential learning but life
gets way more difficult as we grow and it's not as black and white, not as
sequential as people think it is and that's where a lot of people get in trouble.
They can't really live a good life because they screwed up always thinking it's
always sequential but it's not really so there's a lot of variables, there are a
lot of moving parts.

My point is this; the internet marketing journey is not a pipeline even though
everybody wants it to be and even though it's always sold that way. So if you're
buying an information product, if you're joining a coaching program, if you're
going to a seminar, it doesn't matter ñ no matter what information you're
consuming, you're being taught a pipeline process. The reason that it happens,
first off, because a lot of the gurus are still not able to recognize this
concept, that play, they still feel it's always a sequential process which it
isn't. Second is because it's the easiest way for newbies to comprehend because of
the way our society conditioned them. Because if anyone was selling a course and
told you that, "Oh I just grabbed a bunch of things that I think will help and
then just put it all into one resource for you. Here you go." Nobody would buy
their products. Nobody would do that because people want systems. They want for
you to tell them, tell me A to Z what I need to do in a sequential fashion to
succeed that's what people want and I've been getting this question for years now
and I don't think it will ever change. People always want to know the sequential
system. So people come in and they expect the sequential system just like they
were given in school, just like they were given at their workplace, etc but the
reality is that this business is not sequential. Any business is not sequential.
You can't really put a business into a manual. The closet people that were able to
do that were McDonald's. They were the closest ones that were able to put this
into a sequential fashion and not few were able to follow. It may be possible if
you automate a lot of things but it's not as simple and it's definitely not
something that most of the entrepreneurs and gurus in our space can actually pull
off. Now instead of what happens is you have to understand that this business is
kind of like trying to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle, a ginormous puzzle
where it consists of 10,000 little tiny pieces. What you're doing every time you
learn something new, every time you learn a trick, every time you learn a
technique, every time you download a new piece of software, every time you learn a
new headline formula, every time you learn how to write an email, all you're doing
is you're just placing one little piece into your jigsaw. Now that funny part is
that you don't know exactly where it fits. You don't know if it's on the side in
the corner, you don't know if it's in the middle, you don't know if it's at the
bottom, you just don't know. You can't know but you know that it fits into your
eco-system. Now if you spend enough time putting this puzzle together and get to a
point where you've collected about 25 to 30% of your pieces then you'll start to
make sense of it all and then you'll start positioning it right on the puzzle.
That is why most people who succeed in this industry always tell you that it took
them years, myself included, to figure this out. It took them years because it's
simply impossible to do it faster unless you have somebody doing it for you
perhaps or you're outsourcing a lot of the elements to experts but so many things,
so many moving parts, so many jigsaw pieces that you just can't figure it out in
less than a year or two years depending on how smart you are, depending on where
you were born, depending on your language skills, you're selling skills, you're
people skills, you're writing skills and so on and so forth. Lot s and lots of
pieces to the puzzle and that is why IM, internet marketing, is not a sequential
thing. It's not a do this, get that result sort of thing. No, not at all. What it
is go ahead and buy a bunch of information, go ahead and learn from a bunch of
mentors and then take all of their information and try to make sense of it all,
and try to piece it together into something that looks like you're puzzle.

Now here is the interesting part, once you've hit a point where you have at least
30% of your pieces collected and you start putting it together and all of a sudden
you recognize that there is a picture forming now, there's an actual image that
makes sense that is beginning to form then you start filling out your pieces much
faster and you progress exponentially through your puzzle and when you hit a point
where you have collected about 50%, you're already making more than a full-time
income. So now, you devote more time to figuring this out and now you have actual
tangible results to prove that you're capable of getting results from this
endeavor and so then it becomes an incredible journey of discovery where every day
you discover something else that helps you improve your puzzle, it helps you
complete a certain portion of it and eventually once you hit about 70%, you're a
millionaire. If you hit 90%, you're a multi-multi-millionaire and of course if you
hit 100%, you're pretty much just making millions of dollars working very few
hours per day. So that is how I want you to think about your business moving
forward, it's not a sequential thing where I do this and then I do that and then I
do that and then this happens. No. It's a puzzle where you're constantly pulling
on strings and turning over rocks, you're trying to look for clues and the more
clues you've got, the more pieces you've got, the more concrete your picture
becomes and the more money you make. Again, the great news is that you don't have
to complete the entire puzzle to actually make money, all you have to do is get
about 30 to 50% and you'll be making a full-time income depending on what
full-time income means to you and that is really, really good because the rest of
that journey becomes incredibly, incredibly satisfying and just tremendous. It's
like living an adventure. So this inspiring note, it's time to end the episode.
This is Igor Kheifets, thanks for tuning in and I'll talk to you on the next one.

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