How To Make Money With Crypto Business Opportunities

BitCoin is all I hear these days.

My facebook feed is flooded with crypto posts.

It’s crypto-this and bit-that.

And what’s even more interesting…

There’s a ton of new BitCoin Biz Opps too!

This calls for a quick crash-course on how to promote BitCoin Biz Opps with Solo Ads!


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets.

Recently there's been a new trend in the business opportunity space. And as a
traffic provider, I couldn't help but noticed that a lot of people are getting
into cryptocurrencies right now. Specifically not just into buying
cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Electro coin and whatever else coin there is
available to us right now. There like Penny stocks at this point.

But also promoting Bitcoin Biz Opps. In other words business opportunities that
focus around educating people about Bitcoin, about cryptocurrencies, about the
crypto economy of decentralized currency and that's the basic promise of how these
opportunities make money.

They gage with, they educate. And then they show you how to properly buy Bitcoin
and other coins through legitimate exchanges. Now since there's been so much
growth in this little subcategory of business opportunities. Of course, this is
not to say that your average business opportunity has taken a hit or anything like
that. No!

Not at all. I really believe that the marketplace is expanding right now. To
understand some game, it's more of a situation where more and more people are
flocking to the internet trying to make money in many different ways including biz
opps and including cryptocurrencies.

Since there's been so much growth. I decided to address a nagging question that
I've been getting a lot recently and that is "How to promote crypto biz opps to
business opportunity community?". Because the issue with cryptocurrency is that
nobody knows what they are.

Everybody heard about Bitcoin on the news. Everyone knows the word Bitcoin but
very few people understand what Bitcoin actually means. And even though there are
tons and tons of information about how Bitcoin works. There are white papers you
can read. Others, that are very few people who actually got an idea what it is,
why should invest. Maybe what shouldn't invest. Why is it growing so fast? And
what is the value of Bitcoin to our economy?

So the first thing I'd like to do is to explain to anyone who doesn't know yet
what Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are. Now the idea behind Bitcoin is a very cool
idea. An idea which I think is the future of the economy and the future of
technology. And it's all about decentralizing things.

In other words, money as one of the most precious things. One of the most precious
resources that leave God that pretty much defines pretty much everything the
society today. It's a social filter. It's the survival filter. It's a status

If you got enough of it as Joel Billfort said in Wolf Wall Street, "You can be
invisible". And the problem with money today is that it is mostly in the hands of
the government. The government which nobody trusts at this point. I mean let's be
honest. There have been so many blunders done by the government of every single
country that no person in the right mind trusts *chuckles* the government anymore.

And the person, I don't recall his name, he had a Japanese pen name but nobody
knows who this guy really is. Nobody knows if it's a guy. He creates this concept
Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Where there is no banking system necessary, no third
party necessary to process payment and for money exchange hands. All thanks to
what the internet today allows us to do.

Because the internet created the digital transaction concept. This person was able
to take it to the next level to create the first ever decentralized currency. ANd
so, he did it back in like 2007 or something like that. I mean it's been a really
been a long time and only just now the world is picking up. Because Bitcoin has
been unstable throughout the years.

Obviously, the government is trying to fight it. Obviously, the government doesn't
like the idea having somebody taking the control of money away from them and then
give it to the people if you will, to the marketplace. There costing filing it.
Most country does not accept Bitcoin. Some countries do, some countries like the
concept. But the point is throughout the year, Bitcoin hasn't been stable.

But recently, Bitcoin has already been on the rise. And the price has been going
up, up, up, up even to point where, it's kinda like a stock. I want you to imagine
a stock. This has been growing an incredibly high rate. So naturally, everybody
talks about it. And so as a result because our marketplace is mainly fuel by

You see a ton of people getting into it. Specifically, okay you have to imagine
these elite group of leaders in our community. The people who made a lot of money
with business opportunities, obviously, some of them haven't saved anything, of

But a lot of them have because they are wise, smart, intelligent people and once
every now and again the business opportunity space slows down a little bit
especially during the summer. And when it slows down, a lot of these guys have
paid attention to the rising trend of Bitcoin even though, none of them followed
it before.

Sure investing money into it and as a result, the skill they've got is to rally up
to do something together. They gather people to invest in Bitcoin as well and of
course as a result, there were companies formed that focused all around this
concept of teaching people how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Now, this is actually great thing for the opportunist or the entrepreneur, right.
Because the entrepreneur, the classic definition of the entrepreneur is somebody
that seizes the opportunities and who's not afraid to take risks. And so if you're
not an entrepreneur by heart and if you're an opportunist, like me. You'll notice
that right now, there's a lot of people out there who joint companies that teach
this financial education about decentralized currencies that rally people up. And
the more people they can rally up and get to invest in Bitcoin and somewhere
currencies. Just hundreds of them at this point.

The more people they can rally up, the more price Bitcoin goes up and the more
money everybody makes. Unless, you know, you still haven't invested in Bitcoin
which of course you're making nothing. So companies are formed and now the problem
with these people are facing is where do I get customers?

Because it's really not that easy to convince your mother-in-law or your cousin to
invest in this opportunity if they don't understand what Bitcoin is. So what you
should do, if you would like to successfully get people into a Crypto Biz Opp.

And that's how I'm gonna be referring it from now on. like "Crypto Biz Opp". Then
what you need to do, is you need to understand a very simple thing. That a
difference between a Biz Opp prospect and a Crypto Biz Opp prospect is really not
big of a difference. It is really not of a deal because the only difference really
is that a Crypto Biz Opp prospect appreciates the idea of a Cryptocurrency which
means that you can turn a lot of regular Biz Opp prospects into a crypto biz
prospects if all you have a funnel that educates them about cryptocurrency.

In other words, you don't even need to necessarily sell the Biz Opp all that much.
All you need is to sell them only the idea or the concept of decentralized
currency and you're done. You are pretty much done.

For example, my good friend Ryan Hauser who runs Ryan's University. He is one of
the first people who jump on this trend because he is always like on the cutting
edge. This guy is incredible. His brain is just something out of this world. He
can break down a 64 x 120 metrics to you within seconds. I mean, my brain pretty
much freezes when we talk about that stuff. But his brain gets it and when he
learned about Bitcoin, he immediately invested and kept on investing.

And when he noticed the trend with everybody else is catching up. He changed the
direction of his company to be helping people and educating them about
cryptocurrencies and basically referring them to crypto business opportunities
that not only help his customers get a better understanding and be smart about
their investments.

But also allows him to build mark chains in these companies and get paid in
Bitcoin sometimes, which in it itself is a great thing because one Bitcoin is
worth 6 Grand a day and tomorrow it can be worth 12. And so, you need to
understand that it's a really really smart position to be in from a friend Ryan.

And you can be in the exact same position because the transfer Bitcoin is in the
early adopter stage. I mean the world is slowly catching up but it's only a small
community. Most people still clueless, most people still don't know anything about
Bitcoin and they have so many misconceptions about it. They think that you need to
be rich to be able to understand the stock market for even though it is not
connected. They really don't know how Bitcoin works, How crypto works and it's
your opportunity to get them into your team, organization, or company

And the way to do that, you need that funnel! Now the problem with this concept
is, you may not be the kind of person that creates funnels. You may not have the
time, the expertise or anything else. You may not have the resources or knowledge
necessary to create something like that. In which case you really have only one
option, well, I mean 2 option. I mean don't capitalize on this trend and keep
trying to convince people the hard way. Maybe try to get them into a seminar about
Bitcoin or show them a Bitcoin documentary. Or you can be more like my buddy Ryan.
You know, who creates a whole membership inside around it and educates people
about crypto and then the natural question they ask him after the training is...

"Okay, How do I buy? Where do I buy?" etc.

And you just send them a link. And so if you are somebody who can't create it for
themselves. then I invite you to reach out to us to and
we'll be happy to give you a really simple, okay. But already ready-to-go for you
to use, crypto bridge funnel free of charge when you get traffic with us. Which
mean, all you have to do is to come in and get some clicks and we'll give you a
squeeze page, a bridge page and a VSL that I personally created. A 6-minute VSL
that gets people excited about cryptocurrency. Explains it in a way that everybody
can understand. And then invites them to check out your business opportunity. I
promise you, you will skyrocket your chances of signing people up with your Crypto
Biz Opp, if you use something and simple that 6-minute VSL and there's no risk for
you. Because you use it for free and you run traffic with 30% opt-in rate

So for more information, go ahead and visit and submit
the application letting us know that you're looking for crypto traffic and we'll
let you know how it works

Thank you so much for the time and attention today. This is Igor and until next
time we chat! Have a good one.

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